Prompts: Finally+Conversation

Finally, 2017 came to an end. Yesterday marked the end of an era and today begins a new. I woke listening to music, waiting for a call, thinking of tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and my break is over. Busy days ahead with work. Then, I thought of the prompts. I searched for today’s prompt-Conversation.

I’m not good with conversations… or am I? I’m one to believe I’m not. But a few say I am. And I’ve noticed, I can be. Depends.

Watching others converse, I see some who just talks and talks. Whether the words forming means anything or not, they’ll say it. Some say things just to say things. And I have seen conversations where quiet ones find something inspiring- their face lights up and they begin to speak.

Whether in a group or just two people, conversations can be so different. Not one the same. Conversations don’t always have to be spoken. It can be through the arts, singing, poetry, lyrics. It can be seen in nature, watching unwritten stories play out in front of you. It can be body language- sadness on your face while someone gives you a sincere smile that makes your frown turn upside down.

Conversations can also be written in words. Comments on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others, all can form a conversation. Watching a makeup review, a guru reviewing on a makeup you like and you in front of the screen think to yourself (or talk to the screen), “Hey, that’s my favorite, too!” Or, “Yeah, that’s not worth it.” Etc.

Conversations are all around. We are humans. Humans were made to be in groups, not alone. We are made to converse. Conversations express yourself. The way you interact with everyone shows your individuality, your character.

To those who feel you’re not good in conversations, like me, you might need something to spark your mind. If someone tells a story or reviews a book both of you like, it might be the chance your brain decides to give your two cents. But if the conversation is on a topic you’re not interested in or don’t understand, it may just go brain dead. Something will have to ignite that brain of yours to converse. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

There are many ways to have a conversation. I have listed a few. Can you?

Prompts+Sephora’s #LipStories

Hi everyone! How are you?

Today, I wanted to review Sephora’s new lip product. However, I wanted to do it using previous prompts- not one, not two, but four of them. I’ve done this before in blogs where I put more than one prompt link. But I don’t know if it was done while reviewing a product. I thought some of them worked well with this review. Therefore, I decided, “Why not?” Anyways, onto the review.

I must Confess, this year i did a lot of roadkill on makeup buying. I’m not proud of it. In fact, I made it a priority to start 2018 without purchasing new makeup- only if needed.

With Sephora’s brand new launch of their lippies, #LipStories, I’ll be making my own on how I failed my new year spending resolution because of Sephora. At least, they arrived in stores before the year ended; so I could get my hands on some before I have to say no-no to them.

But the shades I purchased makes me only want more. These created lip shades are so gorgeous, glides are nicely, and feel so dreamy. There are fourty shades and each are $8 a piece. For Sephora, that’s an awesome deal. Down the road I hope to complete my collection. But for now, I can only swatch and review the twelve shades I purchased. So for the price, let’s see if these lippies are worth the price or are they another roadkill to my already makeup spending problems.

As I said before, there are fourty shades in the #LipStories collection. Sephora designed these for “real life, not just ring lights-“. They are lipsticks to celebrate everyday moments. Each shade is packed with high pigment and is lightweight providing full-coverage with just one swipe. The shade ranges from everyday wearable to bold and unique. With fourty shades available, there is bound to be a shade or two or few for every skin tone!

When it comes to the stories of our life, Sephora broke them down into ten moments. Each moment has a few shade choices. The ten moments are: Holidaze, Lady Business, Global Citizen, Hashtag Throwback, Wifed Up, Spring Break State of Mind, Brunch Days, Top Down Life, Festival Vibes, and Pool O’clock.

In this collection, each shade has either a matte, cream, or metal finish. While the mattes and creams glide gracefully on the lips when first opened, the metals took a bit more swatch to glide on. But once it did, it felt and looked amazing!

These are the swatches of the twelve shades I own. These lipsticks arrived at my Sephora store two days ago. If they are not at your local Sephora, they should be soon. Or else you can find them online.

Now to the swatches!

Above pictures shows matte shade #BrunchDate. This was one of them I didn’t search before buying and hoped it would be one I like. But the shades just not for me. However, I will keep it for my collection. I’m sure I can use it with other shades to make a unique one or as a highlight.

The next shade above is called #LabyrinthCity. It is a beautiful shade that I love and like #BrunchDate, it is also a matte.

One thing, I forgot to mention is that each lipstick has #(cream, matte, or metal) on the lipstick itself. I wish they had the shade name instead, but either way it’s still cool.

When you see this packaging, you may think “Ooo, yummy!” And that’s exactly what the shade is- #YumYum. This Yum Yum shade is a cream one. It’s really nice and feels, like all the other shades, non drying. I love this shade. I find it’s a good everyday wear.

With that Yum Yum cookies or some nice hot cocoa, you need a Cozy fire place to keep you warm. The next shade is exactly that- #FireSide.

