Baby Step 1

Okay, so I signed up for Financial Peace University. For those of you who don’t know what it is, have you heard of Dave Ramsey? If so, that might help you out. If not, well, I’m fairly new in knowing about him and FPU.
But the church I attend is offering a 9 week session on managing/budgeting money. If you don’t know anything about Dave Ramsey, I actually had no clue until last Saturday when finding some YouTube videos of his talks.
Dave Ramsey talks a lot about how to get out of debt and be at financial peace. There are 7 steps that he calls baby steps. The first baby step is to save $1,000 in emergency fund as quickly as possible.
When hearing this, I’m like, “How in the world can I save that much quickly?” Quickly as in a month or two. I thought of the bags I have. I have two bags that I received free from Macys purchasing Taylor Swift’s perfumes. I also received a bag free from them purchasing a Selena Gomez’s perfume. I have a fossile bag that looks nice still and I barely use it. I also have bags I purchased from Walmart. I have more bags than I need. So that’s my first thing I could sell.
Speaking of perfumes, can you sell used to barely used perfumes? I have Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted that I cannot use for my poor nose does not tolerate the scent anymore. I also have a Red Door from Elizabeth Arden, Selena Gomez’s perfume, and a few Bath and Body Works ones. Would those be something I could sell? Or would it be like makeup, once used no one would really want to use it or even buy it.

Below shows two bags I could sell. What do you think? How much would they sell for? The Lipstick shape bag is Selena Gomez’s and the other is one of Taylor Swift’s.

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Prompt: Complicated+MTS: His Last Days

Prompt: Complicated

MTS- My Trending Stories

Webster’s Dictionary defines complicated as “difficult to analyze, understand, or explain.” Life is complicated. When you’re a little kid though, life wasn’t all that complicated. All the worries and stress are at a distance as you roll down a hill laughing, run with the wind, soar like you’re flying through the sky, etc. As you grow older, reality hits you. You see more and more things clearly. You watch the ones you love suffer in pain and lose them after the storm. You question everything. You question God. Why does He take away the ones you love? So many questions lead to answers that leave more questions, which are best left unanswered. Life’s complicated. We stray from the path we used to follow- a path of hopes of tomorrow- a path of love- only to find ourselves lost in anguish and destruction. Some can turn back, others are lost for good.

My mind wanders memories of my Dad who passed away last March. Within those memories, I remember the past two years my Dad used to say he wanted to spend his last days in the forest. I wonder why for I couldn’t fathom anyone living in a forest, especially on their last days. Then I see pictures of forest, hear sounds of nature’s songs and realize maybe that’s why. The forest can be many things- adventurous, dangerous, dark, scary, etc. Among the many descriptions, the forest can also be calming and peaceful.

During my Dad’s last days, I wonder if he did visit a forest. When he had moments of sleep, did he dream of walking with God through the trails? Did he sit beside a tree and hear the birds sing? Did he feel lonely? Did he feel safe?

On his last days, I remember turning on the television. He said I could flip through the channels and so I did. Channel after channel I surfed until I found some images of flowers and nature’s beauty pictured on the screen. Dad saw it and he smiled when I told him he used to say he wanted to spend his last days in the forest. I didn’t know it was really his last days. But I’m glad it made him smile to see those.

Trying to clean my room, as always I became distracted. Throwing away papers, I found a notebook. Flipping through pages, I saw a poem, which reminded me of my Dad. I know he was the reason why I sat down and found an image of a forest. I know he was the reason behind this poem. I don’t remember writing it. I don’t remember which image I looked at while writing it. But something about the forest and Dad saying he wanted to spend his last days there moved me. Something about it made me get lost in that picture enough to write this poem. According to the date and time, I wrote this poem at midnight on January 14, 2016. You would think I would remember considering it was written this year. But I don’t. The poem itself is written in another post; however, I will add it onto this one as well.

