Body & Brain

Hello everyone! How was or is your Memorial Day? Sadly, it has to come to an end (or end if it already did). Work tomorrow for a lot of us.

What did you all do for Memorial Weekend? I treated my Body and Mind to some good relaxing yoga! My first time with yoga and I am so glad I tried it! I used to be so scared of yoga due to the stretching and breathing too hard or fast or something.

Couple months ago, Body & Brain opened up near me. I visited there two or three times just to get the pricing. It’s near Subway. I used to go there to buy a sub for my Dad and me.

Anyways, Body & Brain pricing I have and still think is a bit expensive. But the atmosphere is so relaxing. As one comment I read in a review of Body & Brain, it doesn’t have the gym odor. They play some soothing, meditative music. They talk in a calm, peaceful voice.

Today’s visit I paid $20. For $20 I basically had a group and one-on-one. Some things they did were uncomfortable at first; however, in the end, I felt relaxed and light-weight after it was all done. So, the results out weighed the discomfort/uncomfortableness.

I bought their pillow to do some of the exercises using it at home. After the one-on-one session, I was amazed by how much my legs could stretch compared to when I first arrived there. I was also amazed that my right neck/shoulder area pain reduced. Left side pain was still there, but was reduced slightly.

After the group session, we were offered a nice hot tea. The lady offered me a free book, “The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing”. I was so grateful for a book to read. I used to google about Chakras, natural healing, and meditating. I didn’t expect the lady to hand me a free book. No place really does that that I’ve been to.

When I went home I noticed I was more positive, more happy. I made a promise to my Dad, who passed away back in March, that I will keep doing this and I will keep myself happy. Feeling light-weight felt great. There were no heavy weights wearing me down. At least not much that I was aware of. I felt energetic. I read a few pages of the book and journaled a little.

In other words, I started feeling more hopeful. I never thought I’d feel that. I am hoping I don’t lose that feeling. I am also hoping I don’t give up on this.

Although it is quite expensive, I think it would be good for me. I’ll give it one month try. And I’ll check out the YMCA and LA Fitness ones, too. They are a lot cheaper, I’m sure. Either way, I am very glad I tried yoga and wasn’t afraid of it! This was more for beginners level since most who came today were new just like me.

Has anyone tried Body & Brain. What do you think about it? Which would you prefer- YMCA/LA Fitness or Body & Brain?

Have a good night!

*peace&God Bless*


June Faithbox!

Hello everyone. How are you on this Memorial Day?

Couple days ago I received my June Faithbox. For those of you who don’t know what that is, Faithbox is a monthly subscription where each month you will receive different products related to Faith. Faithbox is designed wiith themes in mind. June’s theme is Adventure. So, in this box are products destined to help you on whatever adventure your heart goes.A previous blog post has more about Faithbox.

According to their Impact Guide, June’s box contains:
*A high quality cotton-made Morning Culture Turkish Towel created by a group of artisans in Instanbu, Turkey on traditional shuttle-style looms. Couple days ago I wrapped myself with it watching the storm we had here in TX. It was very comforting. My Dad used to love sitting outside watching the rain pour down. I couldn’t sit outside due to lightning and wind drawing the rain to wet all the chairs; instead, I stood by the open door and eyed outside for a bit.


*A durable one-size fits all Haiti Made #UNASHAMED Leather Bracelet featuring an adjustable single ball fastener and Everely Drink Mix to elevate your hydration habits with Everly’s Zero Calorie water flavoring packets. With summer being hot in many areas, Everly Drink Mix couldn’t be more perfect for keeping you hydrated in a healthy way knowing there’s no sugar or aspartame- only Stevia. Everly is partnered with nonprofit ColaLife, which I posted information on a separate Everly post.


*Faithbox Carabiner Keychain, which I greatly needed a new keychain and have been using for my carkeys!!! So, thank you Faithbox for it 😀


With every Faithbox subscription, each box comes with a theme-related Impact Guide and an Everyday Faith book. The Impact Guide is designed to explain an overview of what’s inside the box.


The Everyday Faith, is a 30-Day journey with notes to help you pray and think about the monthly theme.


*Every Faithbox purchase made provides three meals to hungry kids through their partnership with Rice Bowls.
*Each Everly purchase provide packets of life-saving rehydration mixes (Oral Rehydration Salts) to mothers in rural Zambia who use those to treat their babies infected with waterborne disease, saving them from death by dehydration!
Therefore, with every purchase you make to Faithbox and/or Everly, your making a difference and helping to save lives. In business terms, it’s a win-win-win situation! Right?

