Using my Limited Edition Save the Sea Luna Mini 2, I keep thinking I miss the Luna Mini. When turning it to use the other side, I felt Luna Mini massaged and awakened my undereye area. I miss that. Luna Mini 2 has speed adjustable, but the feeling of the highest speed doesn’t seem to be The same as the Luna Mini. It just feels a bit less.

One side is for oily skin on the Luna Mini 2. That’s nice considering I have areas that are oily. I have noticed a big difference if I use only one side of the brush for the whole face. My oily areas will be so tight and uncomfortable screaming to be washed with the other side.

One thing I wished Foreo would place on their devices is a lip scrubber. We hear toothbrushes and fingers can scrub your lips just fine. No problem with that. As I was cleaning my face with the device, I just thought how cool would it be if all the Luna Mini devices had a lip scrubber on it.

You can wash your whole face and scrub your lips. Did all the cleaning and scrubbing all at once.