Dear God,
oh, how I wish,
I wish to be lost in a forest.
The many shades of green
and sounds of water streams.
Birds chirp a tune,
at night, campfires fume,
a peaceful walk through its trails,
calming my awakened stress.
Forest, God bless.
Sending serenity
with an owls hoot,
night time crickets,
a morning sun
to awaken the hearts.
How do I fall out of love
with a sight like that?
A melody sung
while adventures begun.
What journeys do these high trees bring?
Where does the wind blow me?
What do the animals ring?
Is there a new beginning
somewhere deep in a forest?

*peace&God Bless*
Lisa Maria

Fund Me

Hello everyone. WAIT! Before you click the “x” button thinking this is just a blog asking for money, DON’T. I’m not asking You for money. I’m asking myself 🙂 Some of your heads are probably circuiting thinking, “Oh, how dumb” (“x”). Go ahead if you like. But I find it rather interesting and might help me.

Why would creating a fund for myself help me? The only money I’ll be making is whatever comes my paycheck (and if lucky, other options). What good does it do, then? Well, I was researching on Google ways to stop shopping. You see, I have a problem- more specifically, a spending problem. Shopping! If shopping could have a lawsuit, I bet it would be sued for stealing money. Okay, I’ll stop.

Yes, many of us have this problem. I’m not the only one. Knowing that makes me a little better. But knowing others can overcome this problem and save up while I’m drowning myself, still, in money problems makes me irritated. Not with you. Definitely not with you. This is not your fault, but my own. I’m irritated, annoyed with myself. Why can’t I just say, “No”? JUST SAY “NO”! Really? How so easy….

But no, it’s not so easy. Shopping you are so cruel… maybe it’s money that’s so cruel? Material objects only suffice for couple seconds, minutes, hours, etc., so why do I go for it more, especially during my stressful moments.

I’ve read online making goals helps the increase spending. Budgeting supposedly does, too. I fail at both. I know what you’re thinking, “Sucks to be you”, right? That or, “You’re not trying hard enough”. “Are you sure you did it right?” Any of these ringing in your mind? It’s okay. Be honest. I’ll live.

So what is this funding? Well, I scanned the website a little for some inspiration on saving money and stop spending habits. I found this, but I didn’t read any further. I let my mind wander on it.

Here’s my question to myself and you: What is it you want most? What are your goals? What do you want to achieve?
In my journal I wrote some, like maybe three or four very important goals- to publish a book, travel, buy a new car, pay off credit card, and start an Etsy shop (selling crocheted baby blankets). I know that’s more than three or four. You can come with many more if you want. What matters most is the list you come up with should mean something to you. Should spark an interest and motivate you, get you thinking, “Wow, all this does need money. I really do need to start saving.”

That’s my problem, you see. I am not motivated in saving. Saving for what? I had no goals in mind. Some of these goals, I’ll admit, were just added because sometime in the future I’ll eventually have to save for it. For instance, buy a new car. I’m satisfied with my car I have. A blue 2006 Toyota Corolla that’s been with me since I was 17.5. My Dad and the Driving teacher both taught me driving in it. I wasn’t comfortable with the Driver’s car, so he allowed me to use the one my parents purchased. It’s been with me through minor and major car crashes. It’s still running. I’m satisfied. But I should still think of a new car because this car will eventually lose its life or be a total loss someday. If my car died today, completely died today, would I be ready? No. What about tomorrow? Absolutely no. I wouldn’t be ready at all this year. That’s why it’s so important to start saving now. I think my head is in agreement. Hopefully.

Okay, so you made your list. It’s a list made for you. The fact is, I needed to change my mindset. I believe this is the way. Most website I find tells about budgeting. Yes, budgeting is great. I’ve tried it. Envelope budgeting was something interesting. But even that failed. Writing on paper like my Dad constantly told me I needed to do- yup, you guessed it! FAILED. I’m a total complete failure. But what if there’s something more I needed?

