2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

Hey everyone, how are you?

Throughout this year and previous years, I have been struggling with keeping blogs. One thing I hope for next year is that blogging becomes a habit for me or something I, at least don’t give up on.

November is ending soon and Christmas will soon be here. Another year will come to an end; another chapter book closed; a new one to open.

Usually at this time, people begin to think of things they want done or to do next year. Goals that either get swept under the rug or try-fail-succeed. A list easy to create; yet, not-so-easy to accomplish.

I, like them, have created this list time and time again. I, like some, have failed tremendously. I, like the few, have swept them under the rug. A list once made forgotten as the new year unfolds.

Every year when I make this list, I always write the same things- lose 30 lbs, read one book a month, write more, pray more, etc, etc. To me, it’s never heartfelt; rather, it’s everyone’s making this list, why not I? Then, I sit down to make it only to find an empty brain.

My stupid brain voided of all the things I can accomplish next year. My brain should be on cruise control. It should be ecstatic by now. A year is coming to an end! A new beginning is underway! But no, it’s not.

In fact, my brain is running the complete opposite right now. It’s dragging. Time’s ticking rather slowly with me on sleep mode. And so, I watched YouTube videos to hype my brain of the new year that’s coming (whether or not my brain’s intent).

And now, here is my

New Years Resolutions:

1. Travel more.

2. Using Digits app, save money.

3. Declutter my makeup.

4. Purchase makeup only when: needed, sale, or after October when Christmas gift sets come out.

5. Read one book a month.

6. Write for thirty minutes a day.

7. Revamp my WordPress blog.

8. Pay off my debts.

9. Set aside money for a car.

10. Clean my room.

11. Declutter my room.

12. Focus on BALANCE.

13. Watch YouTube videos other than makeup reviews, swatches, tutorials… etc.

14. Pray more.

15. Have more of God and I time.

16. Think of going back to school.

17. Follow my Low Nickel and GERD diets.

18. Follow and cross off as many as I can on this list.

19. Find inner peace.

20. One a day poems or lyrics.

21. Learn about poetry again.

22. Learn about cosmetics and how it’s used (only time to watch on YouTube).

23. Wash and clean my car at least once a month.

24. Declutter my trunk and keep it that way!

25. Eat less out and more at home.

26. Learn and keep sautéing.

27. Eat healthy.

28. Love myself.

29. Focus on the present.

30. Be more positive.

Prompt: Minimal

Well now, last Monday began first day of spring. This week art has been running through my head. For some reason, my brain is excited for spring. It’s coming up with paint art ideas even on days we don’t have art.

Two days ago we did a butterfly art inspired by a teacher in an older class I worked in last week. She had placed paint on a paper as an example and showed the older class a butterfly. They decided they wanted to draw or cut one out, then paint. So, I took her’s for prek since teacher I work with is always looking for “easy” “quick” art. The kids enjoyed it but theirs did not look like a butterfly. One sort of did. Most looked like bugs or leaf, etc.

Yesterday, I decided to use paint again and this time paint their hand. They loved that! Minimal products for a creative, fun activity the teacher can’t say no to. Well, I’ll be painting hands individually; so, I think there will be some problems of the other kids waiting. To me, that’s no problem at all. Just do a game with them or a coloring page and they’ll stay occupied until their name is called.

Yesterday wasn’t art day. But I got the paint all ready for it. Instead they colored a Papa John’s picture. If their parents turn it in to the one addressed on the page, they’ll get a pizza for 2.99, I think. I thought a free pizzas for the kids who turn it in. But nope! Oh, well.

I’m still thinking of art to do. It’s the easy quick and minimal materials that’s tricky.


Happy New Year all! New year, new you. That’s always what I hear each year. Weight Watchers ads for losing weight is currently running in between shows. I received one in mail a few days before 2016 had ended. I used to join it (2-3 times). Then I realized I am always going to fail at it. Although, I did reach losing ten pounds the last time I joined. That was a major achievement for me!

Yesterday, the last day of 2016, I weighed myself. I don’t usually do that. Judging by the result, I probably shouldn’t have. In 2014, I kept my weight around 150’s. Based on my height to weight ratio that’s not good. At times my weight would spiral upwards and downwards, but I managed to keep it around 150’s; rather than constant gaining.

After two weeks of holiday eating, I weighed myself yesterday to find I gained. I am now 165 pounds. That hit me by surprise because I thought I would be in 150’s. Honestly, I don’t know why I thought that. If I’m 150 and keep eating junk, I should be gaining.

It’s not like I took care of myself. I ate sugary foods, drank coke, digested foods containing heavy nickel. I’m allergic to nickel (metal and food). I am on a low nickel diet as of December 2014. But I keep failing on it.

When I first was told about my nickel food allergy, there were barely any articles. Last year there were a ton more blogs about it. With my body worn out on how I treated it, I have decided I need to make a change this year. I need to stay on my low nickel diet. That’s what I need.

Every new year I write take care of my health or lose weight for my resolutions. This year, it’s not only going to be about losing weight, but really trying to eat a low nickel diet.

