Happy New Year all! New year, new you. That’s always what I hear each year. Weight Watchers ads for losing weight is currently running in between shows. I received one in mail a few days before 2016 had ended. I used to join it (2-3 times). Then I realized I am always going to fail at it. Although, I did reach losing ten pounds the last time I joined. That was a major achievement for me!

Yesterday, the last day of 2016, I weighed myself. I don’t usually do that. Judging by the result, I probably shouldn’t have. In 2014, I kept my weight around 150’s. Based on my height to weight ratio that’s not good. At times my weight would spiral upwards and downwards, but I managed to keep it around 150’s; rather than constant gaining.

After two weeks of holiday eating, I weighed myself yesterday to find I gained. I am now 165 pounds. That hit me by surprise because I thought I would be in 150’s. Honestly, I don’t know why I thought that. If I’m 150 and keep eating junk, I should be gaining.

It’s not like I took care of myself. I ate sugary foods, drank coke, digested foods containing heavy nickel. I’m allergic to nickel (metal and food). I am on a low nickel diet as of December 2014. But I keep failing on it.

When I first was told about my nickel food allergy, there were barely any articles. Last year there were a ton more blogs about it. With my body worn out on how I treated it, I have decided I need to make a change this year. I need to stay on my low nickel diet. That’s what I need.

Every new year I write take care of my health or lose weight for my resolutions. This year, it’s not only going to be about losing weight, but really trying to eat a low nickel diet.

I can take Allegra or any other allergy pills when I eat something I’m allergic to. But last year I realized Allegra can only help me if I do my part. If I keep taking Allegra to fight off an allergy I keep putting in me, eventually, Allegra will wave its white flag forfeiting and my allergy symptoms will win the war. 

So this year I have decided to try my best to follow my low nickel diet. It will be a struggle, but knowing there’s more articles on it and others going through the same thing helps. It sheds a light on a better year in maintaining my nickel allergy.

Do you or anyone you know have nickel allergy? What’s yours or their experience? Maybe we can bounce ideas off one another, or help each other. What are some of your New Years resolutions or goals?

Happy new year!

Kids with Allergies

Those kids with allergies, sitting there unable to eat the cookies or cakes their classmates bring, I feel so bad for them.

One kid we had, she was allergic to MSG and another (GMO?) that I’m not aware of. She was also allergic to a few other foods. We had to check with the front desk if she could eat outside food. Whenever she didn’t get a cake or cookie, she’d cry. I felt bad. She’s only four. Yet, age is no competition to allergies. Allergens don’t care if you’re a baby or above 100 years old.

Another kid we have, from her many list of food allergies, one among them is eggs. She said boiled eggs she can eat. “That’s it.” She nodded her head as she ended with that while answering my question of allergy to egg.

This girl, wanted a cookie so bad. Her classmate brought cookies that day because it was his last day. I think deep down she knew she couldn’t have it but still said yes to the teacher asking her. I questioned the teacher about the eggs. She said, “No, it doesn’t have any.” I looked at the ingredients while she asked the assistant director whether the girl can have one. She asked does she want it? The teacher said yes. The assistant director decided let her have it.

When I told the teacher about egg in it the assistant director already left. The teacher’s response, “She told me to give her because she [the girl] wants it.”

I didn’t want that girl to have an allergy attack and the way she answered the teacher, she wasn’t confident in saying she could have it. I’ve seen her where she can have something and I question her for the allergy. It wasn’t like that answer. It was more of a I want it but I don’t want to say it. Kind of like she’s hiding something.

When she got the cookie though, she didn’t eat it. At least when asking her did she take a piece of it, she said no. She just sat with it. I asked her in a nice way, “You asked for the cookie so you can throw it away?” I didn’t want to make her feel bad. I do that with my nickel allergy when I want a chocolate or something. I sit with it until I finally throw it away or put it away. She couldn’t take it home with her because she was in school. She’s only 4.5 years old. So why make her feel bad about it?

I told her after she told me again about the boiled eggs are the only ones she can have, when baking cookies, the eggs are usually not boiled. That is why I thought she couldn’t have it. She understood. And she threw the cookie away.

My guess is she was thinking she could save it for her little brother. But usually the other teacher says to the kids to throw it away, so I don’t think they save it. Plus, she doesn’t have any lunchbox to hide it in. So, if she forgets to take it ants will go crazy-they already are in the classroom-climbing the walls like mad. One kid’s snack was left open in her cubby. She took it out and found ants already in it.

And that’s why I tell them, close your bags nicely. And that’s why all snacks should be left in the cafeteria.

Food vs Makeup/Skincare Ingredients List

I wish makeup ingredient list was the same as foods ingredient list. Boxes containing foods all have ingredients and are required to post any allergy alerts. I wish makeup did that.

Those tiny hard-to-read ingredients some. How can anyone tell what allergy is in it without researching deeper into it? Not even makeup artist/skincare specialist knows, which is more frustrating. Them and the cashiers have no idea and cannot help you.

Now, there are some (very rare) makeup/skincare specialist and cashiers that would know. They are very knowledgable in the makeup they sell and are very helpful. But it’s like one in a million.