If you would tell me I need to save money I’d nod my head and say okay. But would I really believe it? You’d tell me it’s for my future. Okay, hold up. Stop right there! That’s the biggest problem. Automatically, my head will ask, “What future?” Get it? I don’t see a future for me. Yes, I am here in this world. Therefore, I should see a future. But I don’t. I’m just passing by with the time ticking my life away. I don’t know what I want to be. My career sucks considering I have a Bachelors degree already and am working for $8.25/hour. My friends and family keep talking about how I should be making more money and how I should go back to school for another better degree. I don’t have any desire in going back to college unless I’m set on a degree because right now, I don’t even know who me is. My interest constantly changes. That’s the problem I had even attending an expensive private college. I suck. Like I said a complete failure.

It’s only this year I have found a desire in bringing out my passion. Letting it flow and see where it goes. Will it drown in an ocean? Will it get swallowed by a whale? Or will it swim to shore? Who knows! That’s life. One thing I know is I love hands-on activities. I love creating things. My Dad used to watch me crocheting. He’d be amazed at my focus level when creating a crochet project. I’ll admit, not all crochet projects keep my focus. There are only a few designs that I will stay focused on. And coming from a girl who lacks focus or has trouble keeping it, that’s something to think about. So that’s one thing that makes me. What else?

Another that makes me me is writing. Since I was little writing has been my best friend. I haven’t been nice to my friend. I’ve taken it for granted. Writing. God’s greatest gift he could give me. I’m grateful for this gift. However, sometimes it’s just so hard to find the words or phrases. So, I give up. That or I’m too lazy to sit down and take the time to write. Back in college, I had some paper assignments that I couldn’t do. Why? Because a flood of poetic words spun around my mind. I was going crazy! I told my Dad this on the phone. He told me to spend one hour. One hour. That’s all Jesus asked His disciples when they fell asleep as he prayed, “Will you not spend one hour with me?” Right? If this is wrong one, please let me know. This is from my memory, so I could have the stories mixed up. Either way, he did ask that question. And that’s something writing was asking me. Writing for me is spending time with God. Therefore, if writing is asking, “Will you not spend an hour with me?” Maybe God was too. Spending that one hour hour or even just couple minutes helped me. All those words emptied my mind so that I could spare some time on other school-related homework. Therefore, writing is definitely something a part of me that I could not and should not ever give up. No matter how difficult writing can get. I need to break down the walls and face whatever obstacles there may be.

Etsy is another, but like my mom says, “I have all the ideas, but I don’t follow through.” In my head, I’m thinking of what kind of themed-blankets I can make. My face brightens as all the ideas form. Then glooms when I wonder how much yarn it would take. Why the gloomy face? Money. It’s all because of money. You’re probably thinking, “Yup, it’s always the money.” This world revolves around money. If I were to make baby blankets, I’d need money. But I spent so much and have bills so high to pay off, I dug a deep hole that buried all my dreams in. There’s no way to dig them out until I pay the past, learn and move on without setting the same trap. I’ve done the same thing before. I set a trap I can’t get out of.

Okay, so those are my goals in detailed form. So, what’s next. Well, obviously I need the money. With a paycheck of $8.50/hour, work hours 7.5+/-, bills that are high to pay off, and past credit cards and paypal to pay off, how can I expect to save anything? I could easily ask for a loan. But who would want to help pay for a mistake that is not theirs? Who would want to help pay off a stupid mistake? No one. I have to work with the budget I have. I have to set my mind in not spending. Find other ways to get my mind off that bad habit. After all, just say “NO” is not enough for everyone. I have to find reasons why and remind myself of what makes me me and follow through on those passions and goals. That’s what I need to do. I can’t just make a list of spending and see where I can cut back. I can’t just use the envelope technique. I need more! I need reasons. I need to believe in those reasons. I need something to motivate me and in the long run keep my motivation.

