Prompt: Cringe+Review: Tarte Pout Prep

Hi everyone. Happy Sunday!

My lips tend to dry out quickly. Not even exfoliators could help them. Few months ago, I noticed Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments helped moisturize my lips longer. But those around $24. And if their tinted, I want more shades. But I don’t want to spend that much on a lip balm.

Exfoliators are supposed to help with prepping your lips and I heard it also helps a little with the drying out. I’ve tried so many. From Dior’s expensive Lip Sugar to the cheapest I’ve heard so far E.L.F.’s in their lipstick package. I even tried making my own.

In between those two, I tried Fresh’s Lip Polish and its new wand type. I didn’t like the wand one as much for exfoliating, but it gave a nice glossy finish to my lips. As for the original Lip Polish, it was alright giving it a second try. Back in college I never liked it. Trying a sample again,  it’s ok. I think I’m not into brown sugar for exfoliating though. And I wanted more in an exfoliator.

GlamGlow’s lip scrub was nice and felt similar to Milani’s. However, I Cringe[d] with the taste in my mouth when little pieces found its way inside (YUCK!). I couldn’t tolerate it. Plus, there was something missing in it.

Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Lip Scrub in a pencil/marker packaging was cool to try. But it got really messy. And it didn’t seem to be working on my lips.

Bite Beauty’s both original lip scrub and Agave. Their whipped one was interesting to try. It applied on my lips without any sugar texture- just creamy. I didn’t think it did the job and don’t understand how it’s meant to exfoliate without the granules.

Agave was better than the original. But I couldn’t stand the smell. Is that just me??? Plus, I’m not into brown sugar scrubs (mainly for its smell).

Lush’s homemade lip scrubs that are delicious! They are popular, but I’m not into the dry texture. Plus, I wanted my lips to be conditioned. They just felt dried…. But it tasted so good (especially Popcorn)!

Milani Sweet Sugar Scrub was so sweet and was like putting a really nice desert on my lips. But let’s face it, it just wasn’t for my tastebuds.

E.L.F’s $3 lip scrub in a lipstick packaging is amazing. But breaks off when I use it. And it’s also missing something. But I’d use it if I didn’t keep breaking them.

Now, I’m sure I’m missing some others I have tried. But before this gets any longer, let me introduce to you the exfoliator I have tried and found I love more than all these.

Tarte has come out with another exfoliator called Pout Prep. I tried locating YouTube videos and haven’t found much on it. It retails for $16 and only has two reviews with ratings of 4-5 stars.

I ordered mine with a 15% off discount as a first time customer on their website. I am not new to their company. I’ve been buying their products from Sephora and Ulta.

Pout Prep is a “minty lip scrub and treatment Balm with moisturizing maracuja, shea butter, and exfoliating sugar to gently buff away flakes and treat thirsty lips.”

Both maracuja and shea butter sink deeply into lips to hydrate, firm, and protect from future drying, cracking, and/or chapping.

This product has vitamins C and E, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Carnauba Wax. If you’re not into wax in lip products, this may not be for you as it does contain wax.

When reading about this product, I thought of the $33 Dior Lip Sugar.

This product is designed with concentrated granita texture that gently transforms into a balm as it melts on lips. Both products consider themselves as a balm.

Are these similar? Perhaps in how their designed to be used. But the textures are completely different. You apply Dior’s like a lip balm and the sugar immediately melts onto your lips. Pout Prep’s sugar doesn’t immediately melt away. And you can remove by rinsing it.

I find when using Pout Prep first time, the sugar did melt onto my lips creating a balm like texture. But other times I’d have to rinse it off.

What is/are your favorite exfoliators?

Green Colored Wipes???!

Okay, so there are these wipes- So Fresh, So Clean. They are made for him and her and supposed to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. What’s unique about these??? The wipes are green! Have you heard of it? If you haven’t, HEB has them. That’s where I found mine. But… you’re not missing much.

These green wipes are not my fave and if you get them in your mouth, beware of the nasty taste it will bring. They call these wipes cucumber cleansing wipes. Honestly, I don’t think it taste like cucumber. Maybe a chemical cucumber? If that makes sense.

When I first started using them, the wipes felt dry. It barely removed my makeup. I had to use my Garnier Micellar water afterwards to remove the makeup.

Today, I feel these wipes are not as dry as I thought it was; still, it took awhile to remove the lip products I had on and omg the wipe feathers! Wiping the wipe on my lips, some of it went on my lip! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want green wipe stuck on my lips like cotton rounds and q-tip ends do.

Has anyone else tried these? If so, do you like them? They aren’t bad in price. I forget how much they were. I think about the same price as CoverGirl’s.

