LA Girl Inspire Palette

Hello everyone. Yesterday I purchased an LA Girl eyeshadow palette in Be Bold and Beautiful. It’s a beautiful palette and I really like how it feels swatching it on my fingers.

First application, I don’t think it showed much. I didn’t apply a primer underneath. That could have helped the pigmentation.

Before leaving, I applied a second amount of two shades. When doing this I noticed a small bump on my left eye. I’m kind of nervous because my eyes are feeling slightly irritated like they used to when I used Urban Decay and Kat Von D eye products. Those were my favorite companies for eyes. After giving them a break for few years, I tried Kat Von D again and hadn’t had much irritation; however, I don’t wear her eye makeup a lot.

Anyone know what could be causing irritation? I’m sure it’s not the other products because I’ve been using them before- Maybelline’s precise liquid liner, Milani’s eyeliner that’s meant for waterline, and Tarte’s Gifted mascara.

I think I’m going to have to return this palette. I haven’t had any irritation from other palettes I have tried so far. I’m still wearing it and will see how it does during the day.

Other than that, this palette is really beautiful and I was hoping to be my daily wear.

On my lips is Physician’s Formula Healthy liquid lipstick. I love this shade, Vitamin Beet. I thought it was a nice Spring color.

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