NARS’ Velvet Lip Glides Are Back!

Remember these?

Last year NARS came out with Velvet Lip Glides. They don’t completely dry down matte for those upset with that. They glide on like a gloss without the sticky feel. If you want it semi-matte, you can always blot it. These will transfer. Because they are not matte, these feel comfortable on lips without the dryness.

Last year, they also sold their limited edition Velvet Lip Glides.

Currently, I found these sold at my local Sephora in JcPennys. For those who loved these, you’ll be happy to know they are no longer limited edition and can be found in full size.

This year, I found at Ulta their new limited edition collection, “NARSissist”! I was about to use my points on some random products I found at the store that I didn’t really care for or want. But when I saw this at the cashier’s counter:and this:

I just had to have it. Last year, I wanted to buy the whole entire collection. But I didn’t. What you see is what I have. That’s all. NARS’ Lip Glides is only collection I have found most of the shades workable for me and love most of the pinks and reds. Usually, those two shades are very hard for me to feel comfortable in. However, this collection I found so many shades in pinks and reds that I love. Though I don’t have the full collection yet, I just might someday.

They do have online exclusive shade(s). I am only aware of one being online exclusive; however, scanning the shade list, there are some I haven’t heard.

This collection retails for $45. That’s expensive. The box includes six mini limited edition shades weighing 0.12oz/3.4mL each. They all range in a variety of pink, with exception of one- a reddish-orangey shade. A full size is $26 each weighing 0.2oz/5.7mL.

On Ulta’s website, these are described,

Velvet Lip Glide is an innovative hybrid lip formula that delivers highly saturated color with extraordinary comfort. Designed to glide like a gloss with the coverage of a lipstick. Opaque semi-matte finish ensures long-lasting color that stays supple, and never sticky. Oil Infusion Complex delivers saturated pigment with extraordinary comfort. Water Lily Flowers and White Tea Extract work together to provide antioxidant protection. The plush, doe-foot applicator allows for smooth product application.

Before I show you swatches, let me list the names of each shade in the NARSissist collection.

1. Rapture- pink coral

2. Night Together- rose pink

3. Californication- pink mauve

4. Immoral- fuschia pink

5. Staying Alive- orchid pink

6. Burning Love- cherry red


Night Together:



Staying Alive:

Burning Love:

Below I swatched two shades on my hand- one of NARS’ Staying Alive and the other, Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid #40 Berry Boost. These two to me are similar in shade. Maybelline’s Berry Boost stains your lips; therefore lasting longer. While NARS’ doesn’t stain your lips but feels really comfortable and no drying. Maybelline’s goes on liquidy and NARS’ glides on velvety smooth. Maybelline’s is $7.99 and NARS’ $26.

Both companies collections are amazing. Maybelline’s 2016 first launch of the vivid matte liquids were not popular, but I gave it a try at the beginning of 2017 when they released another line of them and found them to be awesome! I believe they had changed the formula even in their original launch. I don’t have my first Berry Boost I purchased last year, but that one did not stain my lips at all. The newly purchased one did. Last year’s felt more like a gloss without the stickyness and didn’t last at all. 2017 versions are a plus.

Its up to you which one you want- NARS or Maybelline’s. They both are amazing in their own way. Let me know what you think of them!

Lip Smackers: Halloween Tsum Tsums!

Halloween 2016

Nightmare Before Christmas’

Jack and Sally:

Jack’s flavored Pumpkin Spice Latte and Sally’s Peppermint Candy Corn.

Halloween 2017

Mickey and Minnie:

Mickey is flavored Spooky Ooky Smore and Minnie is Sour Tricky Treat.


(From left to right)-

Cruella, Ursula, and Maleficent:

Cruella’s Cruel Red Velvet, Ursula’s Wicked Grape, and Maleficent is Blackberry Magic.

Each of these are beautifully crafted and selling for $4.95. Some have said you can find these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Using their coupons, you can purchase them cheaper.

At CVS, I found Mickey and Minnie. I had a 20% coupon in mail and used that. Each item I purchased had 20% removed. Therefore, I saved some with both items.

The other five, I purchased from Walgreens. They were priced the same as any stores; however, because I received points for each purchase I made, I was able to save on my next purchase with my rewards points.

