2018 New Year’s Resolutions:

Hey everyone, how are you?

Throughout this year and previous years, I have been struggling with keeping blogs. One thing I hope for next year is that blogging becomes a habit for me or something I, at least don’t give up on.

November is ending soon and Christmas will soon be here. Another year will come to an end; another chapter book closed; a new one to open.

Usually at this time, people begin to think of things they want done or to do next year. Goals that either get swept under the rug or try-fail-succeed. A list easy to create; yet, not-so-easy to accomplish.

I, like them, have created this list time and time again. I, like some, have failed tremendously. I, like the few, have swept them under the rug. A list once made forgotten as the new year unfolds.

Every year when I make this list, I always write the same things- lose 30 lbs, read one book a month, write more, pray more, etc, etc. To me, it’s never heartfelt; rather, it’s everyone’s making this list, why not I? Then, I sit down to make it only to find an empty brain.

My stupid brain voided of all the things I can accomplish next year. My brain should be on cruise control. It should be ecstatic by now. A year is coming to an end! A new beginning is underway! But no, it’s not.

In fact, my brain is running the complete opposite right now. It’s dragging. Time’s ticking rather slowly with me on sleep mode. And so, I watched YouTube videos to hype my brain of the new year that’s coming (whether or not my brain’s intent).

And now, here is my

New Years Resolutions:

1. Travel more.

2. Using Digits app, save money.

3. Declutter my makeup.

4. Purchase makeup only when: needed, sale, or after October when Christmas gift sets come out.

5. Read one book a month.

6. Write for thirty minutes a day.

7. Revamp my WordPress blog.

8. Pay off my debts.

9. Set aside money for a car.

10. Clean my room.

11. Declutter my room.

12. Focus on BALANCE.

13. Watch YouTube videos other than makeup reviews, swatches, tutorials… etc.

14. Pray more.

15. Have more of God and I time.

16. Think of going back to school.

17. Follow my Low Nickel and GERD diets.

18. Follow and cross off as many as I can on this list.

19. Find inner peace.

20. One a day poems or lyrics.

21. Learn about poetry again.

22. Learn about cosmetics and how it’s used (only time to watch on YouTube).

23. Wash and clean my car at least once a month.

24. Declutter my trunk and keep it that way!

25. Eat less out and more at home.

26. Learn and keep sautéing.

27. Eat healthy.

28. Love myself.

29. Focus on the present.

30. Be more positive.

One Year &Lip Smackers

Hey all. I haven’t written in a while. Today is the one year death anniversary of my grandma and in 11 days my Dad’s one year. So, my family and I had a prayer service for the two today.

After that, I decided to walk around Walmart. I was looking into lipsticks until I talked myself out of them and into lip balms. I looked at the ones they had and saw the lip smackers. They had four party packs of eight lip balms.

Not knowing the price, I took three of them to the cashier. I didn’t get the Original, which was one out of the four. The other I didn’t get was Nerds one because it rang up $8 and another one, Hershey’s rang up $5. The Skittles one was my first choice- it’s price- $8. But it was my first choice; therefore, the price didn’t matter much.

Skittles pack I will review first on just because it was the first I had opened and tried. Taste-wise all the Skittles and Hershey’s ones were tolerable to me except for Berry Punch, the first lip balm I used today. All of the Skittles lip balms applied nicely on my lips. Hershey’s party pack had two to three that had a little to much harder time gliding onto my lips because of the wax. After they heated touching lips, they glided on smoothly.


“Taste the Rainbow”

1. Strawberry:

Strawberry has two in this collection.

This Strawberry is one of the two in Skittles pack. Why they added two, who knows. But I noticed this one has a stronger strawberry smell than the other one. Maybe they decided to make a light scented one for those sensitive to stronger scent? Whatever the case, for me this scent wasn’t my fave between the two. I preferred the lighter scented, which is shown down below.

