Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks

Hi everyone! How are you?

Kat Von D has new lipsticks released. It’s her reformulated Star Studded Creme Lipsticks. I ordered and received three of the forty shades. The three I ordered are the ones I already owned from her original formula.

I been watching YouTube videos on her liquid lipsticks and swatches of the new lipsticks. I wanted to swatch the liquid lipsticks I own currently. Most of my collection is mini sizes. Five of them I believe are limited edition, but you can still purchase currently on the Sephora website and I’m sure on Kat Von D’s as well.

While swatching, some of these, especially the lighter shades, looked patchy and horrible on me. I feel it would look better on other skin tones. I can still pair those up with my other favorite shades, like I show on one of the swatches.

Here goes!

Saint and Sinner collection:

Kat Von D launched her new perfume last year. With this, she released mini liquid lipsticks included with rollerball perfume. Below are swatches of Saint and Sinner. Because Saint was too light on me, i paired it with Sinner on third picture. I love the shade Sinner. Pairing Saint with Sinner made me less fearful of the shade and made it both more wearable and usable on me.

The next eight mini shades are from her holiday set, which contains one limited edition shade.

The first shade is Exorcism. When swatching in store, I would feel this is too bold, too dark for me. I used to wear these shades, but last year drifted from darker to lighter shades. Wearing this one, is feel uncomfortable a bit. But trying it now, I really liked it and felt it was perfect for me.

Madrid, above, is my favorite. I love this shade. It is limited edition. You will only find it in this set. But I think the set is worth buying.

This one wasn’t my favorite. I think it’s too light for me. When I first saw it on my lips, it reminded me of Saint. And so I did a swatch of both together. I think Lovecraft and Saint are two shades I can pair with darker shades.

Above, Saint is on the left and Lovecraft is on right.

Ludwig is next and to me, it looked like a whiteout, with color. I think it would look good paired with some shades. For me, it’s not an everyday wear by itself.

I love Sanctuary. It is another favorite of mine. I feel like it’s not too pigmented applied on my lips… like “my lips, but better”… but it’s not the shade of my lips. I like it for an everyday wear.

Hawkwind is another I like and for me is an everyday wearable shade. I feel like Ludwig can be mixed with this shade like I did with Saint and Sinner.

“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” That’s all I can think when I read this shades name. Last year, this shade was too bold, too dark- just like Exorcism. However, now I actually like it. Would I wear it daily? Maybe. In my head, this and Exorcism could be paired with lighter shades like I did with Sinner and Saint. That would be a nice daily wear.

Black. Pure black. Not a daily wear for me. Even for Halloween, I’m too scared to wear this one. I don’t know why. Last year, I wore Sephora’s black with my Halloween look. It’s less drying. But that’s not why I chose it over this. There’s something about this black, when I look at it, I feel awkward. It could be because of the color and it’s out of my comfort zone. This Halloween, I may try it with my last year’s costume.

And so that concludes the eight set mini holiday collection.

Now onto her limited edition Farm Sanctuary collection. This set, proceeds go to help the Farm Sanctuary.

Four cute animals with names that named these shades.

Bruno is a beautiful shade of purple. This to me would be too bold to wear. Even on a weekend, I’d never see myself wearing it. But when I apply it on, I don’t know what it is about this beautiful shade, but it makes me smile and brighten up my day. It always makes me feel good and makes me feel like I look pretty. In fact, I actually wore it one weekend shopping. I felt confident walking around with this shade.

I want to love Julia shade, but it’s not for me. Again, this is another shade perfect for mixing with deeper shades.

The last two shades are another favorites of mine. The next one I never expected to like or want to wear. It resembles A-Go-Go (her neon orange shade). I tried that few years ago and decided it wasn’t for me. I may try it again; see if my mind changed.

This one is Thumbelina. This shade resembles neon orange shade called A-Go-Go. I actually love it. It’s not so bright like the neon shade. It’s more in the wearable orange tone. I’m very picky with orange tones, or at least I was; yet, this shade is one of the oranges I love.

And last but not least, Hilda. Hilda is a nice brown shade. I like it and would wear it daily. Usually, browns look weird on me or at least, that’s how I feel. Not this one and not others I have shown previously from her liquid lipstick collection.

That’s all I have as of now. I hope to later purchase more of these and more of her regular lipsticks which the new creme lipsticks are now in the same shades as liquid lipsticks. Not all of the shades are in both creme and liquid lipsticks, but most of them are.

What’s your favorite shade?

Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks”

    1. Thanks. Mostly the selections are from the mini packs and limited edition sets. I purchased chimp last year but returned thinking I wouldn’t like it. I miss that orange shade but it’s no longer in stores cause it was Limited Edition. I used to want to collect all of her liquid lipsticks… might get a few more. I see some shades I want to try again on me.
      Do you have any of these?


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