Prompt: Cringe+Review: Tarte Pout Prep

Hi everyone. Happy Sunday!

My lips tend to dry out quickly. Not even exfoliators could help them. Few months ago, I noticed Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments helped moisturize my lips longer. But those around $24. And if their tinted, I want more shades. But I don’t want to spend that much on a lip balm.

Exfoliators are supposed to help with prepping your lips and I heard it also helps a little with the drying out. I’ve tried so many. From Dior’s expensive Lip Sugar to the cheapest I’ve heard so far E.L.F.’s in their lipstick package. I even tried making my own.

In between those two, I tried Fresh’s Lip Polish and its new wand type. I didn’t like the wand one as much for exfoliating, but it gave a nice glossy finish to my lips. As for the original Lip Polish, it was alright giving it a second try. Back in college I never liked it. Trying a sample again,  it’s ok. I think I’m not into brown sugar for exfoliating though. And I wanted more in an exfoliator.

GlamGlow’s lip scrub was nice and felt similar to Milani’s. However, I Cringe[d] with the taste in my mouth when little pieces found its way inside (YUCK!). I couldn’t tolerate it. Plus, there was something missing in it.

Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Lip Scrub in a pencil/marker packaging was cool to try. But it got really messy. And it didn’t seem to be working on my lips.

Bite Beauty’s both original lip scrub and Agave. Their whipped one was interesting to try. It applied on my lips without any sugar texture- just creamy. I didn’t think it did the job and don’t understand how it’s meant to exfoliate without the granules.

Agave was better than the original. But I couldn’t stand the smell. Is that just me??? Plus, I’m not into brown sugar scrubs (mainly for its smell).

Lush’s homemade lip scrubs that are delicious! They are popular, but I’m not into the dry texture. Plus, I wanted my lips to be conditioned. They just felt dried…. But it tasted so good (especially Popcorn)!

Milani Sweet Sugar Scrub was so sweet and was like putting a really nice desert on my lips. But let’s face it, it just wasn’t for my tastebuds.

E.L.F’s $3 lip scrub in a lipstick packaging is amazing. But breaks off when I use it. And it’s also missing something. But I’d use it if I didn’t keep breaking them.

Now, I’m sure I’m missing some others I have tried. But before this gets any longer, let me introduce to you the exfoliator I have tried and found I love more than all these.

Tarte has come out with another exfoliator called Pout Prep. I tried locating YouTube videos and haven’t found much on it. It retails for $16 and only has two reviews with ratings of 4-5 stars.

I ordered mine with a 15% off discount as a first time customer on their website. I am not new to their company. I’ve been buying their products from Sephora and Ulta.

Pout Prep is a “minty lip scrub and treatment Balm with moisturizing maracuja, shea butter, and exfoliating sugar to gently buff away flakes and treat thirsty lips.”

Both maracuja and shea butter sink deeply into lips to hydrate, firm, and protect from future drying, cracking, and/or chapping.

This product has vitamins C and E, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Carnauba Wax. If you’re not into wax in lip products, this may not be for you as it does contain wax.

When reading about this product, I thought of the $33 Dior Lip Sugar.

This product is designed with concentrated granita texture that gently transforms into a balm as it melts on lips. Both products consider themselves as a balm.

Are these similar? Perhaps in how their designed to be used. But the textures are completely different. You apply Dior’s like a lip balm and the sugar immediately melts onto your lips. Pout Prep’s sugar doesn’t immediately melt away. And you can remove by rinsing it.

I find when using Pout Prep first time, the sugar did melt onto my lips creating a balm like texture. But other times I’d have to rinse it off.

What is/are your favorite exfoliators?

E.L.F.: Eyes, Lips, Face

Hello everyone. For couple years now elf cosmetics has been something I see but not really think of buying. Now, I have tried a few products from the line. My most favorite was an exfoliator in lipstick form and packaging. Sadly, it broke off the bullet and I never purchased another one.

Another product I tried was a lipstain in a marker packaging. I didn’t like it. There were two other products I tried. One, a primer, the other I don’t remember. I think the primer had a silicone texture. These two products I didn’t know whether it did anything for my face. Therefore, I just stopped using it.

Going back to the exfoliator. My mind has been aiming at repurchasing it. The only favorite exfoliator is from Clinique’s macaron collection containing a lip balm and exfoliator for $19.50. The lip balm is not my favorite and the least used. I hit pan on my exfoliator; so, I decided I needed a new exfoliator. That one was too much just for one side being used.

For some time, I been wanting to retry elf exfoliator. That $3 one I used to love until it decided to break apart. I told myself I’d look for it when I go to a store. But rarely did. Guess what?