Honestly, this shade was one I was rather iffy about because brown shades don’t always work for me. They make me feel weird and uncomfortable. I can wear nice brown tones on my eyes or clothes options. But when it comes to my lips and nails, I feel weird. There’s not a lot of go-to brown shades in my drawers. But this one I can truly say will be finding a spot in those drawers. I love this deep brown shade. It’s another creamy texture designed to warm up your cold days.

This shade is a matte one called #AfterHours. I love this shade and feel it’s an everyday wear for me. This will be one of my go-to daily wears. The previous shade didn’t stain my lips for the minutes they were left on. But this one had a very tiny bit after removal. It wasn’t one of those big staining types.

This is called #Matinée. It’s a creamy shade I wish had come out before I saw Star Wars The Last Jedi. I don’t go to movie theaters often. But since this is called matinée and designed for a life story. It would have been a perfect moment to wear it. This is a beautiful shade, not one I usually go for. But it’s something I see myself being comfortable some days wearing.

I love this one! It’s called #GoldenGate. It’s a unique matte shade of purple that usually I feel like I can’t pull off. Even though I have a shade similar to this in Revlon’s Ultra HD Gel Lip Color and Maybelline’s Vivid Matte liquid lipsticks, I still love this shade and feel like it’s a wearable one I can feel comfortable in even more than the Revlon’s Blossom and Maybelline’s Vivid Violet.

Berries all around the packaging, you could say it’s #Berry-licious! And that’s exactly what it’s called. I thought this cream shade would be more bolder looking. I think because it’s not a matte, the pigmentation isn’t too out there for me. It’s a comfortable looking deep berry shade that I could pull off daily. I used to wear these bold shades often. But nowadays I’ve been sticking to lighter shades and often times feel weird about going back to the bolder darker side. I think this is a nice transition back to it whenever I feel in the mood for a daily darker shade.

This nice pinky shade is called #DesertTrip. I wore this today feeling like I was lost on a deserted island. I’ve been feeling down and this shade spoke to me this morning.

A lady in Sephora asked me if I owned any of these #LipStories. She was with her mom and looking into purchasing makeup. I told her I had purchased some yesterday and came back today for more. I mentioned Desert Trip on my lips and she went off calling her mom about the lipsticks. You can’t beat $8 on a high end store even if the packaging is a bit flimsy… cardboard and plastic… it’s worth it when the product is two thumbs up and the packaging is gorgeous!

After placing this shade on for a picture to add to this review, I found this shade stained my lips. I had to rub my lips with the wipes several times until I was satisfied with the removal amount. The stain wasn’t horrible, but I needed it gone for the next shades.

I bought this #NoCellService without trying it. I’m sure if I tried it I would have placed it back. I’m glad I purchased it. Metal shades are usually not my go-to because it’s out of my comfort zone. I like this one. However, I find most of these metals are just packed with glitter. I had glitter fall out with this and another one. I’m not used to of metals, therefore, I feel like I can’t talk about the amount of glitter and what a real metallic lipstick looks like. But I’ve seen YouTube gurus mention about the cheaper metal products having more glitter in it. I find this one does, but I’d still wear it. It’s not horrible and the amount of glitter isn’t a lot compared to Rani Cosmetics Sparked Dazzling ones I reviewed before. These are more tolerable… but I’d still need a special occasion to wear them or use them as a topper on the daily ones to add some uniqueness.

I have to say this shade, #IceBreaker is awesome and I truly love it! It’s one of the shades I have tried on from other companies and am like OMG NO! TOO MUCH! A red flag, beeping “May Day! May Day!” always happens when I place a shade like this. I even have a similar on in Smashbox’s liquid Lip Pigments and still have a hard time with it. This shade is amazing. It is a metal. I don’t see a lot of glitter fall out with this one when applying on my lips, but I know there’s glitter. I don’t know what it is with this specific shade, but it makes me feel happy and like, “Wow!” It’s one of those I feel like I can pull off daily… yet, look at it… it’s a metal purple.

I like it. I actually tried the blue one that was right after this shade. Immediately, I was like, “No way!” I was taken back by it. I preferred this one. I may get the blue seeing I want to complete the collection; however, it will take some months. Maybe for Halloween if the shades are still available, I’ll use that as an excuse to get that and the other crazy colors. They did have a green shade too, which I actually liked, but not as much as this purple and I figured purple I can get away with as daily more than green. They also had a white, black, and some lighter purples, minty green shades I guess. They had so many shades. If you’re picky on shades best bet go to a Sephora store and try them on. Otherwise just order online and pray you’ll love them. I’m sure whatever you order you’ll love at least most of all of them.

