L’Oréal Infallible Mattes… Are They the Same?

Hey everyone. How are you? Hope your New Year’s week is well and the first day back for lots of us went great.

Two days ago I tried YouTubing on L’Oréal’s Infallible Matte Paints and their Pro Matte Liquid Lipsticks. But I only found one video… and it was mainly swatches of them. Now that I own a Pro Matte, I see differences in the way the two apply. I wondered if others had the same reactions. I am no professional reviewing these two and I only own one shade from each collection… still, I think it would be cool to review on these.

Let’s start with the Infallible Matte Paints. L’Oreal heard a lot of their customers wants for Mattes when their regular Lip Paints launched. And so, the Mattes came to be. I have the shade #350 Cinna-Bomb. They now have two finishes: Matte and Metallic. The Mattes have six shades while metallics only four. So, the shade selection is very limited with these Lip Paints.

The applicator is a nice doe foot one that easily applies the shade on your lips. I have no problems with this. I love the packaging how it is in a squeezable paint tube. I also like that it comes with a brush.

The pigment applies smoothly; however between this and the Pro Matte liquid lipsticks, these feel like less product is coming on the brush and dryness during application. It is very nice and pigmented. I do feel like with this one I need to redip to get more product. It takes awhile to dry down to a matte finish; however, not as long as the Pro Matte. I haven’t worn it all day to say how the wear time of this and the other differs or similar. The company claims on their site the applicator is designed for a one swipe high pigmentation. For me, I didn’t get one swipe for my whole lips- redipping was needed.

Now to this Pro Matte liquid lipstick. It has a different applicator, which seems to hold onto more product; therefore, no need to redip.

I do like the other applicator a bit better than this one seeing it was quicker to apply and less chances of me making a mess on my lips. But I prefer this one knowing the brush held more product, enough to complete one coat all over my lips.

This Pro Matte shade is #362 Plum Bum.

When I swatched this shade on my skin, the other already set to it’s dry transferproof. This Plum Bum seems to take forever to completely dry, but is very pigmented. I don’t know if I put too much, but it’s the middle of my lips I still feel will transfer some. The formula reminds me of the regular Pro Matte-Glosses. I have three shades of those. They seem to be more thicker than this one.

I think the Pro Matte is a bit more comfortable on drying process and wear than the Matte Lip Paint. That’s my opinion. Others may find it vice versa or neither or both comfortable. The Matte Lip Paint definitely dries down to a complete matte finish while the Pro Matte should and for the most part did with exception of my middle part of lips. It needed a little bit extra time. I had that product on for over twenty minutes. The Matte Lip Paints definitely dry quicker, but I think it’s cause less product is applied to the lips and is already a bit on the “dry” side due to the amount of product applied and redipping is needed.

Both products are $10 a piece. There’s no differences in the price. You may not find them both at the same stores. I find that most stores carry one or the other. There might be one that carries both in the store; I don’t know and I’m not sure if any online store sites carry both either.

As for the smells, they both have a smell I don’t like. But I can smell it stronger in the Pro Matte than with the Matte Lip Paint. In my previous blog I stated I only smelled the Pro Matte when I wanted to, but when doing this review, I noticed the scent strongly immediately after opening the product. Still, once applied on my lips, this Pro Matte, like the other’s scent, does not linger. At least for me, I don’t smell it after applied to my lips.

I do feel it best to state there’s a warning sign on the L’Oreal website for the Pro Matte. I don’t know what’s in the formula for it to be a flammable product; however, stay clear of flames (candles, fire of any…) while the wet product is having its moment to settle on your lips. Once dry, you should be fine. At least, that’s what the warning states do not use near fire, flame, or heat until dry- flammable until dry. The other one doesn’t have the same warning. Therefore, if you’re a little… (or a lot) scared, worried, anything like that matter, you’d best just stay clear of this one all together and stick with the Matte Lip Paints. If you do go with the Pro Matte, just heed the warning.

I hope you have a lovely day!


Loveswept is a eau de toilet (edt) by Philosophy. This edt hasn’t flared up my asthma or gave me any headaches and has been my number one daily edt used between it and Michael Kors Coral, and Philosophy’s Live Joyously. Although, there is another one I just got in the mail from Clinique that might be my next daily wear.

Loveswept price ranges from $18-66 with 0.5 oz to 4.0 oz and a 2oz for $48. This soft, romantic, floral fragrance is designed to sweep women off their feet, leaving you with a soft embrace of happiness and love. May it inspire passion as you wear Loveswept.

I, when I had some discounts from Philosophy.com, purchased three small edts of this one. One I took with me to PA. The other two I was thinking of giving away. Maybe a US only giveaway. This would be my first time doing a giveaway. Therefore, I am thinking of a fun way to do it. Do you have any suggestions?

I was thinking, maybe because this is a blog site, I could have you write a Loveswept experience. From all I receive, I will pick two of them to send this to.

Keep in mind, these edts are 0.5oz’s. They are not the 2oz or 4oz ones. But it’s a nice fragrance to own and for you it would be free!

I also will do another giveaway with another Philosophy edt, but I’m not in TX and forgot what the name is. I think it’s Pure Grace Summer one. It’s not my fave smell. I think I have 2 or 3 of those in 0.5oz’s as well. I have two separate giveaways to think about! 🙂

What do you think of a giveaway? Let me know, thanks! And thanks for reading and/or taking your time stopping by my blog.

Tomorrow my kindle book will officially be published for purchase. It is available for preorder until then. It is called The Rabbit and Its Tail and it is in loving memory of my Dad who passed away last March.

Tomorrow is the last full day I’ll get to spend at my hometown I grew up at. I will be heading back to TX and begin working again on Monday. A years worth all in one week- my mom and I had a chance to see some of our friends and family and other things while we stayed here. This trip was both good and bad. But hey, that’s life, I guess. At least, I got to find pictures of me and Dad and videos to watch of my childhood. All these memories and we each can bring two suitcases. My mind wants to bring a lot. I hope I can separate my wants from what would be good for me to take. That way I don’t take everything! I really don’t know how mom and dad could leave so much behind when they moved from India to America.


Hello everyone. How are you? First of all, for those of you in TX, did you get a hailstorm in your area? We did. And I was at school with the 1st-5th graders. Some were scared as the lights flickered and the hail hit the glass. Thunder freaked some of them out, too. Two girls cried thinking their parents wouldn’t come. One never stays at the time I go to their class, so she was worried about her Dad. To keep them mostly quiet, with exception of one or two kids and some here and now talkers, we played the quiet game. Until the storm passed, we played it and I let them read some books. Then, we played a nice game of hangman and guess what word I’m thinking.

I have another question pertaining to the title. Any of you know of Adsense? How do I add it on here. I have a code…. I tried Googling, but it didn’t help me much. There’s a sidebar they say I need to put it in. But I can’t find it. And I tried adding it on widget, but where do I place it? If you see my site, you’ll notice some codes showing… that’s where I added the code, but the code still shows. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your help. Have a nice day.

*peace&God Bless*