50 Feel-Good Things

Hello everyone. This is Lisa with fifty things that make me feel good. Found this journal suggestion online: http://www.dailyteachingtools.com/journal-writing-prompts.html

1. Writing
2. Crocheting3. Coloring
4. Sparkly things
5. Mashed potatoes
6. George Lopez Show
7. King of Queens
8. Everybody Loves Raymond
9. Olaf
10. Contacts lenses
11. Rainbow
12. Reading
13. Family
14. Friends
15. Shopping16. 8Ball pool
17. Blast (game on Android phone)
18. Flowers
19. Christian music
20. Chai
21. Watering my Zinnia and Rose (praying the rose grows)
22. Going to mass
23. Journaling
24. Makeup
25. Working with kids
26. Chatting online
27. Inspirational music
28. Praying
29. Driving
30. Baking
31. Completing a project/goal
32. Saving my money
33. Budgeting correctly
34. Dressing up
35. Being independent
36. Giving to others
37. Helping others
38. Graduating from college
39. Making TEC in Junior year of high school
40. Confirmation 2006
41. Graduating from high school
42. Volunteering every Sundays at Sunday School (middle school to high school years)
43. Family Trip to Europe (Rome, Paris, and London)
44. Hearing Dad tell me stories
45. Learning how to play piano and guitar
46. Vacationing at Disney World with the family, Marching Band trip, and by myself (22)
47. Writing short stories
48. Trying and succeeding on article writing/blogging
49. Shrimp and Snow Crab Legs
50. Sushi


Hello everyone. How are you?

Last week, Facebook on my newsfeed had a page about Faithbox. Faithbox, for those who have not have heard of it yet, is just like beauty box subscriptions- ipsy and Birchbox. There may be more, but these are the two I know. Beauty boxes contain skincare and cosmetics . Faithbox, founded by Willie Morris, contains theme-related meaningful faith based products. Each box has a theme. Based on the theme you receive hand picked items from different companies. Currently, you can order and receive 10% discount. Faithbox lets you choose your subscription- whether you want to pay monthly, every three months, or yearly, that’s up to you. You can even purchase a subscription as a gift for someone. Faithbox also let’s you purchase previous boxes from another month. I subscribed to their every three month subscription. Also, I found their Transformation faithbox from last January and purchased it. I received this two days ago. Opening it up, I found everything nicely packaged. This box contains (copied from the site):

Our January 2016 Faithbox has been curated around the theme of transformation and includes:

  • Horacio 2016 Planner – This is a beautiful yearly planner to help you set your goals, your dreams, and your life for 2016. The Horacio team designed this with Christ in mind and it shows with scripture verses throughout. You don’t want to miss out on this.
  • MyIntent Purpose Bracelet – Tie on this modern bracelet and remember what your purpose is every time you glance at your wrist. Wear it until the band wears out and it falls off.
  • Choice organic teas – With winter upon us, warm up with these delicious teas and rest assured the tea leaves have been harvested and processed ethically.
  • Thank You postcards – We’ve designed these postcards so you can give thanks to your friends and family for all those Christmas presents!
  • Everyday Faith, Transformation Edition – our beautiful Christian devotional with short form content to keep your faith at the center of your life every day based around the theme of transformation.

I am glad I found this January box because I have been wanting a yearly planner for 2016. But looking through Walmart’s planners, none caught my attention. This planner is more than just writing your appointments or bills to pay on what days. When you open this planner, it makes you think about your goals, your dreams, and your hopes. It has you list your goals you want to achieve in 6 months and those for 12 months. This planner is so much more than just an ordinary planner and am grateful to have purchased it.

Faith Box is partnered with RiceBowls.org. With every box shipped, they donate 3 meals to feed the hungry kids. Therefore, with every purchase you make, you will be helping hungry kids. For further information or if you would like to subscribe to it, please visit their website Faithbox.

*peace&God Bless*

May 7, 2016 Journal

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday. How are you? For all you mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Today, I didn’t see my dad like every Saturday. Mom and I didn’t go to church either. Instead, we went to an eye exam at my cousin’s office. I’m a bit bummed not going to morning mass and visiting Dad like we usually do. But that was my decision. I needed contacts soon and my cousin’s office was open today. I never went to it before. I didn’t calculate how long it will take; will I get lost on the way; how much traffic, etc. I’m more spontaneous than plan-ahead-type-of girl. Tomorrow morning we will go to mass and then visit Dad.

