Rani Cosmetics: Lassi

This is Lassi in is thin application. I am loving this shade! And my first blog post I had said I felt the griny-ness of the shimmer. I do not feel it with this applied like this. Maybe it was the first application or the way I applied it that made more shimmer on my lips so that it would feel griny? I don’t know.

Rani Cosmetics

Hi all. One of my favorite Youtuber’s had recently launched a new makeup line. Currently, she is selling lipsticks only. She is an Indian. She named her makeup company Rani, which means queen. She believes everyone should feel like royalty and be empowered and confident when applying and wearing lipstick.

Her name is Eshani and her YouTube ID is TotalMakeupJunkie101. She loves reviewing makeup, especially lipsticks. Her very first makeup launch was Sparked Dazzling Lipstick line.

Sparked Dazzling reminds Eshani of fireworks in the night sky. These lipsticks are not matte shades. They have shimmer. They go very well with Medium to tan skin. However, she has tested these on fair and others and they all feel it is wearable. These lipsticks are cruelty and vegan free. They are made in America.

They are priced at $18, which is pricey; however, these lipsticks were not made with cheap ingredients and the shimmer in these are not cheap glitter. For the work she put into designing or lipstick, tube, and the packaging, I feel $18 isn’t too bad.

This line of lipsticks consist of six shades- nude, pink, red, orange, brown. and a deep vampy purple. They each have their own unique scent. But the scent is neither overpowering nor overwhelming.

One lipstick is called Lassi. Lassi is a vibrant, red-orange base with gold and pink shimmer. Lassi in Indian is a mango smoothie. So Lassi lipstick has a mango scent to it.


Latte is a chocolatey brown shade with a subtle violet and blue shimmer. Latte has a chai latte scent to it. I feel this is more daily wearable for me. It doesn’t show much glitter on my lips when I tried it compared to Lassi and Bindi (red shade). This did not feel too griny when pressing my lips together.


Bindi is the third lipstick I purchased out of the six shades. It is a classic medium red shade with pink and gold shimmer. Bindi has a strawberries and cream scent.


These three I purchased were sent in a beautiful purple evenlope.

The delivery didn’t take long. I ordered this on April 9th and just received it today, April 13th a day earlier than the original delivery date.

It also came with an invoice. My address is hidden by the three lipsticks packaging.

Each lipstick packaging has a nice holographic design with Rani inscribed in a pink aluminum foil. On one side is a sticker shaded in the lipstick color along with its name.

Opening up the package to reveal the lipsick tube, you will see the lipstick tube resemble NARS’ in some ways. NARS’ is more rubbery. These tubes are not rubbery and they are not black. They are white; however, she did not make it rubbery because that can get dirty on the black tube (so imagine a dirty white tube).

The other three shades are:

Tattoo, which is the nude of the bunch. It is a universal pinky-nude with pink shimmer. It has a subtle caramel cream scent.

Syrup is a fuschia-pink base with a subtle rose scent.

Last but not least, Eclipse is a dark vampy purple shade, which flatters every skin tone. It has a subtle coconut scent.

To apply, they say prep your lips by exfoliating and moisturize. In order for a sheer look, apply a thin layer. Add more for full, intense color.

If you would like to purchase all six shades, you can for $99. I just purchased three to start off.

Lassi I got because of the mango scent and wanting to see if that orange will flatter my skin tone since I hear it’s supposed to flatter all. Latte I bought for the scent chai latte and thinking it might be a good daily wear for me. Bindi I purchased thinking I wanted to try the red-orange shade.

As for the shimmer, if you’re used to matte/cream shades without shimmer, you may feel a little uncomfortable wearing the shimmer. When your lips press together you may feel them. Also, I felt the Bindi and Lassi had too much shimmer. The shades are flattering, but the shimmer can be a bit too much for those not used to it.

The only lipstick I have with shimmer is from Kat Von D. Mercy is a nice garnet shade with a hint of shimmer. When wearing that one, I tolerated it more than these. I didn’t feel the shimmer as much as I do with the Rani lipsticks. However, when using it a lot, eventually, the lipstick in the bullet when applied felt griny. I am not sure if Rani lipsticks will do the same.

I feel like Rani’s is not as drying as Kat Von D’s, which is good if you’re the type who dislikes drying formulas or just need the moisturization.