When you have an allergy, food isn’t the only thing that gives out allergies. So why is food the only one required an allergy chart?

Nickel for example. There are people out there, like me moderately-severely allergic to nickel. Nickel has been recently found in foods. However, it is also in makeup. But when asking sales reps and makeup/skincare specialist, more than half of them look clueless and questioningly. They don’t know. I wish they did know so it’s easier and quicker for you to find some products you can try on.

Nickel Allergy Sucks

Ever since being diagnosed with Nickel Sulfate allergy, I have not been throwing up and needing inhaler monthly. I have not seen my Allergist since January this year and don’t need inhaler (both daily and emergency).

But I’ll admit, being on this low nickel diet is like being on a roller coaster. It’s so hard to keep this diet when almost everything I like I have to give up. Some things are in moderation, but even those can make me have an upset stomach.

Anyways, these days I have been failing at it. It started off great in December. Fell apart in January, but didn’t give up. Creeped upward, then downward. All of a sudden I find myself not saying no to chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate cupcakes… Oh the chocolates! They have the highest Nickel. Soy does too.

Soy. The biggest and hardest culprit to avoid when grocery shopping. Every single product out there seems to contain it! My favorite snacks! How can I just give it all up.

And my mind is now like this, some things I can tolerate has soy, other soy products I can’t. Therefore, I can moderate it.

As for chocolate, some days I can handle it. I just gotta eat one or two then give it up for a few weeks. Ain’t no biggy.

Geesh! Afterall that conditioned nonsense mindset I filled my poor mind with, I get sick. Yes, sick with my breathing problems. Sick with congestion and heartburn that visits whenever it feels like (even if I don’t eat). Sick with headaches, fatigue, nausea and wanting to vomit. Waking up around 2am coughing afraid I’ll vomit there. After 6/7 months of not needing the inhalers, my body has caved in. It has had enough. I took my rescue inhaler in the morning and thought to myself, Why in the world do I do this to myself? Why do I make myself sick? Why’s it so hard to follow a Low Nickel Diet?! Questions, but no answers.

Prompt: Elusive

Though the search for a nickel free eye palette may seem elusive, on the contrary, it isn’t impossible.

Hello everyone. How are you? Good morning!

One word of the day- Elusive. My mind has been spinning saddened by knowing I may have to give up my favorite thing to do before work. Something that uplifts me and let’s me be creative and unique…on my face. A form of expression that can make you feel beautiful or as Poppy from Lipstick Queen says Glamorous! Beauty may be an outreach for a lot of us, but glamor is always just around the bend! Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to be glamorous?

I’m not saying makeup is the only way to feel beauty or glam. There are plenty of people out there taking no makeup challenges to feel good about themselves without the added extras.

And I applaud them. I do it sometimes but it’s like an, “I don’t care if there’s no makeup on” moment. Without makeup, it’s not making me smile more. With it, it just gives me the added boost and I feel more confident. I feel more professional, too depending how I did my makeup that day for work.

After a student noticed one day I had no eyeliner on, I been feeling a bit weird not putting it on.

But anyways, for people with nickel allergies. I have a very strong allergy to nickel. I had known this from when I was very young- only by metal in necklaces and earrings (not bracelets!) did I react. And if left on, I would have asthmatic moments.

My allergy specialist here did not know of this because I never brought it up. I just stay away from that. I didn’t know it could have helped in figuring out why every month since I moved to Tx, I’d be throwing up and needing an inhaler more often.

Culprit- NICKEL SULFATE! hehe

It took him two years to figure it out mainly because the year before I had requested but failed to do a chemical testing. It was the only testing I hadn’t done. But I placed my job over my health first like one coworker told me in the previous job. She used to say I need to put myself before the job. And that was true. But when you’re a teacher being called come in early or stay later last minute without being asked, it’s somewhat hard to say no or I can’t and just accept it.

The allergy specialist believes because my nickel allergy is so strong, I have to eat a nickel free diet. What does this have to do with makeup? It’s nickel. Everything contains nickel. Even food. SUPRISE!

Anyways, back to nickel in makeup. He thought the reaction I was getting from certain makeup was minor and to stay away from it. It may have had Quaternium 15, a weak allergy I have. That is a formaldehyde releaser.

I looked for makeup without Quaternium 15 and tried finding different variations of its name. But a lot of my palettes didn’t, yet, my eyes were still irritated.

Problem: I don’t think that’s the only culprit when I started looking into makeup ingredients.

Because my nickel allergy is strong, I am trying to go nickel-free.

It’s always you, Nickel!

I never was told what to look for in makeup because my allergy specialist thought it wasn’t a huge concern. Researching last January, I couldn’t find much on what to look for. Yesterday, I found iron oxide and bismuth oxychloride two be two of the few things to look out for.

So, though it can be elusive, I found that it isn’t impossible to find eye palettes. Too Faced ingredients list doesn’t contain bismuth oxychloride, which I was looking into yesterday. A lot of bloggers I read yesterday say chrome and glitter shadows contain bismuth oxychloride, which I noticed when looking through Sephora and Ulta’s website for ingredients on certain eyeshadows.

What do you think of this elusive journey?