Yes, you may still have to budget just to find how much money you have left when all your bills and things are paid. That way you have a sense of how much leftover you have. That leftover, rather than saving it in your account, tell yourself, “These are my goals. This is what I need to save up for. I need this to better myself, make me happy. This is a part of who I am.” Find any reasons. Talk through until you believe it and remain focused on it. If you find yourself wanting to spend more, do the process at that time. Focus your mind on your intentions that make you you. You may love makeup. I shop for makeup. But ask yourself do you have makeup? List what makeups you have. If your mind is saying, “But I don’t have this one…” (pouts). Forget the pout. Look beyond it! Don’t be fooled by the pout!! Ask yourself, “What makes this one product currently wanting so unique?” Wait 24 hours before buying it. Are you still thinking of it? Well is it a shade you may already have? Maybe you can buy it later. Remember, if it’s store purchase, you would have to drive there. Are you willing to waste gas and your time driving? If it’s online, don’t press that button until you give it some time and thought!

Whatever amount that’s leftover from your paychecks, put it away in a savings account. Don’t touch that savings account! I had that problem, too. It’s not for you. You set up a fund. A savings fund. That fund is for your goals, your passions. But it’s not for you. Are you confused? Great! See, if that money is for you, then you can do whatever you want with it. But if you tell yourself it’s not for you, it’s for a purpose, then maybe, just maybe you wouldn’t dare touch it. It’s going to the greater good- the greater YOU! Not you, but the greater you that’s deep inside of you that’s dying to come out. The real you. Not the you that fails at spending. That you has dreams. It has goals. It has a sense of reality. That you doesn’t throw away money. That’s the you that’s trying to come out. And you are creating an account for that you.

I just created my goals today. I am hoping I can follow through on this. I need to start thinking more clearly under a cloudy mind. One day my mom won’t be here to help support me when my money flies away among a flock of birds. My Dad used to tell me he won’t always be around to help me. Therefore, I need to start saving money. It didn’t help those times. But losing him was a bit of an eye opener. What was the greatest eye opener is that I have a dream I want to play out. I want to publish a book with a company and have no money at all saved for it. I don’t know how much I’d have to pay, but still, with all my past debts, would I be able to even afford publishing the book? That’s the biggest eye opener for me. If you’re also failing at saving and budgeting, if you think you are a complete failure, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re failing goes more deeper. Maybe you need more than just separating money into envelopes and/or writing words and numbers on paper. After all, you have to have a desire that sparks a need for change in you; a spark to reignite the flame inside you to do better. Right?

That’s all I have for now. I am enjoying my few hours of free time before going to work. My current job during the summer, lessens the hours due to the amount of children. I no longer come in from 9:00am-6:00pm, but either 11am-6pm or 1pm-6pm. It’s nice because I’ve been wanting a break from work. This way I’ll have some spare moments during the weekday and still get paid for some hours working. There are pros and cons to it. But really what doesn’t? Hope you all are enjoying your day and if not, it’s almost the weekend!

By the way, my first book I wrote is available on Kindle for preorder. It is in loving memory of my Dad who passed away due to a little of pneumonia, kidney failure, and heart giving up. He overcame so much in his 82 years of living. This year he would have been 83 in July. In celebrating his birthday, I wanted to publish the book on July 8th. This story is a story he used to tell me when I was sick and weak asking him for one before I fell asleep on the main floor couch because I didn’t want to climb upstairs to my room. My original story is less than or equal to 1000 words, but because it’s a kindle ebook, I have expanded it to 3000 words. Not all of this was his exact words. From the story he told, I took some ideas I remembered and ran with it. I am planning one day publishing a printed book; however, currently, it is on preorder on Amazon’s Kindle version. Whatever I sell from this will go in my Savings fund for any and all my future dreams and goals.

I am also planning on working with Dorrance Publishing company in publishing another children’s book. I am currently waiting on illustrations and the pricing. Thank you for your time stopping by and reading my post.