As for the shades, I will definitely wear Latte. However, the other shades, I want to try adding a thin layer for a subtle sheer look. Otherwise, it will be out of my comfort zone. I feel Lassi and Bindi are more for parties when in full intensity. I am unsure of its sheerness.

Would I purchase more? I have my mind set on purchasing the only nude shade Tattoo. However, I will not splurge right away. I also want to try the Eclipse. Syrup is one I’m iffy because of its fuschia pink color, which I usually feel is too much for me.

I hope Eshani comes out with more lipsticks soon- more nonshimmer cream/matte shades. I can’t wait to see what’s in store with her eyes/face makeup. But overall, I really like Latte and I would support her new makeup line when I can.

Eshani’s passion for makeup is shown in her YouTube videos. Her reviews are honest. I am very glad she opened her new store Rani Cosmetics. How she put so much thought and details into her line is something not a lot of businesses do. For more information on her new lipstick launch, visit her YouTube TotalMakeupJunkie101 or Rani Cosmetics site.

Prompt: Minimal

Well now, last Monday began first day of spring. This week art has been running through my head. For some reason, my brain is excited for spring. It’s coming up with paint art ideas even on days we don’t have art.

Two days ago we did a butterfly art inspired by a teacher in an older class I worked in last week. She had placed paint on a paper as an example and showed the older class a butterfly. They decided they wanted to draw or cut one out, then paint. So, I took her’s for prek since teacher I work with is always looking for “easy” “quick” art. The kids enjoyed it but theirs did not look like a butterfly. One sort of did. Most looked like bugs or leaf, etc.

Yesterday, I decided to use paint again and this time paint their hand. They loved that! Minimal products for a creative, fun activity the teacher can’t say no to. Well, I’ll be painting hands individually; so, I think there will be some problems of the other kids waiting. To me, that’s no problem at all. Just do a game with them or a coloring page and they’ll stay occupied until their name is called.

Yesterday wasn’t art day. But I got the paint all ready for it. Instead they colored a Papa John’s picture. If their parents turn it in to the one addressed on the page, they’ll get a pizza for 2.99, I think. I thought a free pizzas for the kids who turn it in. But nope! Oh, well.

I’m still thinking of art to do. It’s the easy quick and minimal materials that’s tricky.

Kat Von D’s Limited Edition Palette: Serpentina

I had very little fall out because I removed the excess before applying. Usually, there’s a lot more fall out with her previous palettes I have tried due to not removing excess.

My eyes have a slight irritation after applying. I am hoping I don’t get allergies with these eyeshadows. It’s so cute and jewel toned, which I’ve been wanting. It’s easily blendable, too! I was amazed by that because I suck at applying eyeshadows.

Kat Von D’s Limited Edition Serpentina Palette

Inspired by the essence of Egypt and the original pioneering woman herself, Cleopatra, Kat Von D brings forth 8 magnificent highly pigmented, Jewel-toned shades in her brand new Serpentina palette.

This 8 shade palette, plus a loose pigment sells for $45 (net weight 8×1.1g/8×0.04oz). It has shades of matte, shimmer,  and pearl finishes. Additionally, this palette comes with a jar of gold loose pigment named Prophet, which is Kat Von D’s first ever loose pigment.
This gold loose pigment is veratile. Can be combed through lashes and brows or mixed with primer for a nice highlight. It also can be patted over your favorite Everlasting Lipstick.

These 8 shades are formulated with KVD’s signature triple-milled, super pigmented formula for instant opaque payoff and silky blendability. This palette is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

The only color that wouldn’t show great on my skin was Prophet, the gold, loose pigment. However, because it’s loose, I was afraid to get it all over my bed; therefore, didn’t get a lot on my finger when swatching. The rest of the 8 shades are very nice and opaque. Sometimes had to apply more to get more pigment. But it is buildable. Only drawback, I feel like it is one the excess amount will go all over my eyes. This makes me think it could get a bit messy if I forget to take the excess off the brush before applying.

The design of the palette is so cute. When opening, I get nervous because I feel like I will ruin it with my nails. When closing the lid, closes like a magnet.

I just received this today, so I haven’t worn the shades to say how long they will last on the eyes. I may try at least one or two of the shades tomorrow, if I can get a nice work look with it. This palette reminds me of Autumn, which is why I wanted it. I love Autumn. And Autumn will be coming soon.