I can take Allegra or any other allergy pills when I eat something I’m allergic to. But last year I realized Allegra can only help me if I do my part. If I keep taking Allegra to fight off an allergy I keep putting in me, eventually, Allegra will wave its white flag forfeiting and my allergy symptoms will win the war. 

So this year I have decided to try my best to follow my low nickel diet. It will be a struggle, but knowing there’s more articles on it and others going through the same thing helps. It sheds a light on a better year in maintaining my nickel allergy.

Do you or anyone you know have nickel allergy? What’s yours or their experience? Maybe we can bounce ideas off one another, or help each other. What are some of your New Years resolutions or goals?

Happy new year!

Prompt: Graceful

Last few weeks, watching the kids play, I been noticing certain girls wanting to teach dance to their friends. They come and tell me how no one wants to play with them. To which I ask, “Did you even ask them to play?” Their response, “No.” Then, I tell them how I can’t help them when they didn’t try. I tell them they need to ask because no one can read their minds. Sometimes they run away asking, other times they stand there looking confused. Kids.

One day I asked them what are they planning on playing because when I suggest some kids to ask to play with, they say no, they don’t want to ask them. They look embarrassed or weirded out in asking those kids (mainly the boys). The girls tell me excitedly they are dancing. And they need two more two teach it.

I’ve seen two of the girls when they teach dancing, they are very picky about how their classmates are standing. If their classmate moves from that position, the girls would immediately go back to them and move them to the correct position.

It’s not just the younger age group of girls dancing, it’s also a few of the older girls; however, the older kids don’t get as picky on positions and move their friends to the position they are telling.

I watch how the kids turn so gracefully and sway to a tune in their heads. The older kids hum the tune sometimes. The younger kids, most of them don’t. If you ask them to sing a song, some of the kids in the younger age go quiet. A lot of them don’t like the spotlight and yet, they’ll dance right there in front of everyone.

It’s fun watching the kids have fun. They do work all morning in the classroom and their routine is about the same everyday- it can get rather boring. Play time they can run around outside, climb on the jungle gym or the monkey bars for the older kids. They can express themselves.


Elementary Education

Hey all. Who has an Education degree? Who likes working as a teacher? I want to go back to college for Elementary Education. But I feel like I messed up financially and am not so confident I’d make it through.

If you are a teacher or have been, what advice can you give? I been working with Daycare/private schools. I currently work with 3.5-5.5 year olds and for one hour (unless requested), I watch older kids- that time they are mostly playing.

I get most of the kids to listen. The previous daycare I was able to get a kid to draw something for art when he refused to and the other teacher gave up. That’s what I find I mostly do. I try to question the kids and find some way to motivate them. He was 11 years old. He loved history. For art, they were told to draw anything. He sat there. I asked him to draw. He told me no and was irritated when I questioned him and tried motivating him to draw.

I did get frustrated at first. But I took a step back. Then, I asked him what his favorite character is in a movie or tv show. Something to start up a conversation that would find what he’s interested in because at that point asking what’s his interest led to I can’t draw! response.

I forget the character he told me. I told him to draw that. He responded he can’t and I said try. He still said it.

So I showed him some drawings by his friends around him, some were great others were not so much but it was their work and they tried. I told him some can draw, others may not. All I asked was for him to try. I showed him his friends work saying this person may not have known how to draw this, but they tried. He still kept saying he can’t.

I don’t remember what I said that got him to draw. But in the end he felt happy and even showed me his drawing. In my head, all I could think was I got him to draw- an 11 year old kid who had no desire whatsoever to make even one single line on his paper.

He’s the same kid that started talking more to me. Telling me he likes history. He’d used to tell me what he learned about history and I’d listen. He knew when he could talk about those things- like when we are sitting at the table playing, but not in a group when it’s time for learning.

I remember how he annoyed the other teacher because he’d interrupt her a lot during her circle time. But when I had to do circle time, he’d listen. I made it clear to them there’s a time for talking and a time for listening.

That moment last year during summer classes, I realized maybe I can be a teacher to older kids. I remember when he came to visit after he left that daycare because he was too old for it, he ran up to me to say hi. This is the same kid who said he won’t miss any of his teachers in the daycare when he leaves. This is the same kid I annoyed a lot because I didn’t give him what he wants all the time like the other teacher. I did that to all his friends. I was strict, but not too strict. At least, I tried. I try not to be friends with the kids, but I realized even though they are 5-11 year olds, they still need interaction.

This private school I started working in February this year, I try to interact with the kids by playing basketball with them. This I know got two kids who used to go there entertained and playing nicely with their other friends. Those two boys wanted to play a basketball game but we can’t. They were very upset. They didn’t like the standing in line throwing the ball one at a time. Not until I threw the ball in. Their new game was to try and get to 10 before me. What’s cool is more kids began playing some days, too.

I really want the education degree, but I’m scared I’ll give up on it. I already did at my previous college back in PA. If it happened once, it could happen again. With all the debt I put on myself, I think the education degree is a far reach.