*peace&God Bless*

**The Rabbit and Its Tail is now available for preorder. In loving memory of my Dad, it will be available on his birthday- July 8, 2016. Please click and visit: The Rabbit and Its Tail link. More information is posted on my blog as well as on Amazon Kindle.**

Lipstick Queen

Lipstick Queen is a brand of cruelty and gluten free lipsticks created by Poppy King. Poppy, who first started wearing lipsticks around 1989, says, “For me, nothing is as glamorous or as empowering as lipstick” (Lipstick Queen). Lipsticks not only brighten up the face, it also instills confidence. Poppy is dedicated in finding the perfect textures and shades to express every women’s personality.

Each lipstick suits every complexion and contains no harmful ingredients- only mixtures of waxes (especially beeswax), oils, and pigments. Before I review some of Poppy’s lipsticks, let me give you a brief bio of Poppy found on

At 18, Poppy began her first lipstick brand named Poppy with matte shades of reds, browns, and burgundies. These lipsticks were trying to mimic the 1940’s-esque. In 1992, her first set of lipsticks called the Seven Deadly Sins came out. A year later, Barneys at Madison Avenue started carrying them in stock. Although these lipsticks never reached their full potential, they quickly became a cult.

Sometime later, Poppy worked for Estee Lauder’s Prescriptive Brand. While working with Estee, Poppy wrote her first book on entrepreneurship, Lessons of a Lipstick Queen.

She then started her lipstick company- Lipstick Queen. They have been selling lipsticks for about five years now. Some of her best sellers are:

Medieval- a sheer red lipstick designed to bring out your natural red lips.

Frog Prince- pinkish shade designed to bring out your natural pinkish lips with the help of your lips pH.

Hello Sailor- just like Frog Prince, this blue shade of lipstick is designed to bring out your lips natural berry tones with the help of your lips pH.

During the Medieval times, it was a sin to wear lipsticks. Therefore, in order for women to have a nice blood stain tint, they used the acidity in lemons. Poppy created Medieval for women who want a sheer, natural nice blood stain tint to their lips.

On Into The Gloss site, Poppy says she realized she had a “vintage” face. That is why she started wearing lipsticks in 1989. She tried to look like an ’89 ideal, but felt she look more like a TMC movie.

Rather changing and looking more ’89, Poppy decided to embrace her TMC movie vibe. She states that she doesn’t feel beautiful. She feels more exuberant and glamorous.

What exactly does exuberant mean? Google searching, exuberant means filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement.

What’s the difference between beauty and glamour?
Beauty is defined as a “combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Beauty has its own set of standards, both structural and physical. Unlike glamour, beauties rules are more stricter.

Glamour, on the other hand, is described more as an inclusive and an embracing thing. Glamour is defined as “an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem more appealing or special.” How you put yourself together by showing little signs of exuberance is glamour. Also, glamour doesn’t rely on whether your budget is big or small. Therefore, between beauty and glamour- embrace your glamour!

Ok, now onto the nitty gritty. Poppy has a numerous amount of lipstick collections in her line. Out of all of them, I own four- Medieval, Jean Queen, Eden, and Hello Sailor. These are the lipsticks I will describe more in detail. The rest you can find on her website

$24 USD 0.12oz/3.5g
Described as: “a magical red apple”
Inspired by the mystical garden of Eden.

Although it’s not the red lips of Snow White, this luscious, tempting, vibrant, and juicy, semi-sheer red that makes you look like you’ve taken a bite from the most beautiful apple in the world. It’s easy-to-wear and flatters all skin tones, bringing out a rosy blush on the cheeks and a twinkle in the eyes. This lasting glossy formula holds a magical apple green holographic shimmer. It is deliciously hydrating with Olive and Sunflower Seed oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E.

