2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

Hey everyone, how are you?

Throughout this year and previous years, I have been struggling with keeping blogs. One thing I hope for next year is that blogging becomes a habit for me or something I, at least don’t give up on.

November is ending soon and Christmas will soon be here. Another year will come to an end; another chapter book closed; a new one to open.

Usually at this time, people begin to think of things they want done or to do next year. Goals that either get swept under the rug or try-fail-succeed. A list easy to create; yet, not-so-easy to accomplish.

I, like them, have created this list time and time again. I, like some, have failed tremendously. I, like the few, have swept them under the rug. A list once made forgotten as the new year unfolds.

Every year when I make this list, I always write the same things- lose 30 lbs, read one book a month, write more, pray more, etc, etc. To me, it’s never heartfelt; rather, it’s everyone’s making this list, why not I? Then, I sit down to make it only to find an empty brain.

My stupid brain voided of all the things I can accomplish next year. My brain should be on cruise control. It should be ecstatic by now. A year is coming to an end! A new beginning is underway! But no, it’s not.

In fact, my brain is running the complete opposite right now. It’s dragging. Time’s ticking rather slowly with me on sleep mode. And so, I watched YouTube videos to hype my brain of the new year that’s coming (whether or not my brain’s intent).

And now, here is my

New Years Resolutions:

1. Travel more.

2. Using Digits app, save money.

3. Declutter my makeup.

4. Purchase makeup only when: needed, sale, or after October when Christmas gift sets come out.

5. Read one book a month.

6. Write for thirty minutes a day.

7. Revamp my WordPress blog.

8. Pay off my debts.

9. Set aside money for a car.

10. Clean my room.

11. Declutter my room.

12. Focus on BALANCE.

13. Watch YouTube videos other than makeup reviews, swatches, tutorials… etc.

14. Pray more.

15. Have more of God and I time.

16. Think of going back to school.

17. Follow my Low Nickel and GERD diets.

18. Follow and cross off as many as I can on this list.

19. Find inner peace.

20. One a day poems or lyrics.

21. Learn about poetry again.

22. Learn about cosmetics and how it’s used (only time to watch on YouTube).

23. Wash and clean my car at least once a month.

24. Declutter my trunk and keep it that way!

25. Eat less out and more at home.

26. Learn and keep sautéing.

27. Eat healthy.

28. Love myself.

29. Focus on the present.

30. Be more positive.

Nickel Allergy Sucks

Ever since being diagnosed with Nickel Sulfate allergy, I have not been throwing up and needing inhaler monthly. I have not seen my Allergist since January this year and don’t need inhaler (both daily and emergency).

But I’ll admit, being on this low nickel diet is like being on a roller coaster. It’s so hard to keep this diet when almost everything I like I have to give up. Some things are in moderation, but even those can make me have an upset stomach.

Anyways, these days I have been failing at it. It started off great in December. Fell apart in January, but didn’t give up. Creeped upward, then downward. All of a sudden I find myself not saying no to chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate cupcakes… Oh the chocolates! They have the highest Nickel. Soy does too.

Soy. The biggest and hardest culprit to avoid when grocery shopping. Every single product out there seems to contain it! My favorite snacks! How can I just give it all up.

And my mind is now like this, some things I can tolerate has soy, other soy products I can’t. Therefore, I can moderate it.

As for chocolate, some days I can handle it. I just gotta eat one or two then give it up for a few weeks. Ain’t no biggy.

Geesh! Afterall that conditioned nonsense mindset I filled my poor mind with, I get sick. Yes, sick with my breathing problems. Sick with congestion and heartburn that visits whenever it feels like (even if I don’t eat). Sick with headaches, fatigue, nausea and wanting to vomit. Waking up around 2am coughing afraid I’ll vomit there. After 6/7 months of not needing the inhalers, my body has caved in. It has had enough. I took my rescue inhaler in the morning and thought to myself, Why in the world do I do this to myself? Why do I make myself sick? Why’s it so hard to follow a Low Nickel Diet?! Questions, but no answers.

Small Makeup Haul

After reviewing the Too Faced Melted lipsticks, I decided I really wanted the Melted Berry. Of course, I can’t go in a Sephora and just come out with only one thing. I saw Tarte had a 500 kit out. I really wanted it, but I was 30 points short of 500.

