2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

Hey everyone, how are you?

Throughout this year and previous years, I have been struggling with keeping blogs. One thing I hope for next year is that blogging becomes a habit for me or something I, at least don’t give up on.

November is ending soon and Christmas will soon be here. Another year will come to an end; another chapter book closed; a new one to open.

Usually at this time, people begin to think of things they want done or to do next year. Goals that either get swept under the rug or try-fail-succeed. A list easy to create; yet, not-so-easy to accomplish.

I, like them, have created this list time and time again. I, like some, have failed tremendously. I, like the few, have swept them under the rug. A list once made forgotten as the new year unfolds.

Every year when I make this list, I always write the same things- lose 30 lbs, read one book a month, write more, pray more, etc, etc. To me, it’s never heartfelt; rather, it’s everyone’s making this list, why not I? Then, I sit down to make it only to find an empty brain.

My stupid brain voided of all the things I can accomplish next year. My brain should be on cruise control. It should be ecstatic by now. A year is coming to an end! A new beginning is underway! But no, it’s not.

In fact, my brain is running the complete opposite right now. It’s dragging. Time’s ticking rather slowly with me on sleep mode. And so, I watched YouTube videos to hype my brain of the new year that’s coming (whether or not my brain’s intent).

And now, here is my

New Years Resolutions:

1. Travel more.

2. Using Digits app, save money.

3. Declutter my makeup.

4. Purchase makeup only when: needed, sale, or after October when Christmas gift sets come out.

5. Read one book a month.

6. Write for thirty minutes a day.

7. Revamp my WordPress blog.

8. Pay off my debts.

9. Set aside money for a car.

10. Clean my room.

11. Declutter my room.

12. Focus on BALANCE.

13. Watch YouTube videos other than makeup reviews, swatches, tutorials… etc.

14. Pray more.

15. Have more of God and I time.

16. Think of going back to school.

17. Follow my Low Nickel and GERD diets.

18. Follow and cross off as many as I can on this list.

19. Find inner peace.

20. One a day poems or lyrics.

21. Learn about poetry again.

22. Learn about cosmetics and how it’s used (only time to watch on YouTube).

23. Wash and clean my car at least once a month.

24. Declutter my trunk and keep it that way!

25. Eat less out and more at home.

26. Learn and keep sautéing.

27. Eat healthy.

28. Love myself.

29. Focus on the present.

30. Be more positive.


Packing just sucks. At least Southwest Airlines allows two suitcases per person. Otherwise, this packing would have been far worse considering all the stuff my mom and I wanted to bring back.

I am leaving behind my guitar my brother said it seemed last time I didn’t care much about. What I remember was not being able to take it with me; therefore, telling him he could use it if he wants. I got that guitar a week before my 16th birthday from Dad. Sadly, I lost the case for it 😦 I will have to leave it behind once again for no guitar case.

Anyways, this Samsonite suitcase my mom gave me to use for this trip. Yeah, I stuffed stuff in it and my mom was like, “Woah, what is all in this.” She said no ones going to be able to carry that. So I did some removing. I had to remove my one graduation gift I wanted to take with me. My mom said next time she visits, she will bring it with her. I also had to remove my New York book my Dad bought me years ago. That is a hardcover book and really heavy! But I did manage to put it in my backpack:D

That was two times removing and zipping it up. And finding out IT’S STILL HEAVY! Right now, I am sitting in front of the open suitcase blogging. I don’t know what else to remove from it. I want to take so much. And I thought I had enough remove to pack mom’s bags. And I do have room. This bag is just so heavy!! And it’s frustrating me! :/