Sephora’s Fearless

Hi everyone! How are you?

Sephora is running a charity work (unsure start date). They made a really beautiful shade in a gorgeous red bulleted container similar to its black bullets containing matte and subtle sheen.

This deep berry red shade of lipstick is Rouge cream #100 Fearless.

For every lipstick sold, they will give $10 to Sephora Stands.

When I think of Fearless, I think of Taylor Swift’s Fearless song. I have been wanting a shade called Fearless, but what I have tried would be too bold or bright for me. This feels just right. This shade, I believe is perfect for Autumn season, which is coming soon.

This lipstick is limited edition, but I hope Sephora brings it back after awhile. One sales rep said they will be bringing out other shades as well!

Usually, red shades are too bold for me. I feel like it’s too much for work and daily wear. Few days ago, my mind changed. I’ve been wanting red lips. I found this one, tried it on, and loved it.

This will run you $12.50 (without taxes). They have more shades in black tube, which are not part of the charity. From what I hear, only Sephora stores are selling it. I didn’t find it at JcPennys Sephora and the sales rep at mine had no idea about it.

I wish they had done this for all Sephora’s, JcPenny’s included. But that’s up to them.

I love this lipstick a lot. It’s not too bold, not bright, and makes me comfortable. I feel like I can wear this everyday, even at work, and not be self conscious that I have a popping color on my lips or my head screaming, “MAY DAY! MAY DAY! TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH!

I will be applying this on today and see how it wears. I loved how it wore yesterday, but it was only for a few hours.

Happy Labor Day to all!

Practicing Cat Look for Halloween

… my nose looks like a cow nose.

NARS’s Velvet Lip Glide

Velvet Lip Glide is soft yet strong. Effortless and intense. Polished and provocative. It encourages you not to compromise.

These thirteen NARS Velvet Lip Glide’s are $26 each. Sephora sells a holiday Mind Game Lip Glide Set for $45. This set contains six minis (three cult faves and three limited editions).

Velvet Lip Glides are “high-pigment formula that glides like a gloss, cloaks like a lipstick- and feels like nothing else.”

These lip glides are non sticky, semi-matte without the dryness. NARS’ lip glides are “developed with Oil Infusion Complex, an innovative concentration of precious oils, fused to create a smooth-glide effect. Fully coats lips on contact with smooth, saturated, semi-matte style.

Named for the personal power and play of ’70s counterculture, Velvet Lip Glide shades invoke the era’s new vibe with references to legendary venues and unforgettable attitude.

Mineshaft: Above is mineshaft. This is a bright yellow-red shade that I love. It’s bright for a summertime day. Summer is over, but this color gives you something to hope for. This shade looks more orange on me. At least, it does to me. I love this one. It doesn’t seem patchy or inconsistent when applying. It glides on like NARS claims.La Main Bleue: A rich berry shade. This is the first one I purchased at Sephora store before buying the set and Mineshaft online.

I have worn this one at least two full days. I love this shade. Although it may not last all day for me, it’s easy to reapply at lunch time.Bound: Above and below pictures show a beautiful nude shade called bound. Bound is a soft rose pink on NARS’ site; on Sephora’s as a soft magenta.

Looking at the picture, this shade does not seem too much on me. It looks okay. But off the camera, I feel like this shade does not cover my dark spots on the outer areas of my lips as much as other colors.

No. 675: This shade is one of the three limited edition shades. This is a deep peach shade. Off camera, it looked like a brownish shade on me. I think it was due to the lighting. Overall, I really love this shade.

Chez Claude: I love this shade ever since my first swatch at Sephora store! Chez Claude is a warm pink. Usually pinks are my least favorite to wear on me. La Main Bleue and this are two of my favorites I have tried so far with this product. Chez Claude is another of the three limited edition lip glides.

Unspeakable: Described on Sephora’s site, Unspeakable is a reddish pink. NARS describes it as a Garnet color on theirs. On me, this doesn’t seem to have any pinks. It looks more dark brown with some reddish shade.