My View:


Eden is very moisturizing. The holographic shimmer is not too intense- just right! At first, I didn’t like Eden on me. Above picture is the first time I wore it. I thought it was a bit too much red. It’s described as a sheer color, only I find the pigment a bit more than sheer on me. I have started liking this one, though not a daily wear, it can be great for special occasions. I don’t wear reds often, therefore, this shade wasn’t something I was used to wearing. I think that’s why my first instinct was to remove it. After trying again, I give it a thumbs up. It is long lasting. Today, I applied it on around 10am. This picture was taken around 12:30pm and it is now 2:06pm. I still feel the moisture from the lipstick and the color payoff isn’t bad as well.

Queen Bee:

$22 (USD) 0.12oz/3.5g
Described as: “Nourishing nectar, honey shimmer”

IMG_0483With a delicious
honey fragrance, Queen Bee is full of nourishing ingredients to soothe, repair, and hydrate your pout. It is a lip treatment with glamorous bronze gold finish. It is made with Royal Jelly, which keeps your lips remaining soft and plump. Other ingredients: chamomile and sunflower extracts to help soothe sore, chapped lips.

My View: Dazzling with bronze-gold honey color shimmer, Queen Bee is supposed to treat and nourish lips. However, it didn’t
feel moisturizing. I feel the gold shimmer is too much worn alone. But paired underneath Medieval (a sheer, natural blood-stain red lipstick) it gives a soft, subtle shimmer that brightens my face. This lipstick does have a nice
honey scent. But Queen Bee is not my go to honey.

Hello Sailor:
$25 USD 0.12oz/3.5g
Described as: “Sheer blackberry”

This ultramodern, navy blue sheer lipstick tints lips to a cool, berry tone with a hint of deep sapphire. With pure Vitamin E, this lipstick ultra moisturizes lips turning them a sheer plum. Teeth appear whiter due to the blue tones.

My Review: This blue colored lipstick supposed to bring up the natural berry of my lips feels moisturizing and soothing. This along with Medieval, both feel a bit waxy when applying on my lips. However, it’s very hard applying too much on your lips like Fresh’s Sugar and Covergirl’s “Oh, Sugar!” lip balms. Hello Sailor, to me, feels more of a lip balm rather than a lipstick. I love the jelly feel to it; however, a lot of times I can’t get this blackberry to change to a nice sheer plum. This is supposed to work with your lips pH. It doesn’t last long for me. When emailing the company about this lipstick not working much and the length of lasting time, they say to apply a lip balm with it. I feel applying a lip balm would defeat the purpose. Wouldn’t you? After all, the lipstick is supposed to change with your lips pigmentation. If applying a lip balm first, how will it change with your pigmentation? I have also tried exfoliating my lips. Applying this lipstick after exfoliating them, I find has helped sometimes bring out the plummy look. One time when I applied this lipstick before work, after four hours I checked and my lips were a bit dry, flaky, and well, had a pink waxy feeling you could peel off your lips. This is why I no longer use this lipstick during work.

Jean Queen:
$22 0.13oz/3.7g
Described as: “Super sheer, JEANious shade!”

Jean Queen are you the queen? Jean Queen is the ultimate shade to wear with denim. It offsets the blue in the fabric and lights up your whole face. This shade is a gentle step up from nude, giving you a restoring natural youthful beauty without overbearing the lips. Jean Queen comes in two formulas- a sheer and moisturizing lipstick and a creamy with absolutely no stickiness gloss. This lipstick contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter along with emollient aloe vera gel.

My View: So, Jean Queen are you the queen? At first, this wasn’t my fave. Medieval won over this when choosing a color to wear. But now I have been choosing this more often. I absolutely love this shade of pink. Normally, I stick with berry colors. I have a very hard time finding a pink that suits me. But thanks to Poppy, I have. I see this lipstick brightening my cheeks a little when applying. For $22, a lipstick that offsets blue jeans, very moisturizing, comfortable, and flattering all complexions, I think its safe to say Jean Queen you are the queen! This does leave a nice stain on my lips.