2. Green Apple:

This Green Apple smelled so good. For me, this was lighter and tolerable than the ChapStick company’s Green Apple (I’m not sure if their’s was sour or not). Taking the picture, the packaging on this reminds me of Christmas. Green Apple scent reminded me of green apply lollipop.
3. Strawberry Starfruit:

Mind my tearing the packaging. I suck at opening anything and everything. I needed something to place the lip balm on as I take photo and thought the packaging would be good.

Anyways, another strawberry! This one is Strawberry Starfruit. I never smelled a starfruit before but I know there is such a thing because I teach it to the kids and have seen a picture. This lip balm to me, I don’t know what I’m smelling. It’s not pure strawberry I’m smelling (that was my first thought). Either way, the scent is a very nice light scent.

4. Banana Berry:

The first time I smelled this Banana Berry, I could only smell banana. Usually, I hate the smell of banana on any lip balms. But this one I didn’t mind. It wasn’t overpowering. Now as I take another sniff at it, I notice berry scent mixed with the banana. It is a nice smell; however, not my everyday bowl of fruit.

5. Mango Tangelo:

Before I start talking about this one, I do have to mention: I LOVE MANGO! I love the fruit. I love the scent. I have The Body Shop’s Mango Lip Butter, which smells exactly like this one. There’s only a few mango flavored things I don’t like and this is not one of them. It smells like mango like I had mentioned. If you like The Body Shop one, you will or may like this, too.

6. Raspberry:

I wish I could try this one out to review, but I can’t due to my Nickel Food Allergy and Allergic Rhinitis. Everything I smell that I’m allergic to will soar into my nose and into my sinus areas where pressure will generate.

One time I sprayed Wonderstruck on me last year and the raspberry smell made my nose want to burst and bleed. My eyes watered and my head pained so badly.

Therefore, sorry I am unable to review it. I did smell it to see whether or not it will be bearable for me. However, it immediately messed with my sinus area.

7. Berry Punch:

Berry Punch, I want to call Berry Burst, though I don’t know why. This one my nose does get a little strong scent from it. But it’s the one I wore when I first opened it and it didn’t bother my sinuses as much as Raspberry did. The scent is not my first choice, but I’d wear it once in awhile.

Well, there you have it. Enough Skittles to taste the rainbow! Out of the eight or seven since one I cannot use at all, my most favorite ones- Strawberry Starfruit, Mango Tangelo, and the second Strawberry.

One thing I wish they did, instead of adding two strawberries, there could have been another flavor. Other than that, I feel like these are very moisturizing and highly worth the price! Even at $8, you get eight in a pack, that’s $1/lip balm, which some single lip balms start at $1.

Now onto the Hershey’s pack. Though I am not supposed to have chocolate due to heavy nickel, I found the chocolate ones tolerable except for Hershey’s Kisses. That one had a bit more stronger scent than the Reese’s and and Hershey’s themselves.

1. Bubble Yum Original:

This one on first application started breaking, tiny pieces flaking on my lips. However, once it heated up, the application was more smoother.

2. Hershey’s Kisses:

Why does this one have to be such a strong scent compared to the other two!!! I love chocolate. I was hoping if I can use these maybe I can lay off the candies themselves. I’m not quite sure whether or not I can wear the other two, however, this one, I choose not. It does smell like Hershey’s Kisses. This is one of the two that does leave a slight tint on the lips.

3. Reese’s:

I would never have guessed the product would be orange. I don’t know why. I thought it would be more brownish. The bright orange surprised me. I really like this one. This definitely smells like Reese’s. This one took a few seconds before it heated and glided on lips.

4. Jolly Rancher Cherry &Watermelon:I decided to review both these at the same time so that way the blog won’t be so long and also because they are in the same category- Jolly Rancher. They both smell really nice. They both easily glided on lips.

5. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate:

Like the other chocolate flavors, this one smells just like milk chocolate. I am iffy on if I will keep using it. I am trying Reese’s because that one didn’t give me much of a headache. This one gave me a slight one that’s all. This one had the most tint. Apply this all over and your lips will look chocolatey smooth and moisturized!

6. Bubble Yum Cotton Candy:

Compared to the Original, this one applied more smoothly quicker without any breakage, flakes, etc. It has a light scent that is easily missed on my end. But I still like and will use it.