Anyways, I did swatch a lot of the Too Faced Melted and the Melted Mattes, which are the newest. I decided to still purchase Melted Berry.

My big mistake: Walk around still!

As I was walking looking for Lorac (they don’t sell in Sephora!!), I stumbled upon Tarte. I have been so wanting to try their new mascara and eyeliner. I decided after looking through their ingredients list to buy their paint mascara and double ended liner. I am so excited to try these products.

I have heard of LA Girl lip paints sold at Target. They are similar and way cheaper than Too Faced. You’re probably thinking, why did you buy it still? Are you crazy?!

I could be…. But I wanted Too Faced one mainly because researching the two, Too Faced one has a thing on its opening where the product comes out (I’m sorry I don’t know what it’s called). This will stop the product from bursting out and creating a dramatic mess.

Yes, you could say just press the tube slowly and not hard, then. Knowing myself, I will still make a mess either on my lips or on the area around me or on me. These lip paints are supposed to stain. I don’t plan on them staining outside my lips. I don’t want to be a hot mess! Therefore, I decided to play safe and stick with Too Faced.

Some say it’s not pigmented. That it don’t stain and comes off way too easily. I believe both.

Why buy it then? Well, I believe it’s not pigmented. But I also believe it can be. I looked further into reviews for these Melted lipsticks. One YouTuber (Judy Travis) stated it’s easier to get the pigment by pressing the tube while applying on the lips. I tried it with my new Melted lipstick and I found that to be true. That’s probably why the Melted Metallic Jelly yesterday didn’t have much pigmentation as it did couple months ago.

As for staining, some say it stains, others say it doesn’t. I’m still working on that. But I found swatching them on my arm was a huge mess earlier today. Some did NOT want to come off easily!

If you really want lasting power, I’d suggest go for Too Faced newest Melted Mattes. I tried and swatched some. Took three cotton rounds and makeup remover to remove it off my arm. I did like the deep mulberry shade (Drop Dead Red) and wanted to get it, but mattes are very drying and I’m not a fan of that. But I’m still thinking about it.

I can’t wait to try these! As July comes to an end, I am going to have to make August a No Buy Makeup month! I did so much spending on makeup. Need to use what I have.

I think I will be returning Bobbi Brown mascara. I like that Eye Opener mascara. But today I had irritated eyes. This mascara has Bismuth Oxychloride. However, I chose to ignore it thinking the Smokey mascara in their line has it, too. But I forgot I stopped using that one because it also irritated my eyes a little. I haven’t seen this ingredient in Tarte’s paint mascara. Hopefully my eyes will favor being painted by Tarte!

Lorac Pro

After three or four years passing by this palette and deciding between it and Naked or Kat Von D, etc. I finally said yes to it! And… I’m very glad I did.

This palette contains 16 eyeshadows- half mattes, half shimmer.

The palette is about $45, so it’s a little less pricier than Naked palettes. It is thin and easily fitting bags when traveling. Not too heavy weight.


Matte– White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, and Black.

Shimmer– Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, and Slate.

Why I finally chose this palette?

I chose this palette mainly for three reasons:

1. I did not find Bismuth Oxychloride in their ingredients list. I have heard this is a Nickel releaser. I wanted to know if this will irritate my eyes.

2. Garnet shade. I wanted that garnet shade so bad!

3. I wasn’t satisfied with the Too Faced Natural Matte palette and wanted more colors than neutral brown tones. Lorac Pro gave more variety in color. I could have gone with the Too Faced Chocolate, but there were some shades in that palette I was iffy about. There are a lot on here I like more.

Too Faced palette wasn’t easily blendable for me as this palette was.

Back to Lorac. Lorac Pro is more warmer. The Lorac Pro 2 is more cooler. I don’t have the Lorac 2 to show what the differences are. But researching these two palettes, one is cooler, the other warmer.

Lorac Pro has a little buttery texture. It is very pigmented. The palette comes with a sample of Lorac’s eye primer, which I tried today.

Some say the primer doesn’t blend well. With its silicone texture, the primer is very soft and applied easily on my eyelids. It also blended well for me.

I tried this Lorac on my eyes. Though I am not a pro, I find it was easy to apply and blend these shadows.

