Practicing Cat Look for Halloween

… my nose looks like a cow nose.

Prompt: Subdue

Today, is a rather Subdued kind of day. I can’t shake this feeling I have felt since last September.

No matter what I do, I feel like a failure. Useless. Worthless. No one needs me.

I spend my money because the only place I can roam off to, if not home, is the shopping centers. Squander every dollar, every penny.

Somehow, I have not touched my emergency funds envelope I started this month for a class I’m taking.

An African American lady yelled at me- how I’m blocking the whole damn street- in her own words. She almost hit my car to make me reverse. Stubborn me just honked my horn not moving. Was I right? Was I wrong? Maybe that was a battle I should have walked away from.

But this is why I stayed. I sat there waiting for a parking space for like 5 minutes. I turned the correct way where the arrows show entrance. She just comes from the opposite side and knows I’m there. The lady walking knew I was there.

Yet, this lady in the car decides to ask her if she could have that parking space.

I felt invisible. I felt hurt. Why do people have to be so rude? And then she has the nerve to call me rude for I’m entering the area correctly and waiting patiently for a parking space when she’s coming from the other end and saying I’m blocking the street. I wanted to tell her lady, this is not a street. But I decided not to.

Estée Lauder/Estée Edit Mattified Lipsticks!

Hello all. Just received some lipsticks from the mail that I purchased few days ago. I only purchased four of the shades. After trying black and orange color together in the store today, I was a bit upset I didn’t get the black, however, I did some playing around with all the shades- mixing them together. I have to say, it’s pretty fun playing around with them!

There are 12 shades in The Estée Edit Mattified Lipstick collection, two Lip Flip shade transformers (black and yellow), and 6 shades in The Barest.

Today, I will only be reviewing Mattified Lipsticks. I did try Barest Lipstick (forgot shade) and loved it on me, which usually doesn’t happen when it comes to nude/bare shades.

Also, I tried the black today at Sephora with the orange shade (Killin’ It). I loved the shade it brought on my lips! It was the perfect orange shade I been searching for, which is why I was upset with myself in not buying the black!

Sephora Makeup Artist suggested Marc Jacobs Rei of Light (212) as a similar shade to what Killin’ It and Black created. Marc Jacobs lipstick cost $30. Though expensive, it was a beautiful, creamy, perfect orangeish-red shade- not too bright, not too dark. Something nice to try that’s not a bright orange like all the others I have tried before.

But onto Estée Edit’s Mattified Lipsticks! Ready?

I love the packaging. Each lipstick packaging is white with black font, The Estee Edit signature and a spray painted effect on the left corners of the box.

On the opening of the box, each shows the shade and their shade name. This will help avoid confusion when looking for that color or shade name at the store and/or at home when it’s in its box.

Also, look at their bullets. They are so gorgeous in their silver and blue spray painted colors! Each bullet does feel a little heavy in the weight. On the bottom of each, the name of the collection, shade, and number are shown.

All four shades I purchased. Picture below was after I did some swatches and playing by mixing colors together (that is why the orange looks slightly used on its tip).

These lipsticks I find feel a bit dry, but not drying on the lips. I didn’t wear these all day to get the full effect of these lipsticks. I tried each on to get the feel of how each applied on my lips and how each felt.

I did find one a bit patchy, another did not seem to be opaque on lips, but maybe it’s because I’m not familiar with that lipstick. However, using my fingers to blend the color all over the lips did help.

Killin’ It applied creamy with a dryness that didn’t dry out the lips. Did not apply patchy on my hands. The first one to swatch and first to surprise me on how easily it applied and the pigmentation shown on my arms.

However, when applying to my lips, some areas didn’t look opaque. When I swept my hands around to blend the color on my lips it looked better.

This lipstick was removed with Bite Beauty’s lip wipes- individually packaged in a nice Bite bag that includes a mirror. I purchased the 10 individually wrapped wipes for $12. The lipstick removal was quick, simple, and easy and left no stain.

Marooned was the first Mattified I tried on at the store and loved. It was the one that made me want to try more. I love this color and it suits me on a shade I daily wear. It’s not too dark, however, you can darken it with the Lip Transformer in black if needed or lighten it up with yellow, as well. This one applied just like Killin’ It. Compared to Killin’ It, I found this one went more opaque.

Removing was again easy and quick using the Bite’s lip wipes. My lips did not feel drying while wearing the lipstick and after removing it.

ABT Last Night swatched patchy out of the four I have. Had to apply one more layer.

However, it wasn’t that bad when applying on lips. It didn’t look as opaque as Marooned. The feel of the texture wasn’t as smooth and creamy applying. Still, this shade isn’t bad. I love the color and would still wear it.