$24 0.12oz/3.5g
Described as: “Sheer, sexy hint of flattering red.”

Lipstick was considered a sin during Medieval times. Natural acidity of lemons were used to bring forth a natural blood-red stain on lips. This best-selling tint recreates this flattering look. With only purely Vitamin E and pigments, this silky to wear and divinely transparent lipstick makes your skin look flawless. It is a perfect alternative to lipgloss without being a full-coverage lipstick.

IMG_0480My Review: This shade is one of my favorites. Like Hello Sailor, I feel it more of a lip balm than a lipstick when applying. A nice red sheerness to my lips with a gloss effect without the gloss. Very moisturizing. Not intense and flatters all complexions. I did order another one, but like Hello Sailor, I would prefer not wearing it during work. I have been preferring Jean Queen these days over Medieval for work because it last a bit longer. Unlike Hello Sailor, the Medieval brings out more of my natural lip.

Lipstick Queen’s price ranges from $20-$50 for a lipstick with a weight ranging in oz/g of 0.12oz/3.5g-0/13oz/3.7g. Not only do they sell lipsticks, they also sell lip glosses, lip balms, lip liners, lip treatments, and cheek products.

Currently some of their most popular products are: Frog Prince, Hello Sailor, Jean Queen, Medieval, and Saint and Sinner lipstick collection. Although the price is a bit too high, I still think Lipstick Queen is worth trying, especially Jean Queen and Medieval. Some of her lipsticks, you may find a less expensive dupe. I find I like the texture of these lipsticks and the glossiness it brings when applied.

Out of the five lipsticks, which do I like the best?
5. Queen Bee- I was debating whether or not this should go under 4/5. I like this paired under Medieval and I am sure it will look good paired under other lipsticks I have; but I feel like I can’t wear this as a daily wear or even in a special occasion. It’s just too shimmery and not moisturizing.
4. Hello Sailor- At first I put this at #5 spot. But when I really thought about it, I liked and used this more than Queen Bee. Therefore, it should deserve #4, no matter how much I hated that one gruesome moment of purplish/pink waxy peeling off my lips. Who knows how long my lips looked like that while I was working…. It isn’t long lasting unless the plummy color stain works. That is what I feel. Overall, it isn’t quite that bad. I’d use it at home or during the weekends when I’m not working and can spare a second to reapply as needed.
3. Medieval- If I had thought which would be #1 for me last week, it would definitely been Medieval. Why the big change then? I like it, but it’s not long lasting and so, like Hello Sailor I can’t wear it at work without thinking I’m going to get that purplish/pink waxy look again.
2. Eden- Eden, although I feel like can only be worn on special occasions, I like it more than Medieval. It is long lasting and less waxy feeling. I feel like it brightened my face. The color is interesting due to the green shimmer. The shimmer is not at all intense as the Queen Bee’s. It’s a red I can wear without worrying, Is it too much?
And finally, the #1 spot goes to:
1. Jean Queen! I have been wearing this almost all of this week. I find it flattering on my skin tone and brightening up my cheeks. I like the look a lot. This shade of pink suits me. It does last long and leaves a nice stain.

Have you tried any Lipstick Queen lipsticks? What are your thoughts? Do you like them or not? Yay or nay? Let me know 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog(s). Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s both in heaven and on earth!

*peace&God Bless*

**The Rabbit and Its Tail is now available for preorder. It will be available starting July 8, 2016. Please click and visit: The Rabbit and Its Tail link. More information is posted on my blog as well as on Amazon Kindle.**

iPhone SE or Another Samsung?

Hello everyone. How are you?

So, I have a Samsung Note 5. Every time I get a Samsung phone, I always regret not getting an iPhone. iPod Touch was my first touch screen product and ever since then, trying other products never satisfied me.