Today, I used: Espresso in my crease. I figured my natural hair color has espresso in it, why not try espresso? On the outer corner, I have espresso as well. I tried to make a V-Shape with it. The middle of eyelids, I placed Garnet. I really love this shade. Inner corner, I applied Gold. Lining my eyes with Deep Purple, but I don’t think it showed on the top lash line. It showed a little on bottom when applying. I did place Clinique’s Kajal eyeliner in Blackened Green on both top and bottom lash line. Finally, I applied Bobbi Brown’s Eye Opener mascara in Black on my lashes. This mascara does have Bismuth Oxychloride, but I decided to try it anyways because my previous Smokey mascara by Bobbi Brown did not irritate my eyes. Top this look off, on my lips I applied Tarte’s Tartiest lip liner in Mood Ring and its complementary lip paint in Hangry.

When I went to purchas this from Ulta, they only had three or four palettes left of Lorac Pro in the front entrance. The middle where they keep Lorac cosmetics, Lorac Pro 2 had some, Lorac 3 had few left over, but a lot in the main entrance, and none of Lorac Palette with Lorac cosmetics. The Lorac Pro’s are selling out quickly even though it’s not brand new.

I switched from Naked and Kat Von D palettes to this Lorac Pro 1 because the other two irritated my eyes a lot. I am hoping this palette doesn’t. The color payoff is great and there’s not much fall out, which made it more easy for me to work with this.

Prompt: Elusive

Though the search for a nickel free eye palette may seem elusive, on the contrary, it isn’t impossible.

Hello everyone. How are you? Good morning!

One word of the day- Elusive. My mind has been spinning saddened by knowing I may have to give up my favorite thing to do before work. Something that uplifts me and let’s me be creative and unique…on my face. A form of expression that can make you feel beautiful or as Poppy from Lipstick Queen says Glamorous! Beauty may be an outreach for a lot of us, but glamor is always just around the bend! Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to be glamorous?

I’m not saying makeup is the only way to feel beauty or glam. There are plenty of people out there taking no makeup challenges to feel good about themselves without the added extras.

And I applaud them. I do it sometimes but it’s like an, “I don’t care if there’s no makeup on” moment. Without makeup, it’s not making me smile more. With it, it just gives me the added boost and I feel more confident. I feel more professional, too depending how I did my makeup that day for work.

After a student noticed one day I had no eyeliner on, I been feeling a bit weird not putting it on.

But anyways, for people with nickel allergies. I have a very strong allergy to nickel. I had known this from when I was very young- only by metal in necklaces and earrings (not bracelets!) did I react. And if left on, I would have asthmatic moments.

My allergy specialist here did not know of this because I never brought it up. I just stay away from that. I didn’t know it could have helped in figuring out why every month since I moved to Tx, I’d be throwing up and needing an inhaler more often.

Culprit- NICKEL SULFATE! hehe

It took him two years to figure it out mainly because the year before I had requested but failed to do a chemical testing. It was the only testing I hadn’t done. But I placed my job over my health first like one coworker told me in the previous job. She used to say I need to put myself before the job. And that was true. But when you’re a teacher being called come in early or stay later last minute without being asked, it’s somewhat hard to say no or I can’t and just accept it.

The allergy specialist believes because my nickel allergy is so strong, I have to eat a nickel free diet. What does this have to do with makeup? It’s nickel. Everything contains nickel. Even food. SUPRISE!

Anyways, back to nickel in makeup. He thought the reaction I was getting from certain makeup was minor and to stay away from it. It may have had Quaternium 15, a weak allergy I have. That is a formaldehyde releaser.

I looked for makeup without Quaternium 15 and tried finding different variations of its name. But a lot of my palettes didn’t, yet, my eyes were still irritated.

Problem: I don’t think that’s the only culprit when I started looking into makeup ingredients.

Because my nickel allergy is strong, I am trying to go nickel-free.

It’s always you, Nickel!

I never was told what to look for in makeup because my allergy specialist thought it wasn’t a huge concern. Researching last January, I couldn’t find much on what to look for. Yesterday, I found iron oxide and bismuth oxychloride two be two of the few things to look out for.

So, though it can be elusive, I found that it isn’t impossible to find eye palettes. Too Faced ingredients list doesn’t contain bismuth oxychloride, which I was looking into yesterday. A lot of bloggers I read yesterday say chrome and glitter shadows contain bismuth oxychloride, which I noticed when looking through Sephora and Ulta’s website for ingredients on certain eyeshadows.

What do you think of this elusive journey?