Why’d I buy it? Just look at it! It’s green! It’s cucumber! No, really, I bought it because it was interesting to try. At the time, I needed some wipes. I wanted to see if these will dry my face like most drugstore ones do. Clinique had really good wipes but they are $16. I didn’t want to spend that much. I may try CoverGirl’s again after finishing these… that is if I ever!

I used this wipe for removing some liquid lipstain I tried on. That is why I folded it. Also, was trying not to open my mouth because of the yucky taste.


Using my Limited Edition Save the Sea Luna Mini 2, I keep thinking I miss the Luna Mini. When turning it to use the other side, I felt Luna Mini massaged and awakened my undereye area. I miss that. Luna Mini 2 has speed adjustable, but the feeling of the highest speed doesn’t seem to be The same as the Luna Mini. It just feels a bit less.

One side is for oily skin on the Luna Mini 2. That’s nice considering I have areas that are oily. I have noticed a big difference if I use only one side of the brush for the whole face. My oily areas will be so tight and uncomfortable screaming to be washed with the other side.

One thing I wished Foreo would place on their devices is a lip scrubber. We hear toothbrushes and fingers can scrub your lips just fine. No problem with that. As I was cleaning my face with the device, I just thought how cool would it be if all the Luna Mini devices had a lip scrubber on it.

You can wash your whole face and scrub your lips. Did all the cleaning and scrubbing all at once.

No Makeup/Skincare Purchase Month

Hi all. I spend way too much on makeup/skincare (mainly makeup). Yesterday, I decided for August not to buy any more makeup and use what I have. I am also adding skincare products because although I used to not spend often on skincare, I have been these past few years. Mostly I had been finding products that work well on my skin and nickel free/Quaternium 15 free. However, once I find this, I end up switching after couple days or weeks.

I have tons of makeup. One month may help me use up what I currently bought and really like, such as the Lorac Pro Palette, Tarte’s Tarteist paint mascara and Double Take eyeliner, and Too Faced Melted Berry lipstick. Also the previous purchases I still like- Clinique’s lid pop in Grape and Pop+Primer in Berry Pop, Cola Pop. I have a few others that I don’t use by itself but can add with these two shades.

One month, I know is not enough to finish all these off. Believe me, I have tons more makeup here and palettes I took to PA that I left there because I was planning on giving it to a friend but she decided changing plans to meet her other friend’s needs. Those irritate my eyes. So, I don’t plan on using it at all either way.

But the makeups my skin can tolerate, I plan to use most of them with exception of the products I regret buying.

I am hoping this will help me save money because every paycheck I receive tends to go to makeup. And I really need to get my act together and save! I also need to pay off bills and worry about my car registration, inspection, and maintenance all in one month. August is that time for my car.

I have tried many times and failed at saving. I hope posting this online where others know (rather than just me), I may find support. And maybe somebody out there might join me this month if they have a similar problem with spending on makeup or anything.

Buying a lot of makeup doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem. It’s when all your purchases are affecting your financial life. And when you try to stop, you realize you are addicted to it and cannot stop. Therefore, please don’t think I think people who buy so much makeup has problems. I don’t.

Prompt: Elusive

Though the search for a nickel free eye palette may seem elusive, on the contrary, it isn’t impossible.

Hello everyone. How are you? Good morning!

One word of the day- Elusive. My mind has been spinning saddened by knowing I may have to give up my favorite thing to do before work. Something that uplifts me and let’s me be creative and unique…on my face. A form of expression that can make you feel beautiful or as Poppy from Lipstick Queen says Glamorous! Beauty may be an outreach for a lot of us, but glamor is always just around the bend! Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to be glamorous?

I’m not saying makeup is the only way to feel beauty or glam. There are plenty of people out there taking no makeup challenges to feel good about themselves without the added extras.

And I applaud them. I do it sometimes but it’s like an, “I don’t care if there’s no makeup on” moment. Without makeup, it’s not making me smile more. With it, it just gives me the added boost and I feel more confident. I feel more professional, too depending how I did my makeup that day for work.

After a student noticed one day I had no eyeliner on, I been feeling a bit weird not putting it on.

But anyways, for people with nickel allergies. I have a very strong allergy to nickel. I had known this from when I was very young- only by metal in necklaces and earrings (not bracelets!) did I react. And if left on, I would have asthmatic moments.

My allergy specialist here did not know of this because I never brought it up. I just stay away from that. I didn’t know it could have helped in figuring out why every month since I moved to Tx, I’d be throwing up and needing an inhaler more often.

Culprit- NICKEL SULFATE! hehe

It took him two years to figure it out mainly because the year before I had requested but failed to do a chemical testing. It was the only testing I hadn’t done. But I placed my job over my health first like one coworker told me in the previous job. She used to say I need to put myself before the job. And that was true. But when you’re a teacher being called come in early or stay later last minute without being asked, it’s somewhat hard to say no or I can’t and just accept it.