If you have a local CVS or Walgreens or any other stores similar to this that sell Lip Smackers, check them in case they have sales or rewards points.

Also out are there Coffee House Lip Balms for Autumn/Fall collection. I didn’t purchase them since they are same price as the Halloween ones; however, plan on purchasing two later. They are beautifully crafted in a coffee cup (if you remember the soda drink cups, similar to that). If you love coffee or coffee scented lip balms, be on the lookout for those! I found them at my nearest Walgreens.

Sephora’s Fearless

Hi everyone! How are you?

Sephora is running a charity work (unsure start date). They made a really beautiful shade in a gorgeous red bulleted container similar to its black bullets containing matte and subtle sheen.

This deep berry red shade of lipstick is Rouge cream #100 Fearless.

For every lipstick sold, they will give $10 to Sephora Stands.

When I think of Fearless, I think of Taylor Swift’s Fearless song. I have been wanting a shade called Fearless, but what I have tried would be too bold or bright for me. This feels just right. This shade, I believe is perfect for Autumn season, which is coming soon.

This lipstick is limited edition, but I hope Sephora brings it back after awhile. One sales rep said they will be bringing out other shades as well!

Usually, red shades are too bold for me. I feel like it’s too much for work and daily wear. Few days ago, my mind changed. I’ve been wanting red lips. I found this one, tried it on, and loved it.

This will run you $12.50 (without taxes). They have more shades in black tube, which are not part of the charity. From what I hear, only Sephora stores are selling it. I didn’t find it at JcPennys Sephora and the sales rep at mine had no idea about it.

I wish they had done this for all Sephora’s, JcPenny’s included. But that’s up to them.

I love this lipstick a lot. It’s not too bold, not bright, and makes me comfortable. I feel like I can wear this everyday, even at work, and not be self conscious that I have a popping color on my lips or my head screaming, “MAY DAY! MAY DAY! TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH!

I will be applying this on today and see how it wears. I loved how it wore yesterday, but it was only for a few hours.

Happy Labor Day to all!

Prompts: Continue, Critical, &Priceless

For those surviving aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and overseas hurricane, I wrote a little something after hearing Coldplay’s Houston #1 on the radio. I just finished it today. This is my third day back home. My area didn’t have any major damages or floods compared to others around here. I thank God for that and will continue to pray for those who have so much to do in order to move on from this.

In this Critcal moment, people have lost mant things. Precious Priceless things. It is also sad to know during this fearful moment, many had to worry about looters. My area, like many, is still under curfew.

As we Continue with the aftermath of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey, please take the time to read my poem. Coldplay wrote a song in Miami, Houston #1. The song inspired this poem. To listen to their song, search online search engines or Youtube.

I used to complain about the sun,

So hot, so blinding.

Rain was something that just happens.

The water so serene;

Plague of death and dismay.

Floods, food shortage, electricity outage,

Loss of homes, loss of lives

All in books, all on news.

Didn’t feel real til I was near.

Opened my eyes;

Opened my heart;

Brain’s on wire;

How can I help?

Treacherous, dangerous,

But never chainless.

As the sun rises,

The water dries,

The memories remain.

Harvey stole materials,

But never the hearts of Texas.

Enemies, friends,

Strangers, acquaintances,

Formed a bond, united as one

Helping those in need.

Damage is done.

But Harvey has not won.

33 Days to Morning Glory

Hi all everyone how are you? Those in Texas I hope are safe. Praying for them and myself. I evacuated my house during a mandatory evacuation. Today, I found that my house should be safe. Thank God. However, a river is overflowing; therefore, anything can happen.

I have many types of readers on this blog site. This morning it occurred to me that I wanted to ask my boyfriend to do me a favor and say the rosary (even if it’s only a decade). He’s new to it all. He’s one who’s thinking of joining Catholic Church.

My readers for this blog are from a variety. I’m sure some came to read my blogs on my makeup reviews, others, my poetry writing, etc. All the readers who pass by have some kind of belief. Some of you might be Catholics, some Baptist, etc. I don’t mind what religion you are or if you don’t have one, I’m not pressuring you to get on one. If you’re a Catholic, this is for you.

