Prompts: Finally+Conversation

Finally, 2017 came to an end. Yesterday marked the end of an era and today begins a new. I woke listening to music, waiting for a call, thinking of tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and my break is over. Busy days ahead with work. Then, I thought of the prompts. I searched for today’s prompt-Conversation.

I’m not good with conversations… or am I? I’m one to believe I’m not. But a few say I am. And I’ve noticed, I can be. Depends.

Watching others converse, I see some who just talks and talks. Whether the words forming means anything or not, they’ll say it. Some say things just to say things. And I have seen conversations where quiet ones find something inspiring- their face lights up and they begin to speak.

Whether in a group or just two people, conversations can be so different. Not one the same. Conversations don’t always have to be spoken. It can be through the arts, singing, poetry, lyrics. It can be seen in nature, watching unwritten stories play out in front of you. It can be body language- sadness on your face while someone gives you a sincere smile that makes your frown turn upside down.

Conversations can also be written in words. Comments on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others, all can form a conversation. Watching a makeup review, a guru reviewing on a makeup you like and you in front of the screen think to yourself (or talk to the screen), “Hey, that’s my favorite, too!” Or, “Yeah, that’s not worth it.” Etc.

Conversations are all around. We are humans. Humans were made to be in groups, not alone. We are made to converse. Conversations express yourself. The way you interact with everyone shows your individuality, your character.

To those who feel you’re not good in conversations, like me, you might need something to spark your mind. If someone tells a story or reviews a book both of you like, it might be the chance your brain decides to give your two cents. But if the conversation is on a topic you’re not interested in or don’t understand, it may just go brain dead. Something will have to ignite that brain of yours to converse. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

There are many ways to have a conversation. I have listed a few. Can you?

Prompt: Awe

Struck with awe in the site of a vast array of birds flying through the cloudless sky, her feet couldn’t move like they were glued to the ground. Her body, though light, kept still like something holding her down. Her hazel blue eyes, cringing from the blinding sun’s rays, holding off a blink as if the awe moment would miss. Her mind ceased to form words. Her tongue, if spoke, would be all tongue-tied. Wonderstruck. An enchanting moment.

That sounds insane, right? How could a flock of birds, even array of them be an awe moment of longing idleness. How absurd! Well, if you were a bird lover and never seen it before it wouldn’t sound completely insane. Or would it? Would a bunch of different birds even gather together, flocking through the sky in a magnificent v-shape or any kind of shape?

Though I like the sight and sounds of birds, I’m not that into them to know. For this prompt, without editing my thoughts, this is what came of the word: awe. Awe… apparently I was thinking of birds. hehe 🙂

*peace&God Bless*



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