Plato’s: This is another favorite shade and it is a limited edition shade. This shade is described as a deep pink. This is another shade of pink I’m loving.

Toy: Toy is described as a deep plum on Sephora; however, on NARS’ site- deep aubergine.

Sephora’s how to use list three ways on applying these lip glides. Apply to bare lips for best color pay off and wear.

For more dramatic look, line the lips with NARS’ Velvet Lip liner for definition. Then, fill in with the lip glide for more intense, semi-matte color.

Blot lips and allow color to set for a few minutes for a sheer look.

Finally, for a stain effect, apply by pressing pigment into lips with the fingertips.

I never liked lip glosses. But this velvet textured lip glide doesn’t feel sticky and too much on my lips. I love the color pay off and that there is more than one way to wear it. There are thirteen shades and three limited edition included in the six mini holiday set. These feel moisturizing. They never make my lips feel dry or cracked/chapped.

This lip glides are semi-matte, as NARS claims; therefore, they do not dry fully matte and transfer can be expected. Depending on which of the three ways you apply it, transfer can range from little to a lot. Read below for the three ways to apply.

Each mini sized lip glides contain 0.12 oz/3.5 mL of product. Full size products contain 0.2 oz/5.9147 mL. The set is $45 and contains six mini. Each individual full size sells for $26.

Bite Beauty

I have been bitten by bite beauty lip products! Just kidding 🙂

After purchasing Make Up For Ever’s C406 and M501, I decided to return C300 (orange shade) because it did not look good on me at all.

I was looking into lip liners from make up forever, but they were so drying. I tried Clinique’s since I have Licorice one already. I broke the tip due to not exfoliating and applying balm before applying.

I asked a sales lady at Sephora what lip scrubs they sell. She pointed out Fresh’s, which I already tried years ago and was not fond of it. I told her I been using Cliniqu’s. I love Clinique’s! But not loving their lip balm side. My scrub is almost hitting pan and lip balm side still has a lot left.

She suggested Bite’s scrub, saying it’s not as aggressive on the lips as Fresh’s. I decided to try Bite’s.

No, I have not tried it, yet. So, why am I mentioning it? It led me to Bite’s lip products I pass every time I’m at Sephora!

I have an inkling to try their products, but never know which one. Well, today I got the guts to try Aubergine. And I love Aubergine! I love the color and the product itself! This is not drying

The picture I took recently; however the product had been applied about two hours before pic taken.

Bite matte creme lip crayons are $24 each for 0.05oz. They come in 18 different shades. They water-resistant and claim to be long wearing. They are made without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

*Bite products are hand made in Toronto, Canada. Their ingredients are more natural.*

Orange :O

Okay, so I bought this orange colored lipstick from Make Up Forever Artist collection at Sephora yesterday. I have no idea why I bought it because that time I wasn’t completely in love with it. I wasn’t in love with any of the oranges I tried on. I didn’t get to try on Kat Von D’s because the makeup artist had dropped it in an area you can’t get it easily.

Anyways, this morning I was thinking, if I had a lipstick made for me what would it be? I was thinking more on orange side- a burnt orange with a bit of red and brownish hues. I don’t know if that would be good on my skin. Either way it would be darker, not brighter like I see most shades.

First, I applied a little of the Make Up Forever Artist Rouge Mat M300 lipstick and used a finger to spread all over (similar to Maybelline’s bitten). I found my Clinique Licorice lipliner and traced my lips. Then, colored my outer areas and some of the inner with that same lipliner. After, I placed my M300 lipstick all over my lips. Lastly, I pressed my lips together in order to mix both the liner and lipstick.


Sephora’s Rebel Chic Matte Lipstick

Well, I wish I heard of this one before! I think it looks good! And I know Sephora’s lipsticks are cheaper than some high end lipsticks I have been trying.

Sephora sample size mini matte lipstick in Rebel Chic does transfer after a minute. I didn’t leave it on all day to see if it will be transfer proof considering I just tried it on. But it does have a nice feel on my lips, not too over drying.