I’m involved in Legion of Mary. Three of its members last month had made total consecration to Jesus through Mother Mary. I’m still learning about this and find it interesting. Deep down, I want to be a part of it. But it scares me. This is a long retreat. You have to put yourself in Mother Mary’s shoes. Everything you do is for Mother Mary. You have to let go of your wants, your needs, desires, etc. and give your total self to her. Doesn’t that sound scary?

Anyways, I didn’t do it last time because I really wanted the book to read more about it and well, I just like having the book if there’s one. I don’t like reading daily readings online. I want to hold it in my hand. But that’s not the point. I couldn’t do it last time because I waited for my book.

This 33 day retreat was inspired by St. Louis de Montfort. He also started the Legion of Mary. There’s one starting in September 8, 2017. This 33 day retreat will end on Our Lady of the Rosary, October 7, 2017. Like I said, I’m still learning of this retreat. I’m wondering has anyone taken this up. If so, what can you offer for me and those who choose to do this?

From what I hear in those 33 days, you have daily readings. You have things to ponder over. You also give yourself to Mary- ask her what she wants you to do. Everything is about her. The day before consecration, you will need to go to confession. Then on that 34th day during mass (either before or after depending on the priest) you will be asked to make your consecration.

I was thinking of forming a group online who’s interested in this retreat. I will also be creating a new blog where I will post about this retreat. If you would like to do this, maybe we can work on it together. We can motivate each other and guide each other on our hard days (I’m sure there will be).

I’m new with forming groups, so please be mindful of that. I may not be great at it. But I hope together we can learn from each other and help each other. Two heads are better than one and as it says in Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

If you’re a Catholic and would like to join me on this retreat, feel free to stop by my other site- for any questions feel to email me at

If you’re not a Catholic but would like to message me anyways, feel free.

Thanks and God Bless!

Please pray for those going through these tough days in Texas and also for those places where hurricane Harvey will be traveling towards, such as Louisiana.

Lyrics: Pry

Somebody’s drowning, I

Have lost my way.

Somebody’s chanting, I

Love the way you pry.

The bass keeps playing;

Same old song keeps ringing.

I’m going round and round

While you just stand your ground.

There’s nothing I can do.

You just had to go.

Make your way into a feud…

Strange, I couldn’t stop you….

Somebody’s drowning, I

Have lost my nerves.

Somebody’s chanting, I

Love the way you pry.

The flood keeps pouring.

Water won’t stop rising.

Oh, thunder roars and roars-

It’s nothing to allure.

Media hides away

As the world crash and burns.

Seeking corrupting a feud.

Strange, I couldn’t stop you.

Somebody’s drowning, I

Have lost my nerves.

Somebody’s chanting, I

Love the way you pry.

Rumors hold no key

In a room of two or three.

Who’s to trust you see

The snake is slithering near…

Waiting to strike!

There’s nothing I can do.

There’s nothing I can do.

There’s nothing, nothing I can do.

You just had to go.

Make your way into a feud.

No, I couldn’t stop you.

In a world soaking with needs,

Somebody’s drowning, I

Have lost my nerves.

Somebody’s chanting, I

Love the way you pry.

In a world soaking with needs,

Somebody’s drowning, I

Have lost my nerves.

Somebody’s chanting, I

Love the way you pry.

In a world soaking with needs, I

Love the way you pry.

Burt’s Bees Box!

Hi everyone! I just received my package from Burt’s Bees. It’s their box of new upcoming products which are already featured on their site. I’m not sure when their new products launched on site. Still, I was excited to receive and try them!

As I opened the box, this is what I saw (excuse my hand).

Inside all that was:

Opening that box:

Removing the booklet, the products were packaged like a gift!

This box contained a beautiful simple bag with a nice strong message on one side and their company name on the other.

It’s their new makeup line. I have been wanting to try this out since last month when I first saw a review on them. This does not come with their foundation and powder. I wish they gave samples of each individual shade so you can try and see which would match your shade. But I’m really not missing knowing I don’t have it.

There are two glossy lipsticks, a peach blush, two eyeliners, mascara, and two eye shadows.

Along with these, they also included three brushes- two of which are double ended. Two double ended brushes meant for eyes and a blush brush. I never knew ecotools was part of Burt’s Bees. I have to say, they are so soft. I’m liking the brushes so far. I have tried all but the nude glossy lipstick shade and peach blush due to not wearing blush during work hours. These are not so bad.

More to come on first impressions!