Prompts: Finally+Conversation

Finally, 2017 came to an end. Yesterday marked the end of an era and today begins a new. I woke listening to music, waiting for a call, thinking of tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and my break is over. Busy days ahead with work. Then, I thought of the prompts. I searched for today’s prompt-Conversation.

I’m not good with conversations… or am I? I’m one to believe I’m not. But a few say I am. And I’ve noticed, I can be. Depends.

Watching others converse, I see some who just talks and talks. Whether the words forming means anything or not, they’ll say it. Some say things just to say things. And I have seen conversations where quiet ones find something inspiring- their face lights up and they begin to speak.

Whether in a group or just two people, conversations can be so different. Not one the same. Conversations don’t always have to be spoken. It can be through the arts, singing, poetry, lyrics. It can be seen in nature, watching unwritten stories play out in front of you. It can be body language- sadness on your face while someone gives you a sincere smile that makes your frown turn upside down.

Conversations can also be written in words. Comments on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others, all can form a conversation. Watching a makeup review, a guru reviewing on a makeup you like and you in front of the screen think to yourself (or talk to the screen), “Hey, that’s my favorite, too!” Or, “Yeah, that’s not worth it.” Etc.

Conversations are all around. We are humans. Humans were made to be in groups, not alone. We are made to converse. Conversations express yourself. The way you interact with everyone shows your individuality, your character.

To those who feel you’re not good in conversations, like me, you might need something to spark your mind. If someone tells a story or reviews a book both of you like, it might be the chance your brain decides to give your two cents. But if the conversation is on a topic you’re not interested in or don’t understand, it may just go brain dead. Something will have to ignite that brain of yours to converse. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

There are many ways to have a conversation. I have listed a few. Can you?

Hair and Makeup

Well, these days I will be working at 2pm. So, I have loads of time in the morning. Afterall, I’m up around 7 or 8 in the morning.

I watch a lot of makeup tutorials and see some hair ones time to time. I think to myself, I could never create that look while watching hair tutorials.

Still, with loads of time on my hands, I decided to try something different. Sadly, I’m an unprofessional camera taker and by myself taking photos with my iPhone SE. Therefore, I couldn’t take a very nice picture of the back of my hair to show you what it looks like. But I’m sure you will all get an idea.

This look is so simple.

 Basically, I took a little bit of hair on each side and braided them. Then, clipped them together in the back. Last, I tied my whole hair with a hair tie. That’s it. I know, mine looks messy. I’m still learning 😀

How does it look?

Pack less!/Rant

Okay so yesterday I realized my backpack sooooo heavy. I have two course books I haven’t touched since last month that I thought I’d work on during break (removed cause I know I won’t). But the backpack still felt heavy.

Other things in there were MacBook, tablet, charger cords, and a huge trilogy book! There were small items in there, too.

I haven’t used a Kindle or Any ebook app since maybe 2-3 years ago. I download then remove it. I prefer the printed book more than digital. I can feel it. I can turn the pages. I know the actual number of pages I read for the book.

I gave in! I removed the hard copy of three part trilogy and ordered from iBooks a copy for $4.99. I thought iBooks had a read-aloud??? Not for this book 😦 at least not the one I ordered. I think Kindle had one. I guess it’s ok. I tend to drift when I hear it anyways. It’s either too fast or too slow. Never just right for me.

So I freed up space. My course I’m taking ends in August. I haven’t once touched the book since last month. There’s a $300 cancellation fee if I cancel and there’s an extra fee if I go beyond August. I’m so stupid signing up for this course. At that time, I was thinking it would be good. My Dad would be proud of me. Now I’m thinking, I want to just quit :/

Oh well. Any advices for the journey ahead? Teachers at work were complaining how their schedules got changed because of me. I scheduled this last month. And it’s not a fun vacation when you’re going to see your hometown that’s bottled with memories of someone you recently lost. One teacher who been whispering all week to another teacher (and I knew they were talking about me) finally said out loud to another teacher right in front of me how she has family coming over from different areas. Just the day before she had a phone call for MORE family coming. The teacher asked are you gonna take off? She said, I can’t take off. They won’t let me because she’s leaving tomorrow. I just shrugged and looked away saying, I planned this last month. 

You are supposed to plan ahead of time. I did so why should I feel bad cause one teacher wants to make it clear to me her schedule changed because of me? Why should I feel bad another wanted to take off because of me? Besides, this teacher asking for today off has a one to two week vacation already set for next month. Things will happen.

Should I feel bad?

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Prompt: Clouds

Tomorrow I will be heading home to PA. I’ll be flying above the clouds for a little bit.

Those beautiful white clouds seem so reachable. They seem closer to the ground. But I know if I chase after it, they can never be touched.


**The Rabbit and Its Tail is now available for preorder. In loving memory of my Dad, it will be available on his birthday- July 8, 2016. Please click and visit: The Rabbit and Its Tail link. More information is posted on my blog as well as on Amazon Kindle.**

Put Down Your Phone!

… or laptop, or tablet, or the smart watches… all the high tech stuff that’s daily bombarding our daily lives.

My Dad used to say I carry my phone wherever I go. When he ask me to do something, I have my phone in one hand the other is left to help him.

Yesterday I was watching Girl Meets World. One of the episodes was about two girls phones being taken away. They had to learn to communicate without their phones. I also was watching Shay Mitchell’s YouTube videos. I noticed she didn’t have her phone in her hand all the time.

Today, I did a lot. And it’s only morning! What did I do? I packed most of what I wanted to bring to PA. I had nothing, but a list made of what I wanted to bring to PA. I also cooked food. I did skip breakfast, which isn’t good. But I made a nice scrambled egg burrito with parota. I drank a glass of lemonade my mom had made. I did all this and have time for a little blogging and reading before my afternoon work.

Usually, I sit a around being bored. Sometimes will write a blog or read- something, but only a little something. Today, I feel stress-free and accomplished because I did more than just that. And not only did I do that, I did it without carrying my phone. Without constantly checking the time, or for messages, or play games. I did it all phone-free.

What about you? What can you do if you put down your phone and actually focus on something else besides the constant revolving technology?

*peace&God Bless*


**The Rabbit and Its Tail is now available for preorder. In loving memory of my Dad, it will be available on his birthday- July 8, 2016. Please click and visit: The Rabbit and Its Tail link. More information is posted on my blog as well as on Amazon Kindle.**

iPhone SE or Another Samsung?

Hello everyone. How are you?

So, I have a Samsung Note 5. Every time I get a Samsung phone, I always regret not getting an iPhone. iPod Touch was my first touch screen product and ever since then, trying other products never satisfied me.

Samsung isn’t all that bad. In fact, when I first moved to the new TX house, Samsung phones had better/stronger service than the iPhone. I do like their Note 4. Getting my Note 5, I somewhat miss the previous generation Note. But an upgrade is an upgrade and you can’t get your phone back no matter what.

Right now, I am looking to bring down my cell phone bill and pay off some EIP’s. Therefore, I am not looking to go too expensive on monthly payment plans. iPhone 6 and 6 plus will be 27+ dollars. The SE will only be about $21. That for me is a pretty good price.

You’re probably thinking- you made up your mind. Get the iPhone! But I am a bit unsure. I have heard Samsung is a bit better than Apple. A lot of people I talk to about iPhone and Samsung phones say they prefer Samsung. Only a few like iPhone.

So I came on here to post a blog; hoping someone would tell me their thoughts on iPhone and/or Samsung. Which phone do you own? Which would you prefer and why? What do you like about the phone? Etc.

Thank you for reading and taking your time. Have a good night!

*peace&God Bless*