Removal was easy just like the others and left no stain.

Surprisingly, this shade, The Storm, did not go on patchy as the ABT Last Night. Why did I get this? It’s unique. I tried Midnight Blue shade from Make Up For Ever, but that didn’t seem to call me. This shade, however, did. It’s blueish-greenish-teal-colored shade literally was why I wanted it.

I wouldn’t wear this one by itself daily, maybe for halloween I can work this into my makeup. But I did love playing with this shade. Mixing it with others was fun and some of those shades made me think I can work this into a daily wear.

I failed at the crazy eyes! LolI looked down on this picture to hopefully show you that Jaded colored line on my top line. Did you notice? It’s rather faint. But I wanted to point out, I didn’t buy it yet, but plan on it.

At Sephora today, I tried this on. It’s from Estee Edit The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick. I like this liner. It was very easy to apply and very smooth! There was no tugging. The bottom waterline has the purple shade (on other pictures), Violet Taboo. I am very surprised that it hasn’t smudged, creased, patched, or faded! This is why I wanted to show you this shadowstick! All liners I try wear off quickly leaving spots or faded areas.

Each lipstick and the shadowsticks sell for &22. They are Estée Lauder’s modern take to makeup. All of these I love so far. They are fun to mix for a different shade, too!

The only stain I had when my creative side was done playing was on my fingers! I had to be careful not to touch my back of my phone cause the sticker on the case started getting some color transfer. Also, when turning off the lights, due to transferring on the nice white areas.
Other than that, I had fun with these lipsticks and I hope to purchase the black to play with the shades even more.


Those are my glasses. I don’t like wearing glasses. They slide down your nose and get covered in liquid foundation. When I wear them, I skip on all my makeup except eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. No foundation. No mascara.

Though my eyelashes are curled, I still find waterproof or not waterproof mascaras still speck the lenses; resulting with a huge fog stain.

As I said before, liquid foundation transfers. Yesterday, I tried Clinique’s new silk foundation at the store. I’m walking around checking out their orange lipsticks forgetting that foundation is going to get on my glasses! Removing my glasses, I find the bottom rim and nose area are all covered with foundation and even the lens seemed to fog up with it. All day the lenses seemed to fog up after applying that foundation.

Only once this has happened to me before and is the number one reason I gave up on foundation with glasses- eventually my nose area had a green triangle shape on both sides. Did that happen to anyone else or am I just crazy? That green stain would not budge! It took a few days for it to disappear. But I have a feeling it was related to my glasses and foundation. Never again!

Seeing myself in the mirror, I am very insecure when wearing glasses. It’s very hard to feel beautiful- just look at the above picture of the four-eyed girl!

Wearing glasses for me is emergencies only or after work in the evenings before bedtime, not so much a daily thing. This is the third week of nothing but my specks and I am feeling a bit down. I ordered contacts two weeks ago and was told the site is unavailable but they should ship it soon. I said, “Ok.” Next week my cousin, who’s my opthmalogist, text me they still unavailable, but she should receive the contacts next Thursday. I’m thinking next Thursday is this Thursday since she texted it last week.

I’m so hoping these contacts come in soon. They are the new silicone hydrogel kinds. I had an old pair of contacts from Walmart Vision center. I wore those thinking they aren’t too different from my newer prescription. But it was the last one.

How do you, glass wearers all wear makeup? I can’t see very well to tell what kind of line I drew with my eyeliner. It’s so frustrating!

Anyways, happy Sunday! And happy Onam for all you South Indians celebrating that!

Pixi Eyes

Hello everyone. Happy Sunday!

Today’s look, I decided to use the Pixi by Petra eyeshadow palette. Along with that palette, I used Clinique’s Kajal eyeliner in Blackened Blue and the Flutter-to-Full mascara.
Today is my first full day trial with CoverGirl’s BB Cream I purchased yesterday. Top it all off with Maybelline’s Color Jolt in Berry Naughty.

Clinique’s All About the Eyes

From the makeup I have, I decided to really give Clinique’s one eye shadow palette a try. I have had this palette for couple years now. But was too nervous about using the colors. The only one out of it I would definitely use- Limited Jute Brown. It’s a dark brown.

This palette I am talking about is a limited edition one. So you may not find it anymore. Therefore, I will not be reviewing it. I just wanted to see what you think.

I am thinking of trying another Clinique palette. I tried making a wing line with Clinique’s Kajal eyeliner in blackened green.

For my lashes I applied Clinique’s new mascara- Lash Power Flutter-to-Full (only on the highest level- did not do all three steps).