What are you all doing for Mother’s Day? I colored a picture a teacher gave to the kids one day to color for their mother’s. I work at a private school. I used to at a daycare color with the kids. They had extra coloring page, so I decided to take one and color with the kids. Today, I finished coloring the picture. From Walgreens I made mom a photo album. She spent $400 just for a flash drive with pictures from Dad’s wake and funeral service. She said she would have to spend another $400 if she wanted an album. Originally, I think she wanted an album. That’s why I bought her one from Walgreens. I also bought her a Mother’s Day card and included $30 in it. Before my Dad died, he told Mom to spend $30 every month for herself. She usually never goes to a hair salon or nail salon. She never gets big hair cuts. She does color her hair when it shows gray. She buys the drugstore box of hair dyes. This year, one month before Dad died, she went to a Barber Shop and had her hair done. With all the bills, the funeral expenses, etc she paid for, I decided to give $30 to her. I don’t know if she will spend it on herself. But that’s her decision. She once said Dad told her to, but she didn’t seem interested in doing it. She’d rather do what she can herself than spend money on it.

Since May has begun, I have decided to start reading Faithful Until Death by Stephanie Jaye Evans. Has anyone read her stories? What do you think about it? This is the first of the two part series. I read the second part- Safe From Harm last month. That’s why I decided to read this one.

Last week, Facebook on my newsfeed had a page about Faith Box. Clicking on it, I became interested in it immediately. Faith Box, for those who have not have heard of it yet, is just like beauty boxes- ipsy and Birchbox. There may be more, but these are the two I know. Beauty boxes contain skincare and cosmetics. I will write about this in another blog.

Thank you for stopping by and taking your time reading this. Have a wonderful evening. Happy Mother’s Day again to all Mothers out there.

*peace&God Bless*

Story In the Making…

Hello everyone. I have been working on a story. One day I wrote the whole thing out. It’s 5 pages. Right now, I am trying to expand it from a short story to a novelette or a novel. Do any of you book writers out there have any advice? How do you keep yourself motivated?

A little about the story. Last year, when I was sick there were moments I wanted my Dad to tell me a story. I remember he would tell me he had to ask God for one. Maybe next day he will be able to tell me one. So, next day came and he told me a story about a rabbit and its tail. Later, I would ask him to tell me the story again. But each time he would say it, it would be a bit different. It’s the only story I remember out of all he used to tell. And I wanted to write it in memory of him.

I remember subtle things from his story he would tell. From those vague words, I added my own. What he told I expanded to make a short story length. My Dad was the first person I shared my writings with. I didn’t share all my writings. But the ones I did, he was proud of. Couple months ago, I remember him suggesting I could write children stories.

One day, my Dad told me you can’t make a living with writing. That is true. And it made me rethink about writing. But this year, he suggested it. It made me rethink what I wanted to be when I was little- a published writer.

Two months ago, my Dad passed away- March 22, 2016. Last month, I started thinking about the story I used to want to hear a lot. I wrote it in a journal I began writing in couple days after his funeral. I was so focused on this story. Nothing made me focus like this did. I wrote 4-5 pages that day (double spaced).

Now, I have been wanting to expand it to a novelette. That or if I can, I would like to proceed in the publishing process. I know, editing comes before that. I plan on joining a writing group near my area. Back in 2013, I met a newly published writer at Barnes and Noble. She gave me great advice on writing stories. She also had given me a writing group I could join if ever I write a draft to a story and wanted help.

I may add the story on here. But I want to know from other writers, do you post your full story on here before publishing? Or do you post a few lines to get feedback on readers thoughts? I know I just started. I don’t want to rush this and regret the story I wrote. It will be the first published book if I succeed. And that’s what I plan. I plan to have this story my first published one in honor of my Dad.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any advice or suggestions on this or any of my previous post, please let me know.

*peace&God Bless*


God Will Always Be There

When the clouds are too dark,
And there’s no light, to light your way,
You can’t see a thing,
Let God be your light.
When you have no strength,
To climb a mountain,
Or to run around the block,
Let God be your strength.
Pray to the Lord,
Pray for guidance and help.
Sing to the Lord,
Sing as loud as you can.
For God will always be there for you.
When there is no love in this world that you can find,
Remember, God will always love you.
Remember, that you are never alone.
For God is by your side.