7. Twizzlers Strawberry:

And another strawberry. For strawberry lovers, I’ll tell you you’ll love the first pack giving you two strawberries and a strawberry starfruit. And if you get both of these packs, you’re all set with three strawberry balms.

I can’t smell anything on this one. But to be honest, before when I ate Twizzlers, I used to smell them sometimes and don’t remember any scent that stood out to me. I’m sure someone out there can smell it. Just my nose cannot. But the application glides on smoothly.

Overall, I like these Lip Smackers. Would I buy them again? Yes and no. Yes for the Skittles; no for the Hershey’s mainly because Hershey’s has more of what I shouldn’t have- chocolate. The other had only Raspberries. If chocolate didn’t set off allergies, I’d definitely buy more. I am trying the Reese’s one to see if I can tolerate it. It’s the lightest scent between the three.

Have you tried any Lip Smackers?


Happy New Year all! New year, new you. That’s always what I hear each year. Weight Watchers ads for losing weight is currently running in between shows. I received one in mail a few days before 2016 had ended. I used to join it (2-3 times). Then I realized I am always going to fail at it. Although, I did reach losing ten pounds the last time I joined. That was a major achievement for me!

Yesterday, the last day of 2016, I weighed myself. I don’t usually do that. Judging by the result, I probably shouldn’t have. In 2014, I kept my weight around 150’s. Based on my height to weight ratio that’s not good. At times my weight would spiral upwards and downwards, but I managed to keep it around 150’s; rather than constant gaining.

After two weeks of holiday eating, I weighed myself yesterday to find I gained. I am now 165 pounds. That hit me by surprise because I thought I would be in 150’s. Honestly, I don’t know why I thought that. If I’m 150 and keep eating junk, I should be gaining.

It’s not like I took care of myself. I ate sugary foods, drank coke, digested foods containing heavy nickel. I’m allergic to nickel (metal and food). I am on a low nickel diet as of December 2014. But I keep failing on it.

When I first was told about my nickel food allergy, there were barely any articles. Last year there were a ton more blogs about it. With my body worn out on how I treated it, I have decided I need to make a change this year. I need to stay on my low nickel diet. That’s what I need.

Every new year I write take care of my health or lose weight for my resolutions. This year, it’s not only going to be about losing weight, but really trying to eat a low nickel diet.

I can take Allegra or any other allergy pills when I eat something I’m allergic to. But last year I realized Allegra can only help me if I do my part. If I keep taking Allegra to fight off an allergy I keep putting in me, eventually, Allegra will wave its white flag forfeiting and my allergy symptoms will win the war. 

So this year I have decided to try my best to follow my low nickel diet. It will be a struggle, but knowing there’s more articles on it and others going through the same thing helps. It sheds a light on a better year in maintaining my nickel allergy.

Do you or anyone you know have nickel allergy? What’s yours or their experience? Maybe we can bounce ideas off one another, or help each other. What are some of your New Years resolutions or goals?

Happy new year!

Kids with Allergies

Those kids with allergies, sitting there unable to eat the cookies or cakes their classmates bring, I feel so bad for them.

One kid we had, she was allergic to MSG and another (GMO?) that I’m not aware of. She was also allergic to a few other foods. We had to check with the front desk if she could eat outside food. Whenever she didn’t get a cake or cookie, she’d cry. I felt bad. She’s only four. Yet, age is no competition to allergies. Allergens don’t care if you’re a baby or above 100 years old.

Another kid we have, from her many list of food allergies, one among them is eggs. She said boiled eggs she can eat. “That’s it.” She nodded her head as she ended with that while answering my question of allergy to egg.

This girl, wanted a cookie so bad. Her classmate brought cookies that day because it was his last day. I think deep down she knew she couldn’t have it but still said yes to the teacher asking her. I questioned the teacher about the eggs. She said, “No, it doesn’t have any.” I looked at the ingredients while she asked the assistant director whether the girl can have one. She asked does she want it? The teacher said yes. The assistant director decided let her have it.