I found it today at Walmart in their gift set! E.l.f. Lip Exfoliator and Color Set, Prep & Play, 0.16 oz for $4.88. This set comes with an exfoliator in Cherry Tart. I didn’t even know they had different exfoliator, besides the clear original one. Now they have a Mint Maniac and Cherry Tart. After prepping your lips with the exfoliator, this kit includes a nice matte lip color in Wine. I love this shade. I tried these two during the night just to satisfy my curiosity. I am glad I purchased this set.

On Ulta, they say to apply this on clean, dampen lips. When I dampened my lips, I didn’t feel this product exfoliated them. After wiping the water off and trying it again, I felt it exfoliating a little better.

This doesn’t give the slight rough textured feeling like my lips are really getting scrubbed. At first, I thought it’s not doing anything. And wiping it off didn’t leave a mess like my Clinique one does. But after removing the product off my lips, my lips looked less dry and cracked. I didn’t feel like I wanted to peal my lips either.

Applying this Wine colored matte lip product was easy. I love the pencil-like packaging. It reminds me of Bite Beauty’s $24-26 ones. Those are slightly more creamy. But they both do the same job of turning matte after awhile. I haven’t tried this one full day. But trying Bite’s full day, it did leave a nice stain I could work with after five hours. Either I reapplied the lipstick or just put a lip balm over it to moisturize my lips and it lasted the rest of the day. I am hoping this elf one can live up to that.

This feels soft and slightly creamy. It’s not too dark and bold for me. I am happy with this shade and would like to purchase more.

Some other products I hope to try are elf’s eye products- mascara, liquid and non liquid eyeliners, eye primer, and eyeshadows. Also, their blush and bronzer.

I am excited to find this kit and love it so far. I think it’s something I will use daily and not need any other lip products (besides othe shades of these!). I hope their eye makeup can be said the same because in the long run it would be worth it. One high end lipstick could cost $16-20+ bucks. This company’s lipsticks are only $3. You can purchase about 5-6 lip products or other products for that price.

Most of elf products range from $1-15. And if you order online, you can find coupons on saving sites like RetailMeNot for even more savings. In stores, CVS has once in awhile coupons for elf products, too. And with your Walgreens card, if you have enough points saved you can use those to save even more at your local Walgreens store.

Elf products, like all company cosmetic products can be hit and/or miss. One product someone may talk highly about; yet, to another it could be the worst. Some of the products are listed as cruelty and vegan free on Ulta’s description. I do not know if all products are vegan and cruelty free.

Do any of you have a nickel allergy where you should be concerned with makeup and skincare you use? If so, have you tried elf and how has it reacted? Usually, my eyes are are the ones to get irritated when it comes to makeup. That’s how I can tell if I should or not stop using the product. But I wanted to know if anyone else has the same problem and elf results. I hope to try for myself soon. And for the November 25th prompt, I hope I can be Sated enough to use this company’s products more, so that I can save my money.

Have a good rest of your weekend!

Estée Lauder/Estée Edit Mattified Lipsticks!

Hello all. Just received some lipsticks from the mail that I purchased few days ago. I only purchased four of the shades. After trying black and orange color together in the store today, I was a bit upset I didn’t get the black, however, I did some playing around with all the shades- mixing them together. I have to say, it’s pretty fun playing around with them!

There are 12 shades in The Estée Edit Mattified Lipstick collection, two Lip Flip shade transformers (black and yellow), and 6 shades in The Barest.

Today, I will only be reviewing Mattified Lipsticks. I did try Barest Lipstick (forgot shade) and loved it on me, which usually doesn’t happen when it comes to nude/bare shades.

Also, I tried the black today at Sephora with the orange shade (Killin’ It). I loved the shade it brought on my lips! It was the perfect orange shade I been searching for, which is why I was upset with myself in not buying the black!

Sephora Makeup Artist suggested Marc Jacobs Rei of Light (212) as a similar shade to what Killin’ It and Black created. Marc Jacobs lipstick cost $30. Though expensive, it was a beautiful, creamy, perfect orangeish-red shade- not too bright, not too dark. Something nice to try that’s not a bright orange like all the others I have tried before.

But onto Estée Edit’s Mattified Lipsticks! Ready?

I love the packaging. Each lipstick packaging is white with black font, The Estee Edit signature and a spray painted effect on the left corners of the box.

On the opening of the box, each shows the shade and their shade name. This will help avoid confusion when looking for that color or shade name at the store and/or at home when it’s in its box.

Also, look at their bullets. They are so gorgeous in their silver and blue spray painted colors! Each bullet does feel a little heavy in the weight. On the bottom of each, the name of the collection, shade, and number are shown.