The allergy specialist believes because my nickel allergy is so strong, I have to eat a nickel free diet. What does this have to do with makeup? It’s nickel. Everything contains nickel. Even food. SUPRISE!

Anyways, back to nickel in makeup. He thought the reaction I was getting from certain makeup was minor and to stay away from it. It may have had Quaternium 15, a weak allergy I have. That is a formaldehyde releaser.

I looked for makeup without Quaternium 15 and tried finding different variations of its name. But a lot of my palettes didn’t, yet, my eyes were still irritated.

Problem: I don’t think that’s the only culprit when I started looking into makeup ingredients.

Because my nickel allergy is strong, I am trying to go nickel-free.

It’s always you, Nickel!

I never was told what to look for in makeup because my allergy specialist thought it wasn’t a huge concern. Researching last January, I couldn’t find much on what to look for. Yesterday, I found iron oxide and bismuth oxychloride two be two of the few things to look out for.

So, though it can be elusive, I found that it isn’t impossible to find eye palettes. Too Faced ingredients list doesn’t contain bismuth oxychloride, which I was looking into yesterday. A lot of bloggers I read yesterday say chrome and glitter shadows contain bismuth oxychloride, which I noticed when looking through Sephora and Ulta’s website for ingredients on certain eyeshadows.

What do you think of this elusive journey?


Nickel and Makeup

Last December, I was diagnosed with a strong nickel allergy relating to food. I always had it as a child wearing necklaces and earrings containing nickel. But food? I never knew.

It is hard to stay on the low nickel diet considering there’s a lot I have to give up. But when I do, it’s helpful.

Now I’m more concerned with makeup I use. I had once fallen asleep with makeup on to wake next morning with red eyes that were painful on under eyes. Eventually, the redness, itchy, pain eyes turned into pink eye.

I have noticed and these palettes have done it in previous years; however, I chose to ignore it; my eyes will get a bit itchy or watery. It will do this with Kat Von D palettes: Sinner and the Butterfly palettes. It will also do it with Urban Decays Naked palettes. Not only the palettes, but both companies eyeliners and mascaras.

Keep in mind, these two companies are my favorite. Their products are very pigmented and lasting. Therefore, not trying to bash either one. Just saying after couple hours, sometimes couple minutes, I will start to feel my eyes irritated, itchy, and/or watery. Sometimes, my eyes will become red.

I have a weak allergy to Quaternium 15. But my allergy Doctor wasn’t concerned with that. Maybe because I barely complained of what certain makeup causes and the reaction wasn’t as bad as whatever was causing me to get sick, asthma, and vomitting every month.

Anyways, my strongest allergy is Nickel. That’s it. And I’m thinking I may have to be careful in looking for nickeless makeups.

Searching through Sephora and Ulta websites, I found Buxom, the palette I recently purchased, has an ingredient that correlates with nickel allergy- Bismuth Oxychloride. There is another ingredient I found that contains nickel- iron oxide. These two I read have known to irritate sensitive skin and people with nickel allergy.

I was looking through Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and I thought maybe I should have stuck with my first thought on getting a palette from Too Faced. Compared to Buxom, Chocolate Bar doesn’t seem to contain the Bismuth Oxychloride. If it does, please let me know. I may have missed it.

Please note, like KVD and UD, I’m not trying to bash Buxom either. I actually like their eyeshadows. They are very pigmented and something I was hoping to try and keep using. But after using it all day today, my eyes became itchy and little watery. That’s why I wanted to check more into nickel.

That’s how I came upon the two ingredients- Bismuth Oxychloride and Iron Oxide.

Do any of you have nickel allergy? Are you sensitive to makeup or skincare? What makeup/skincare do you use? Also, I can’t decide on a Too Faced palette. What would you suggest?

I keep thinking Chocolate Bar. But then I’m not sure about the pink and certain colors. Then, I look into the smaller palettes. I’m not sure of certain colors in those ones. Oh, picking out a makeup palette is such a roller coaster ride! You would think it’s quite easy, right? 😛

Moisturize/MoisturizeNot? :O

Does anyone else have this problem when applying moisturizer on your face, one hand’s palm or fingers dries the moisturizer or product more than the other hand’s?

I can apply moisturizer on my right hand without feeling too much dryness or feeling like certain areas of my eyes are so dry it might blister. But when applying with left (fingers, palm, hand-don’t matter), it’ll dry the moisture on contact with skin so quickly that if I keep spreading it, I feel like some areas will get blister, especially the inner corner of my eye area. That or it will roughen the smooth face.

Do any of you have this problem? Do you know why one hand dries the face more while the other does not?