When I told the teacher about egg in it the assistant director already left. The teacher’s response, “She told me to give her because she [the girl] wants it.”

I didn’t want that girl to have an allergy attack and the way she answered the teacher, she wasn’t confident in saying she could have it. I’ve seen her where she can have something and I question her for the allergy. It wasn’t like that answer. It was more of a I want it but I don’t want to say it. Kind of like she’s hiding something.

When she got the cookie though, she didn’t eat it. At least when asking her did she take a piece of it, she said no. She just sat with it. I asked her in a nice way, “You asked for the cookie so you can throw it away?” I didn’t want to make her feel bad. I do that with my nickel allergy when I want a chocolate or something. I sit with it until I finally throw it away or put it away. She couldn’t take it home with her because she was in school. She’s only 4.5 years old. So why make her feel bad about it?

I told her after she told me again about the boiled eggs are the only ones she can have, when baking cookies, the eggs are usually not boiled. That is why I thought she couldn’t have it. She understood. And she threw the cookie away.

My guess is she was thinking she could save it for her little brother. But usually the other teacher says to the kids to throw it away, so I don’t think they save it. Plus, she doesn’t have any lunchbox to hide it in. So, if she forgets to take it ants will go crazy-they already are in the classroom-climbing the walls like mad. One kid’s snack was left open in her cubby. She took it out and found ants already in it.

And that’s why I tell them, close your bags nicely. And that’s why all snacks should be left in the cafeteria.

Update on August No Makeup/Skincare Purchases

It’s been six days of August and this month I decided to not buy any makeup/skincare for the month of August.

The past five days I did well on no purchasing makeup and/or skincare. Instead, I used the money to buy food. Food is essential. It should be a good thing, right?

When I have food at home or a packed lunch for work, buying outside food from Taco Bell, McDonalds, Chinese Restaurant isn’t a need. Chinese Restaurant I felt was ok to treat myself once a month to a nice buffet or restaurant food.

Five full days of passing, I fail on the sixth day. I went to return some purchases made in July to Sephora. I left the store with three makeup purchases.

Rewind to this morning when it all started. I was putting on makeup for the day. I applied my CoverGirl oil-free liquid foundation, which was alright. Then, I applied my Tarte’s airbrush powder over it and hated the look it gave. I removed it immediately trying not to remove or mess my eye makeup.

I tried the CoverGirl and Sephora’s powder foundation together that I had. It was better. But I think the CoverGirl liquid powder made my face appear lighter than it is. And I didn’t like that. That was the moment I’m like, I really need a Sephora Liquid Foundation for this powder foundation!

Mom and I went to morning mass then visited Dad. Dad got his headstone. It’s been almost five waiting. After, we went to SAMs Club for their sale, which I didn’t see much of a sale with the things I wanted.

Later, I went to Sephora with my mind on returning Kat Von D’s Limited Edition Serpentina. Although I really liked the palette and its easy blendability, I did notice some itchy dryness on my eye area where the makeup was applied. I tried to ignore it saying it’ll be ok. I used this palette for three days, even adding a little of Lorac eyeshadows under it.

The problem was falling asleep right after work before removing the makeup made my eyes blood red. I have had this before mainly from makeup that had irritated my eyes. This year I had my first pink eye because of an allergy. Therefore, I decided I just had to return it. I didn’t want to go down that road again.

Also, I returned the Tarteist Mascara paint. I like it but I like Gifted and the 4-in-1 mascara’s by Tarte more than the paint one- less clumpy. I tried removing the excess mascara for the paint one, but it still somehow clumped my lashes together. I was looking for one to separate. I still have my sample size Gifted and 4-in-1 mascara, plus a regular size of 4-in-1. Right now I am wearing waterproof 4-in-1.

That was probably my first wrong move- going to Sephora. However, to return those two products, I couldn’t wait til next month. My next wrong move was walking past the cashier and into the makeup aisle!

Makeup aisle… so many wonderful makeup to keep your creative soul uplifted and moving. I swear I can’t leave a Sephora store without buying something!

