Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember the Rani Cosmetics lipstick reviews I made this year?Rani Cosmetics hadn’t come up with any new products before the year ends, so, I decided for today I would use their lipsticks for my holiday look. Because of its glitter, I don’t wear it daily to work; although, lots of people find some shades like chai, latte, henna, and tattoo just to name a few are perfect daily types. I find chai and latte I would like to wear as daily but a bit scared.

Anyways, here’s the look:

I used Rani Cosmetics Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipsticks in Chai and Mango to create this lip look.

For my eyes, I used Tarte’s new campfire themed Tartelette Toasted and Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. I just realized I forgot mascara.

That’s it!

Happy thanksgiving!

Hourglass’ Gel Eye Liner

Hey everyone!

I received a sample of Hourglass’ gel eyeliner with my order of their slim lipstick and lip oil treatment in Icon. In my previous blog post, I used this product. The other day I used it as well.This is in shade Meteorite. From both times using I can say this is not my favorite at all. Priced at $18, Hourglass claims:




Introducing the newest shade of the thinnest, softest, waterproof gel liner. Encapsulated in a 1.5MM mechanical pencil, this liner offers precision accuracy and ease of application. No pot, no brush, no clean-up required. Just two clicks and one stroke creates dramatic definition that resists transfer for extended wear.

Available in 3 other shades here.





•The unique formula, poured into a slim mechanical component, has the malleability, intensity and staying power of a traditional gel liner. No pot, no brush, no clean-up required.

•The waterproof, transfer-proof and long-lasting formula delivers extended wear.

•The precision 1.5MM tip ensures effortless control, and

allows for tightlining in between lashes.

• .002 OZ / .06 G

How to use:

•Two clicks will dispense enough gel formula to line the eye.

•Only dispense product as needed – mechanical pencil does not retract.

•Replace cap after each usage to prevent drying.

•Remove with a waterproof makeup remover.

I am not quite happy with this liner. Being a gel liner, I would think this product would glide on smoothly rather than feel dry and tugging. This pencil I have broken three-five times in one use. That’s a lot for a small amount of product priced at a high rate.

While this is a major turn off, I do like the liner is skinny and easy able to apply on waterline and tight line my upper lash line without a huge mess. But it could be because the product is so dry. If the product was gel-like as Marc Jacobs and Cargo’s maybe the product would get a bit messy.

Marc Jacobs and Cargo both sell really nice gel liners. Marc Jacobs is retractable and once the liner sets it won’t budge. Cargo’s is Swimmable. These liners need to be sharpened. I have not had any problems with these ones.

Marc Jacobs does have their own skinny eye liners; however, being smaller packaging than their original liners and priced $1 less, is it really worth it? A regular liner is $25; the ultra skinny liners are $24. I have not yet tried the ultra skinny. I wonder is it worth it?

Have you tried the Hourglass eyeliner? Maybe I just received a dud? Either way, I am so glad I didn’t purchase the full size versions when I wanted to. To me, it’s not worth it.

Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted

Hey everyone. Happy Sunday!

I have purchased the Tarte’s new Tartelette Toasted palette. This palette contains 12 warm shades of both mattes and shimmers. Toasted palette is designed with campfire in mind. So each individual shades are based on campfire themes like getting Cozy feeling the Warmth and hearing the Crackle of the Flame[s] as you sit around the Fireside eating Smore[s] and enjoying a cup of Latte.

This palette comes with a small card with two eye looks and their instructions. I created one of them called Flamin’ Hot.

As you see, based on this look, I added my own twist.Using Marc Jacobs’ Blacquer gel liner, I lined my top lashes and bottom waterline. I, then added a bit of a sample sized Hourglass gel eyeliner in Meteorite on both bottom and top lash lines. Throwing in a thin wing line with Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner, I retouched the upper line with Hourglass’ gel liner again.

Before applying mascara, I coated my lashes with a sample of Dior’s lash primer. Rather than using the Tarte’s mascara, I used Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara for both top and bottom lashes. I just purchased this and is my first time using it.

After all this, I used Hourglass’ stick foundation as a concealer only in areas I needed/wanted to apply (under my eyes, around areas needing concealing), then, I quickly brushed on some Mood Exposure blush on my cheeks and followed up with Hourglass’ setting powder in Radiant Light (not to be confused with its bronzer).

To set all this, I sprayed Kat Von D’s Lock It setting spray all over my face. Lastly, I used Sephora’s Liquid cream to matte shades in numbers 25 and 42. Number 25 is Coral Sunset and 42 is one of the Rosewood shades. I applied Coral Sunset all over my lips but found it to be too bright than I was going for for a campfire theme. Therefore, defined my lips as best as possible with the Rosewood shade to deepen the color tone.

And voila! There’s the after results.