On my lips I tried Clinique’s Black Honey. I bought and tried this before, however, it was too sheer and because of that I didn’t like it. I got this Black Honey in sample size last month and decided to give it a try again. It did go on sheer. But after couple minutes the shade darkened. Now, I am really liking this lipstick!

On my face, I applied Clinique’s all about the eyes on the under eyes. Then, for no reason at all applied a little of CoverGirl’s concealer I had on some areas. After blending that out with my blending sponge, I applied my Make Up Forever HD foundation, both liquid and powder.

Update on August No Makeup/Skincare Purchases

It’s been six days of August and this month I decided to not buy any makeup/skincare for the month of August.

The past five days I did well on no purchasing makeup and/or skincare. Instead, I used the money to buy food. Food is essential. It should be a good thing, right?

When I have food at home or a packed lunch for work, buying outside food from Taco Bell, McDonalds, Chinese Restaurant isn’t a need. Chinese Restaurant I felt was ok to treat myself once a month to a nice buffet or restaurant food.

Five full days of passing, I fail on the sixth day. I went to return some purchases made in July to Sephora. I left the store with three makeup purchases.

Rewind to this morning when it all started. I was putting on makeup for the day. I applied my CoverGirl oil-free liquid foundation, which was alright. Then, I applied my Tarte’s airbrush powder over it and hated the look it gave. I removed it immediately trying not to remove or mess my eye makeup.

I tried the CoverGirl and Sephora’s powder foundation together that I had. It was better. But I think the CoverGirl liquid powder made my face appear lighter than it is. And I didn’t like that. That was the moment I’m like, I really need a Sephora Liquid Foundation for this powder foundation!

Mom and I went to morning mass then visited Dad. Dad got his headstone. It’s been almost five waiting. After, we went to SAMs Club for their sale, which I didn’t see much of a sale with the things I wanted.

Later, I went to Sephora with my mind on returning Kat Von D’s Limited Edition Serpentina. Although I really liked the palette and its easy blendability, I did notice some itchy dryness on my eye area where the makeup was applied. I tried to ignore it saying it’ll be ok. I used this palette for three days, even adding a little of Lorac eyeshadows under it.

The problem was falling asleep right after work before removing the makeup made my eyes blood red. I have had this before mainly from makeup that had irritated my eyes. This year I had my first pink eye because of an allergy. Therefore, I decided I just had to return it. I didn’t want to go down that road again.

Also, I returned the Tarteist Mascara paint. I like it but I like Gifted and the 4-in-1 mascara’s by Tarte more than the paint one- less clumpy. I tried removing the excess mascara for the paint one, but it still somehow clumped my lashes together. I was looking for one to separate. I still have my sample size Gifted and 4-in-1 mascara, plus a regular size of 4-in-1. Right now I am wearing waterproof 4-in-1.

That was probably my first wrong move- going to Sephora. However, to return those two products, I couldn’t wait til next month. My next wrong move was walking past the cashier and into the makeup aisle!

Makeup aisle… so many wonderful makeup to keep your creative soul uplifted and moving. I swear I can’t leave a Sephora store without buying something!

That liquid foundation I was hoping to buy… bought it. I was about to purchase the powder foundation only because the one they tried on me was Mocha and I don’t remember mine being Mocha. Mine says something mat tan??? I don’t know. I really should have brought mine with me.

I am hoping this foundation I purchased in… #35 will work. I just figured out my powder foundation is in #40 hazelnut. The makeup artist tried #50, Mocha.

Anyways, my next biggest mistake was looking at the Sephora lipstick aisle. They had their matte and cream lipsticks. I tried a cream one and a lip liner together, which was a huge mistake! Lip liner- Aubergine Dream and cream lip stain in Blackberry Sorbet.

I walked out with a liquid foundation, a lip pencil (was debating on purchasing two, then decided on one), and the cream liquid lipstain.

The one thing I should have done if I really wanted this liquid foundation was not applying any foundation on my skin. Because I had foundation on my skin, the makeup artist didn’t apply it all over or most of my cheek area or somewhere on my face. The powder was placed on my neck area. She had placed the liquid one right on top of my other foundations I had on. Said it blended well with those. I couldn’t tell. But I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I just wished it would have been applied all over my face rather than a few areas.

Currently, Sephora has Make Up Forever products for 500 points. I regret not getting it. At least it was free. Instead, I got a 100 point Clinique Take The Day Off makeup remover wipes. I decided to pass on Make Up Forever because it has been known to irritate my eyes.

Right now, I am sitting on my couch thinking of removing my foundations with a Clinique wipe and trying the Sephora foundations together.