That liquid foundation I was hoping to buy… bought it. I was about to purchase the powder foundation only because the one they tried on me was Mocha and I don’t remember mine being Mocha. Mine says something mat tan??? I don’t know. I really should have brought mine with me.

I am hoping this foundation I purchased in… #35 will work. I just figured out my powder foundation is in #40 hazelnut. The makeup artist tried #50, Mocha.

Anyways, my next biggest mistake was looking at the Sephora lipstick aisle. They had their matte and cream lipsticks. I tried a cream one and a lip liner together, which was a huge mistake! Lip liner- Aubergine Dream and cream lip stain in Blackberry Sorbet.

I walked out with a liquid foundation, a lip pencil (was debating on purchasing two, then decided on one), and the cream liquid lipstain.

The one thing I should have done if I really wanted this liquid foundation was not applying any foundation on my skin. Because I had foundation on my skin, the makeup artist didn’t apply it all over or most of my cheek area or somewhere on my face. The powder was placed on my neck area. She had placed the liquid one right on top of my other foundations I had on. Said it blended well with those. I couldn’t tell. But I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I just wished it would have been applied all over my face rather than a few areas.

Currently, Sephora has Make Up Forever products for 500 points. I regret not getting it. At least it was free. Instead, I got a 100 point Clinique Take The Day Off makeup remover wipes. I decided to pass on Make Up Forever because it has been known to irritate my eyes.

Right now, I am sitting on my couch thinking of removing my foundations with a Clinique wipe and trying the Sephora foundations together.

Food vs Makeup/Skincare Ingredients List

I wish makeup ingredient list was the same as foods ingredient list. Boxes containing foods all have ingredients and are required to post any allergy alerts. I wish makeup did that.

Those tiny hard-to-read ingredients some. How can anyone tell what allergy is in it without researching deeper into it? Not even makeup artist/skincare specialist knows, which is more frustrating. Them and the cashiers have no idea and cannot help you.

Now, there are some (very rare) makeup/skincare specialist and cashiers that would know. They are very knowledgable in the makeup they sell and are very helpful. But it’s like one in a million.

When you have an allergy, food isn’t the only thing that gives out allergies. So why is food the only one required an allergy chart?

Nickel for example. There are people out there, like me moderately-severely allergic to nickel. Nickel has been recently found in foods. However, it is also in makeup. But when asking sales reps and makeup/skincare specialist, more than half of them look clueless and questioningly. They don’t know. I wish they did know so it’s easier and quicker for you to find some products you can try on.

Nickel Allergy Sucks

Ever since being diagnosed with Nickel Sulfate allergy, I have not been throwing up and needing inhaler monthly. I have not seen my Allergist since January this year and don’t need inhaler (both daily and emergency).

But I’ll admit, being on this low nickel diet is like being on a roller coaster. It’s so hard to keep this diet when almost everything I like I have to give up. Some things are in moderation, but even those can make me have an upset stomach.

Anyways, these days I have been failing at it. It started off great in December. Fell apart in January, but didn’t give up. Creeped upward, then downward. All of a sudden I find myself not saying no to chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate cupcakes… Oh the chocolates! They have the highest Nickel. Soy does too.

Soy. The biggest and hardest culprit to avoid when grocery shopping. Every single product out there seems to contain it! My favorite snacks! How can I just give it all up.

And my mind is now like this, some things I can tolerate has soy, other soy products I can’t. Therefore, I can moderate it.

As for chocolate, some days I can handle it. I just gotta eat one or two then give it up for a few weeks. Ain’t no biggy.

Geesh! Afterall that conditioned nonsense mindset I filled my poor mind with, I get sick. Yes, sick with my breathing problems. Sick with congestion and heartburn that visits whenever it feels like (even if I don’t eat). Sick with headaches, fatigue, nausea and wanting to vomit. Waking up around 2am coughing afraid I’ll vomit there. After 6/7 months of not needing the inhalers, my body has caved in. It has had enough. I took my rescue inhaler in the morning and thought to myself, Why in the world do I do this to myself? Why do I make myself sick? Why’s it so hard to follow a Low Nickel Diet?! Questions, but no answers.