And the final lipstick from this collection I currently own…

#FestivalLights. Does this picture show a fake surprise? Because I was really shocked how this looked on me. I never swatched this at the store. I just chose it after swatching another shade that had metal red with glitter (looked similar to Rani Cosmetics’ Hindi and Bhindi, but not so glittery). I don’t do well in front of cameras when it comes to any facial looks. So, pardon that.

Focusing on the lipstick itself, that metal shade is awesome and I love it and I would love to wear it often whenever I get the chance. But omg did it have glitter fall out when I removed it in the end. That one and No Cell Service. Those two had more fall out than Ice Breaker. Still, they aren’t that bad!

One shade in this collection I swatched, Fire Side, reminds me of Tarte’s Toasted eyeshadow palette. I believe this shade will do wonders with that palette. It’s an awesome addition to create a campfire look.

I love these lipsticks. The only down side I have is my fear of pushing too hard when opening them. Because the packaging is made of cardboard and plastic… I feel like the cardboard one is breakable or smashable.

Yesterday, I went to open these for the first time and one of them would not cooperate. I had to literally press a little more harder to open it. I pressed and felt the cardboard pushing inward a little. I immediately thought I was going to break it and I probably Almost. But thank God, I didn’t. The packaging and pigmentation of the products are very beautiful and for the price, these lippies are Extravagant (so two thumbs up!).

Anyways, tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve. What are you all doing? If you love makeup, what will you be wearing for the next two days? Will you be buying any of these #LipStories and creating memories with them? I think you should. A shade or two might get you hooked… or not. It’s worth a try!

Practicing Cat Look for Halloween

… my nose looks like a cow nose.

Prompt: Subdue

Today, is a rather Subdued kind of day. I can’t shake this feeling I have felt since last September.

No matter what I do, I feel like a failure. Useless. Worthless. No one needs me.

I spend my money because the only place I can roam off to, if not home, is the shopping centers. Squander every dollar, every penny.

Somehow, I have not touched my emergency funds envelope I started this month for a class I’m taking.

An African American lady yelled at me- how I’m blocking the whole damn street- in her own words. She almost hit my car to make me reverse. Stubborn me just honked my horn not moving. Was I right? Was I wrong? Maybe that was a battle I should have walked away from.

But this is why I stayed. I sat there waiting for a parking space for like 5 minutes. I turned the correct way where the arrows show entrance. She just comes from the opposite side and knows I’m there. The lady walking knew I was there.

Yet, this lady in the car decides to ask her if she could have that parking space.

I felt invisible. I felt hurt. Why do people have to be so rude? And then she has the nerve to call me rude for I’m entering the area correctly and waiting patiently for a parking space when she’s coming from the other end and saying I’m blocking the street. I wanted to tell her lady, this is not a street. But I decided not to.

Estée Lauder/Estée Edit Mattified Lipsticks!

Hello all. Just received some lipsticks from the mail that I purchased few days ago. I only purchased four of the shades. After trying black and orange color together in the store today, I was a bit upset I didn’t get the black, however, I did some playing around with all the shades- mixing them together. I have to say, it’s pretty fun playing around with them!

There are 12 shades in The Estée Edit Mattified Lipstick collection, two Lip Flip shade transformers (black and yellow), and 6 shades in The Barest.

Today, I will only be reviewing Mattified Lipsticks. I did try Barest Lipstick (forgot shade) and loved it on me, which usually doesn’t happen when it comes to nude/bare shades.

Also, I tried the black today at Sephora with the orange shade (Killin’ It). I loved the shade it brought on my lips! It was the perfect orange shade I been searching for, which is why I was upset with myself in not buying the black!

Sephora Makeup Artist suggested Marc Jacobs Rei of Light (212) as a similar shade to what Killin’ It and Black created. Marc Jacobs lipstick cost $30. Though expensive, it was a beautiful, creamy, perfect orangeish-red shade- not too bright, not too dark. Something nice to try that’s not a bright orange like all the others I have tried before.

But onto Estée Edit’s Mattified Lipsticks! Ready?

I love the packaging. Each lipstick packaging is white with black font, The Estee Edit signature and a spray painted effect on the left corners of the box.

On the opening of the box, each shows the shade and their shade name. This will help avoid confusion when looking for that color or shade name at the store and/or at home when it’s in its box.

Also, look at their bullets. They are so gorgeous in their silver and blue spray painted colors! Each bullet does feel a little heavy in the weight. On the bottom of each, the name of the collection, shade, and number are shown.

All four shades I purchased. Picture below was after I did some swatches and playing by mixing colors together (that is why the orange looks slightly used on its tip).

These lipsticks I find feel a bit dry, but not drying on the lips. I didn’t wear these all day to get the full effect of these lipsticks. I tried each on to get the feel of how each applied on my lips and how each felt.