All four shades I purchased. Picture below was after I did some swatches and playing by mixing colors together (that is why the orange looks slightly used on its tip).

These lipsticks I find feel a bit dry, but not drying on the lips. I didn’t wear these all day to get the full effect of these lipsticks. I tried each on to get the feel of how each applied on my lips and how each felt.

I did find one a bit patchy, another did not seem to be opaque on lips, but maybe it’s because I’m not familiar with that lipstick. However, using my fingers to blend the color all over the lips did help.

Killin’ It applied creamy with a dryness that didn’t dry out the lips. Did not apply patchy on my hands. The first one to swatch and first to surprise me on how easily it applied and the pigmentation shown on my arms.

However, when applying to my lips, some areas didn’t look opaque. When I swept my hands around to blend the color on my lips it looked better.

This lipstick was removed with Bite Beauty’s lip wipes- individually packaged in a nice Bite bag that includes a mirror. I purchased the 10 individually wrapped wipes for $12. The lipstick removal was quick, simple, and easy and left no stain.

Marooned was the first Mattified I tried on at the store and loved. It was the one that made me want to try more. I love this color and it suits me on a shade I daily wear. It’s not too dark, however, you can darken it with the Lip Transformer in black if needed or lighten it up with yellow, as well. This one applied just like Killin’ It. Compared to Killin’ It, I found this one went more opaque.

Removing was again easy and quick using the Bite’s lip wipes. My lips did not feel drying while wearing the lipstick and after removing it.

ABT Last Night swatched patchy out of the four I have. Had to apply one more layer.

However, it wasn’t that bad when applying on lips. It didn’t look as opaque as Marooned. The feel of the texture wasn’t as smooth and creamy applying. Still, this shade isn’t bad. I love the color and would still wear it.

Removal was easy just like the others and left no stain.

Surprisingly, this shade, The Storm, did not go on patchy as the ABT Last Night. Why did I get this? It’s unique. I tried Midnight Blue shade from Make Up For Ever, but that didn’t seem to call me. This shade, however, did. It’s blueish-greenish-teal-colored shade literally was why I wanted it.

I wouldn’t wear this one by itself daily, maybe for halloween I can work this into my makeup. But I did love playing with this shade. Mixing it with others was fun and some of those shades made me think I can work this into a daily wear.

I failed at the crazy eyes! LolI looked down on this picture to hopefully show you that Jaded colored line on my top line. Did you notice? It’s rather faint. But I wanted to point out, I didn’t buy it yet, but plan on it.

At Sephora today, I tried this on. It’s from Estee Edit The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick. I like this liner. It was very easy to apply and very smooth! There was no tugging. The bottom waterline has the purple shade (on other pictures), Violet Taboo. I am very surprised that it hasn’t smudged, creased, patched, or faded! This is why I wanted to show you this shadowstick! All liners I try wear off quickly leaving spots or faded areas.

Each lipstick and the shadowsticks sell for &22. They are Estée Lauder’s modern take to makeup. All of these I love so far. They are fun to mix for a different shade, too!

The only stain I had when my creative side was done playing was on my fingers! I had to be careful not to touch my back of my phone cause the sticker on the case started getting some color transfer. Also, when turning off the lights, due to transferring on the nice white areas.
Other than that, I had fun with these lipsticks and I hope to purchase the black to play with the shades even more.

Bite Beauty

I have been bitten by bite beauty lip products! Just kidding 🙂

After purchasing Make Up For Ever’s C406 and M501, I decided to return C300 (orange shade) because it did not look good on me at all.

I was looking into lip liners from make up forever, but they were so drying. I tried Clinique’s since I have Licorice one already. I broke the tip due to not exfoliating and applying balm before applying.

I asked a sales lady at Sephora what lip scrubs they sell. She pointed out Fresh’s, which I already tried years ago and was not fond of it. I told her I been using Cliniqu’s. I love Clinique’s! But not loving their lip balm side. My scrub is almost hitting pan and lip balm side still has a lot left.

She suggested Bite’s scrub, saying it’s not as aggressive on the lips as Fresh’s. I decided to try Bite’s.

No, I have not tried it, yet. So, why am I mentioning it? It led me to Bite’s lip products I pass every time I’m at Sephora!

I have an inkling to try their products, but never know which one. Well, today I got the guts to try Aubergine. And I love Aubergine! I love the color and the product itself! This is not drying

The picture I took recently; however the product had been applied about two hours before pic taken.

Bite matte creme lip crayons are $24 each for 0.05oz. They come in 18 different shades. They water-resistant and claim to be long wearing. They are made without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

*Bite products are hand made in Toronto, Canada. Their ingredients are more natural.*