Hope your Memorial Day is swell. Be safe! Today for me is like any regular day. My Dad passed away last March and I haven’t really been in the mood for celebrating any holidays. What are your plans? Any cookouts? I miss having cookouts. My Dad used to grill back in PA when I was little. We hadn’t grilled in for so long that one year, back in PA, he decided to buy a small (I’m 4 feet 9.5 inches tall and this grill is about the same height as me only a little bit less) only $20 grill. We had family visiting that time who often don’t get a chance to visit our home, so he grilled. It was maybe in June. Memorial Day and Fourth of July tends to remind me of that small grill he bought. It should be back at home still. Maybe I’ll see it when I go visit next month!

Have a great day!
*peace&God Bless*


Hello all. How are you?

These days I been reading a library book on organizing. It’s interesting and so far motivating my mind.

When I used to try and failed at cleaning my room, my concentration was on:

-There’s so much mess.

-It’s too long to clean.

-It’ll take forever!

-Where do I even begin?

These are some questions that run through my mind and exhaust it in a second.

Reading books in the past about organizing/cleaning didn’t help much. My mind wasn’t focused- too many words.

With this book, my mind stayed focused. They suggest to spend 5-15 minutes concentrating on one side of the area you plan on decluttering. After making a goal, those 5-15 minutes, you have to place each item from that area into one of the four sections: love, using, give away, throw away.

I haven’t finished the book yet. But I have spent a few minutes with makeup figuring out which ones I love, using, can give away, and throw away.

The book says if it’s something you want to use late, then ask yourself can you afford to buy it later?

My hope is that decluttering, organizing, and cleaning my room will help me spend less.

Is there anyone that needs to declutter, organize, and clean a part or the whole house? How about we challenge each other?

*peace&God Bless*


Chuck E Cheese!

Hello everyone. How are you? Say hello to Chuck E! Hehe…Hi Chuck E! I am waiting for a birthday party a coworker from another job had invited me to. Her son is celebrating his first birthday! The time of party is at 3:45PM and it is now (checks time) 3:59PM. No one is here for the party. If it wasn’t for the poster on the table saying The kid’s name, and the lady confirming the party is here, I swear I’d be thinking I drove 40 minutes to the wrong place! A part of me is still thinking I am in the wrong one…. But I’ll wait. Maybe they are running late…. But what about the other guest(s)???? That’s what’s making me wonder. Hmmm… oh well. I can only sit and wait… or stand- I’m standing!
Anyways, standing here waiting I have been reminiscing over previous summer trips to Chuck E Cheese with the previous daycare I worked at. The kids would get a cup of coins and some would share them with me and the other teachers to play with them or if we ask for some to play games on our own. I remember a few of the kids were afraid of Chuck E. They were so afraid, they tried to avoid wherever he went. And if he came near they’d run.

Although this is not the Chuck E Cheese I been to, it still brings back memories. We would have lots of kids riding on our daycare/school buses. It was one of those trips the kids could be kids (with some exceptions).

Guest are starting to arrive. I’m starting to think I should have made a late entrance rather than early??? I been sitting in my car since 2:15, I think. I arrived too early. But it’s better because I am not familiar with this area. So it’s all good!

It is now 4:17PM and only two other guest have shown up. At least it confirms this is the right one!! =P

How is everyones Sunday? I’ll post another blog later. Have a nice day!

*peace&God Bless* 


GoEverly! =)

Hello everyone. Happy Saturday and Memorial Weekend. Sales going on all around. Busy, busy roads- stay safe!

Does anyone remember the blog about Faithbox I did? Well, I got my June box and am so happy with it 😀 This box contained a nice Turkish Towel, a keychain, an #Unashamed bracelet, 30-day Adventure book, and a booklet about each item you received.

Yesterday, I wrapped the Turkish Towel around me while watching the storm Texas had. I liked it as a shawl even though it’s technically used as a bath or beach towel.

From the items listed above, today I am reviewing on Everly drink mix. Summer is here. Some places like Texas can get extremely hot and humid. With all the rising temperature and humidity, I find it hard to keep up with drinking fluids, especially water. Water was never my favorite even as a little kid. I used to feel nauseated drinking water. I tried different flavored waters from grocery stores- sparkling flavored water, too! But none never fit my liking.

Today, when I came home from about four hours of shopping outside, I decided to try the Pomegranate Berry drink mix. The box says it has Vitamins, which is good. I poured a packet into a 20 oz bottle, closed the lid, and gave it a good shake. Usually for all the flavored packets I tried, I would add sugar. After trying this, I didn’t feel the need to add any sugar. I am really glad I tried this and hope it helps me drink more water because I have failed at it so many times.