Samsung isn’t all that bad. In fact, when I first moved to the new TX house, Samsung phones had better/stronger service than the iPhone. I do like their Note 4. Getting my Note 5, I somewhat miss the previous generation Note. But an upgrade is an upgrade and you can’t get your phone back no matter what.

Right now, I am looking to bring down my cell phone bill and pay off some EIP’s. Therefore, I am not looking to go too expensive on monthly payment plans. iPhone 6 and 6 plus will be 27+ dollars. The SE will only be about $21. That for me is a pretty good price.

You’re probably thinking- you made up your mind. Get the iPhone! But I am a bit unsure. I have heard Samsung is a bit better than Apple. A lot of people I talk to about iPhone and Samsung phones say they prefer Samsung. Only a few like iPhone.

So I came on here to post a blog; hoping someone would tell me their thoughts on iPhone and/or Samsung. Which phone do you own? Which would you prefer and why? What do you like about the phone? Etc.

Thank you for reading and taking your time. Have a good night!

*peace&God Bless*


Hello everyone. How are you? First of all, for those of you in TX, did you get a hailstorm in your area? We did. And I was at school with the 1st-5th graders. Some were scared as the lights flickered and the hail hit the glass. Thunder freaked some of them out, too. Two girls cried thinking their parents wouldn’t come. One never stays at the time I go to their class, so she was worried about her Dad. To keep them mostly quiet, with exception of one or two kids and some here and now talkers, we played the quiet game. Until the storm passed, we played it and I let them read some books. Then, we played a nice game of hangman and guess what word I’m thinking.

I have another question pertaining to the title. Any of you know of Adsense? How do I add it on here. I have a code…. I tried Googling, but it didn’t help me much. There’s a sidebar they say I need to put it in. But I can’t find it. And I tried adding it on widget, but where do I place it? If you see my site, you’ll notice some codes showing… that’s where I added the code, but the code still shows. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your help. Have a nice day.

*peace&God Bless*

Story In the Making…

Hello everyone. I have been working on a story. One day I wrote the whole thing out. It’s 5 pages. Right now, I am trying to expand it from a short story to a novelette or a novel. Do any of you book writers out there have any advice? How do you keep yourself motivated?

A little about the story. Last year, when I was sick there were moments I wanted my Dad to tell me a story. I remember he would tell me he had to ask God for one. Maybe next day he will be able to tell me one. So, next day came and he told me a story about a rabbit and its tail. Later, I would ask him to tell me the story again. But each time he would say it, it would be a bit different. It’s the only story I remember out of all he used to tell. And I wanted to write it in memory of him.

I remember subtle things from his story he would tell. From those vague words, I added my own. What he told I expanded to make a short story length. My Dad was the first person I shared my writings with. I didn’t share all my writings. But the ones I did, he was proud of. Couple months ago, I remember him suggesting I could write children stories.

One day, my Dad told me you can’t make a living with writing. That is true. And it made me rethink about writing. But this year, he suggested it. It made me rethink what I wanted to be when I was little- a published writer.

Two months ago, my Dad passed away- March 22, 2016. Last month, I started thinking about the story I used to want to hear a lot. I wrote it in a journal I began writing in couple days after his funeral. I was so focused on this story. Nothing made me focus like this did. I wrote 4-5 pages that day (double spaced).

Now, I have been wanting to expand it to a novelette. That or if I can, I would like to proceed in the publishing process. I know, editing comes before that. I plan on joining a writing group near my area. Back in 2013, I met a newly published writer at Barnes and Noble. She gave me great advice on writing stories. She also had given me a writing group I could join if ever I write a draft to a story and wanted help.

I may add the story on here. But I want to know from other writers, do you post your full story on here before publishing? Or do you post a few lines to get feedback on readers thoughts? I know I just started. I don’t want to rush this and regret the story I wrote. It will be the first published book if I succeed. And that’s what I plan. I plan to have this story my first published one in honor of my Dad.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any advice or suggestions on this or any of my previous post, please let me know.

*peace&God Bless*