I did find one a bit patchy, another did not seem to be opaque on lips, but maybe it’s because I’m not familiar with that lipstick. However, using my fingers to blend the color all over the lips did help.

Killin’ It applied creamy with a dryness that didn’t dry out the lips. Did not apply patchy on my hands. The first one to swatch and first to surprise me on how easily it applied and the pigmentation shown on my arms.

However, when applying to my lips, some areas didn’t look opaque. When I swept my hands around to blend the color on my lips it looked better.

This lipstick was removed with Bite Beauty’s lip wipes- individually packaged in a nice Bite bag that includes a mirror. I purchased the 10 individually wrapped wipes for $12. The lipstick removal was quick, simple, and easy and left no stain.

Marooned was the first Mattified I tried on at the store and loved. It was the one that made me want to try more. I love this color and it suits me on a shade I daily wear. It’s not too dark, however, you can darken it with the Lip Transformer in black if needed or lighten it up with yellow, as well. This one applied just like Killin’ It. Compared to Killin’ It, I found this one went more opaque.

Removing was again easy and quick using the Bite’s lip wipes. My lips did not feel drying while wearing the lipstick and after removing it.

ABT Last Night swatched patchy out of the four I have. Had to apply one more layer.

However, it wasn’t that bad when applying on lips. It didn’t look as opaque as Marooned. The feel of the texture wasn’t as smooth and creamy applying. Still, this shade isn’t bad. I love the color and would still wear it.

Removal was easy just like the others and left no stain.

Surprisingly, this shade, The Storm, did not go on patchy as the ABT Last Night. Why did I get this? It’s unique. I tried Midnight Blue shade from Make Up For Ever, but that didn’t seem to call me. This shade, however, did. It’s blueish-greenish-teal-colored shade literally was why I wanted it.

I wouldn’t wear this one by itself daily, maybe for halloween I can work this into my makeup. But I did love playing with this shade. Mixing it with others was fun and some of those shades made me think I can work this into a daily wear.

I failed at the crazy eyes! LolI looked down on this picture to hopefully show you that Jaded colored line on my top line. Did you notice? It’s rather faint. But I wanted to point out, I didn’t buy it yet, but plan on it.

At Sephora today, I tried this on. It’s from Estee Edit The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick. I like this liner. It was very easy to apply and very smooth! There was no tugging. The bottom waterline has the purple shade (on other pictures), Violet Taboo. I am very surprised that it hasn’t smudged, creased, patched, or faded! This is why I wanted to show you this shadowstick! All liners I try wear off quickly leaving spots or faded areas.

Each lipstick and the shadowsticks sell for &22. They are Estée Lauder’s modern take to makeup. All of these I love so far. They are fun to mix for a different shade, too!

The only stain I had when my creative side was done playing was on my fingers! I had to be careful not to touch my back of my phone cause the sticker on the case started getting some color transfer. Also, when turning off the lights, due to transferring on the nice white areas.
Other than that, I had fun with these lipsticks and I hope to purchase the black to play with the shades even more.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara with Keratin

I ordered Avon’s Mega Effects Mascara; mainly because it says it has keratin and I thought keratin is good. Also, just look at it. It looks like a paint brush. It’s like painting your lashes! Today, I decided to give it a try after work.

Watching a YouTube video on it, this one YouTuber said if there’s too much product on the brush it can cause clumping. This is why I wanted to try before wearing for work or outings. I wanted to see if it’ll clump my lashes together. I really don’t like clumping.

Removing the paint brush from the container, the tips I tried removing excess in the tube. Then, I tilted the brush a bit and applied to my lashes. It did cause clumping at times. But I was able to separate them by using side to side motion. I found this very easy to apply.

This mascara felt wet. Before I decided to remove it, my lashes didn’t feel too bad. I feel this is buildable. But because it is wet, before applying another layer I have heard its best to wait until it is almost dry to complet Lt dry. I applied two coats in the picture below. Normally, I don’t apply mascara on my lower lashes. I just blink and some of the excess from the top lashes transfers to the bottom. Therefore, I didn’t place any on my bottom lashes.

Mega Effects Mascara is sold for $10 and is on sale currently for $5.99. This Mega Effects Mascara with Keratin is on sale for $7.99.

I have to say, I am really excited to try this mascara again! This time for an all day-er. Most of the mascaras I try don’t separate as easily as this one. I end up getting a black spot somewhere trying to separate the clumps or making my lashes look worse. What do you all think?

Pixi Eyes

Hello everyone. Happy Sunday!

Today’s look, I decided to use the Pixi by Petra eyeshadow palette. Along with that palette, I used Clinique’s Kajal eyeliner in Blackened Blue and the Flutter-to-Full mascara.
Today is my first full day trial with CoverGirl’s BB Cream I purchased yesterday. Top it all off with Maybelline’s Color Jolt in Berry Naughty.