Before I go into further detail about Everly drink mix, here are some reasons on why you it’s vital to stay hydrated.

Why should you stay hydrated?
*Staying hydrated keeps energy levels from deteriorating throughout the day. Instead of feeling sluggish, you will feel a burst of energy and will be ready for what life has to bring.
*Sometimes when you think you are hungry you may instead be thirsty.
*Water hydrates your skin and flushes out the toxins.
*It’s summer and some places are more hot than others. All the humidity can make you feel fatigue. Without staying hydrated, you may faint or risk health problems.

Now that you know the importance of staying hydrated, let’s get into the nitty gritty of Everly!

First of all, Kyle McCollom founded Everly, an all natural and low calorie drink mix. Instead of sugar and aspartame, they use stevia leaf extracts. Each box contains 30 packets of flavored powder- Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Mango (Energy), Green Tea, and Pomegranate Berry. You pour the powder into a 17 oz water and shake it until it’s well mixed.

From their website, you are able to order a trial pack with only shipping cost. This offer only contains 4 packets (one of each flavor). If you decide to order, each 30 pack is about $15. You have the option for a monthly subscription.

At the bottom of their site are a list of stores carrying these drink mixes- Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, Publix, and Amazon. A portion of the proceeds of each box of Everly purchased goes to their nonprofit partner, ColaLife. With the funds, ColaLife provides packets of life- “saving rehydration mixes (Oral Rehydration Salts) to mothers in rural Zambia.” From those rehydration mixes, the mothers use them to treat their babies with waterborne disease, “saving them from death by dehydration”.

Although I ordered the trial pack, I did also order their 3-Day Water Reset kit for $9.99. This kit is to help you reach the daily 2.5 L water intake and still feel good without the added regular and artificial sugars. This kit includes 9 flavor packets of three different flavors and a glass bottle for $9.99 plus shipping.

On their website, they created a schedule of when to drink Everly in order to get you into a habit of staying hydrated. You can either choose to follow it or not. After three days of staying hydrated you should notice a difference in how you feel.

Have any of you tried this? What do you think about it? What are some drink mixes you tried? As always thanks for taking your time in reading and/or stopping by my site! Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday (or Sunday, depending on your location)!

*peace&God Bless*


Fintie Wireless Keyboard for Tab A 8.0


Hello everyone.  How are you? I recently ordered on a wireless keyboard for Samung Tab A 8.0 for $28.99. Today I received it and am using it now. I am happy I found this keyboard.  Last year, I purchased Tab A from Tmobile. I decided to wait on the cover. This year, I decided it was time to buy a cover. This wireless keyboard for $28.99, came with a nice case. There is a magnetic hold when placing the keyboard on this cover while in use. This cover comes in an array of colors and is made for the Tab A. There is a small open area in the back where the camera is located. There is an on and off and a connecting to bluetooth button. In order to connect bluetooth, you will receive a code to type on your keyboard. It is lightweight and has a built-in Li-Battery. This package contains one Bluetooth Keyboard, one USB Charging Cable, and one User Manual.

Fintie- one of leading electronic case providers in the nation. There goal is to provide their consumers exceptional, unique products by deviating from the predictable and superfluous.

Have any of you tried this or know anyone who has? what are your thoughts on it? Thank you for your time. Have a good night!

*peace&God Bless*

iPhone SE or Another Samsung?

Hello everyone. How are you?

So, I have a Samsung Note 5. Every time I get a Samsung phone, I always regret not getting an iPhone. iPod Touch was my first touch screen product and ever since then, trying other products never satisfied me.

Samsung isn’t all that bad. In fact, when I first moved to the new TX house, Samsung phones had better/stronger service than the iPhone. I do like their Note 4. Getting my Note 5, I somewhat miss the previous generation Note. But an upgrade is an upgrade and you can’t get your phone back no matter what.

Right now, I am looking to bring down my cell phone bill and pay off some EIP’s. Therefore, I am not looking to go too expensive on monthly payment plans. iPhone 6 and 6 plus will be 27+ dollars. The SE will only be about $21. That for me is a pretty good price.

You’re probably thinking- you made up your mind. Get the iPhone! But I am a bit unsure. I have heard Samsung is a bit better than Apple. A lot of people I talk to about iPhone and Samsung phones say they prefer Samsung. Only a few like iPhone.

So I came on here to post a blog; hoping someone would tell me their thoughts on iPhone and/or Samsung. Which phone do you own? Which would you prefer and why? What do you like about the phone? Etc.

Thank you for reading and taking your time. Have a good night!

*peace&God Bless*