Lorac Pro

After three or four years passing by this palette and deciding between it and Naked or Kat Von D, etc. I finally said yes to it! And… I’m very glad I did.

This palette contains 16 eyeshadows- half mattes, half shimmer.

The palette is about $45, so it’s a little less pricier than Naked palettes. It is thin and easily fitting bags when traveling. Not too heavy weight.


Matte– White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, and Black.

Shimmer– Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, and Slate.

Why I finally chose this palette?

I chose this palette mainly for three reasons:

1. I did not find Bismuth Oxychloride in their ingredients list. I have heard this is a Nickel releaser. I wanted to know if this will irritate my eyes.

2. Garnet shade. I wanted that garnet shade so bad!

3. I wasn’t satisfied with the Too Faced Natural Matte palette and wanted more colors than neutral brown tones. Lorac Pro gave more variety in color. I could have gone with the Too Faced Chocolate, but there were some shades in that palette I was iffy about. There are a lot on here I like more.

Too Faced palette wasn’t easily blendable for me as this palette was.

Back to Lorac. Lorac Pro is more warmer. The Lorac Pro 2 is more cooler. I don’t have the Lorac 2 to show what the differences are. But researching these two palettes, one is cooler, the other warmer.

Lorac Pro has a little buttery texture. It is very pigmented. The palette comes with a sample of Lorac’s eye primer, which I tried today.

Some say the primer doesn’t blend well. With its silicone texture, the primer is very soft and applied easily on my eyelids. It also blended well for me.

I tried this Lorac on my eyes. Though I am not a pro, I find it was easy to apply and blend these shadows.

Today, I used: Espresso in my crease. I figured my natural hair color has espresso in it, why not try espresso? On the outer corner, I have espresso as well. I tried to make a V-Shape with it. The middle of eyelids, I placed Garnet. I really love this shade. Inner corner, I applied Gold. Lining my eyes with Deep Purple, but I don’t think it showed on the top lash line. It showed a little on bottom when applying. I did place Clinique’s Kajal eyeliner in Blackened Green on both top and bottom lash line. Finally, I applied Bobbi Brown’s Eye Opener mascara in Black on my lashes. This mascara does have Bismuth Oxychloride, but I decided to try it anyways because my previous Smokey mascara by Bobbi Brown did not irritate my eyes. Top this look off, on my lips I applied Tarte’s Tartiest lip liner in Mood Ring and its complementary lip paint in Hangry.

When I went to purchas this from Ulta, they only had three or four palettes left of Lorac Pro in the front entrance. The middle where they keep Lorac cosmetics, Lorac Pro 2 had some, Lorac 3 had few left over, but a lot in the main entrance, and none of Lorac Palette with Lorac cosmetics. The Lorac Pro’s are selling out quickly even though it’s not brand new.

I switched from Naked and Kat Von D palettes to this Lorac Pro 1 because the other two irritated my eyes a lot. I am hoping this palette doesn’t. The color payoff is great and there’s not much fall out, which made it more easy for me to work with this.

Prompt: Express Yourself!

There are many ways people can express themselves. Expressing themselves shows their individual uniqueness, which humans have freedom to do nowadays.

Years ago, people didn’t have much freedom. Big brother would be watching everything. Nowadays, you have the freedom to wear what you want, act the way you do, go where you want. Of course, all this freedom is only if you are using it for good. You can’t slander anyone- that’s not nice.

Some people like to express themselves through their attire. Neon bright colors or some fancy styles. Maybe polka dots. Add jewelry, hat, or a scarf, too.

Some like to write. Are you sad? Happy? Mad? Show it. Prove it in your writing using imagery.

Others like to listen to music. Crocheting, knitting, and sewing are other expressive ways. And others like to draw. Some like to draw, even on their bodies (tattoo, anyone?). All these we can only do because of freedom.

I once read an article. I forget the site. It was talking about how makeup was only for certain people. Not everyone was free to wear it and if certain women did, their men would leave them. How crazy is that? But back in those days, though it may be crazy, it was the law.

Nowadays, some men wear makeup. We have so many makeup companies and youtubers making their own collection. Makeup is a form of expression.

There are many other ways you can express yourself- dancing, singing, telling stories, coloring. The way you talk, the way you walk. The way you smile or frown. The way you laugh, etc. All these and more make you, the individual, a unique being.

How do you express yourself?

Express Yourself!