Pictures of all products I used:

Spider Witch Makeup Practice

Hello again! Using my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and Saint and Sinner eyeshadow palette, I created the eye look. Adding to the look, I threw in Cargo’s black liner in the Swimmables holiday collection purchased back in September and with the Tattoo Liner, I drew in some spider webs. How does this look? Any suggestions?? Please let me know any advice you can give to improve this for tomorrow’s look.

Also, for the lips, I went with Sephora’s Dark Forest in their liquid cream stains and Dior’s liquid lipstick in Black Matte. How does that look? Please let me know what you think.

Have a good rest of your weekend and enjoy Halloween.


Hi everyone. I’m in the habit of posting random times now. I wish I had the discipline to do daily, but that’s not happening.

Halloween is in two days. Tomorrow, the school I work at has their Halloween party. My first year there I went as a cat and had the tail. Walked in to find only two to three teachers did something for Halloween. So… awkward? But I didn’t care. The kids loved it.

This year I want to go as a witch. I’m sure so many are because I heard whispers of teachers talking about costumes. My last minute decision turned into my favorite costume at Target not having my size in store! I love that spider witch costume 😦

So, I went to Citi Trends which barely had anything. Then, I went to Party City. There, I found one with costume. It’s a classic witch costume. There’s no green. But I have the green cape that goes with the costume shown above. I purchased standard size. Standard one size usually fits me… this size fit me better than the medium in the actual spider witch costume. I was so lucky because there’s no return policy. But the size isn’t a perfect fit 😦 That’s what I get for last minute decision. But I rarely do this, so it’s ok. Next year, I’ll plan better because I do plan on getting that spider witch costume!! I just noticed the price of it went from $25 down to $12.50 for it. So I should get it before next year. What do you think?

NARS’ Velvet Lip Glides Are Back!

Remember these?

Last year NARS came out with Velvet Lip Glides. They don’t completely dry down matte for those upset with that. They glide on like a gloss without the sticky feel. If you want it semi-matte, you can always blot it. These will transfer. Because they are not matte, these feel comfortable on lips without the dryness.

Last year, they also sold their limited edition Velvet Lip Glides.

Currently, I found these sold at my local Sephora in JcPennys. For those who loved these, you’ll be happy to know they are no longer limited edition and can be found in full size.

This year, I found at Ulta their new limited edition collection, “NARSissist”! I was about to use my points on some random products I found at the store that I didn’t really care for or want. But when I saw this at the cashier’s counter:and this:

I just had to have it. Last year, I wanted to buy the whole entire collection. But I didn’t. What you see is what I have. That’s all. NARS’ Lip Glides is only collection I have found most of the shades workable for me and love most of the pinks and reds. Usually, those two shades are very hard for me to feel comfortable in. However, this collection I found so many shades in pinks and reds that I love. Though I don’t have the full collection yet, I just might someday.

They do have online exclusive shade(s). I am only aware of one being online exclusive; however, scanning the shade list, there are some I haven’t heard.

This collection retails for $45. That’s expensive. The box includes six mini limited edition shades weighing 0.12oz/3.4mL each. They all range in a variety of pink, with exception of one- a reddish-orangey shade. A full size is $26 each weighing 0.2oz/5.7mL.

On Ulta’s website, these are described,

Velvet Lip Glide is an innovative hybrid lip formula that delivers highly saturated color with extraordinary comfort. Designed to glide like a gloss with the coverage of a lipstick. Opaque semi-matte finish ensures long-lasting color that stays supple, and never sticky. Oil Infusion Complex delivers saturated pigment with extraordinary comfort. Water Lily Flowers and White Tea Extract work together to provide antioxidant protection. The plush, doe-foot applicator allows for smooth product application.

Before I show you swatches, let me list the names of each shade in the NARSissist collection.

1. Rapture- pink coral

2. Night Together- rose pink

3. Californication- pink mauve

4. Immoral- fuschia pink

5. Staying Alive- orchid pink

6. Burning Love- cherry red


Night Together:



Staying Alive:

Burning Love:

Below I swatched two shades on my hand- one of NARS’ Staying Alive and the other, Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid #40 Berry Boost. These two to me are similar in shade. Maybelline’s Berry Boost stains your lips; therefore lasting longer. While NARS’ doesn’t stain your lips but feels really comfortable and no drying. Maybelline’s goes on liquidy and NARS’ glides on velvety smooth. Maybelline’s is $7.99 and NARS’ $26.

Both companies collections are amazing. Maybelline’s 2016 first launch of the vivid matte liquids were not popular, but I gave it a try at the beginning of 2017 when they released another line of them and found them to be awesome! I believe they had changed the formula even in their original launch. I don’t have my first Berry Boost I purchased last year, but that one did not stain my lips at all. The newly purchased one did. Last year’s felt more like a gloss without the stickyness and didn’t last at all. 2017 versions are a plus.

Its up to you which one you want- NARS or Maybelline’s. They both are amazing in their own way. Let me know what you think of them!