NARS’ Velvet Lip Glides Are Back!

Remember these?

Last year NARS came out with Velvet Lip Glides. They don’t completely dry down matte for those upset with that. They glide on like a gloss without the sticky feel. If you want it semi-matte, you can always blot it. These will transfer. Because they are not matte, these feel comfortable on lips without the dryness.

Last year, they also sold their limited edition Velvet Lip Glides.

Currently, I found these sold at my local Sephora in JcPennys. For those who loved these, you’ll be happy to know they are no longer limited edition and can be found in full size.

This year, I found at Ulta their new limited edition collection, “NARSissist”! I was about to use my points on some random products I found at the store that I didn’t really care for or want. But when I saw this at the cashier’s counter:and this:

I just had to have it. Last year, I wanted to buy the whole entire collection. But I didn’t. What you see is what I have. That’s all. NARS’ Lip Glides is only collection I have found most of the shades workable for me and love most of the pinks and reds. Usually, those two shades are very hard for me to feel comfortable in. However, this collection I found so many shades in pinks and reds that I love. Though I don’t have the full collection yet, I just might someday.

They do have online exclusive shade(s). I am only aware of one being online exclusive; however, scanning the shade list, there are some I haven’t heard.

This collection retails for $45. That’s expensive. The box includes six mini limited edition shades weighing 0.12oz/3.4mL each. They all range in a variety of pink, with exception of one- a reddish-orangey shade. A full size is $26 each weighing 0.2oz/5.7mL.

On Ulta’s website, these are described,

Velvet Lip Glide is an innovative hybrid lip formula that delivers highly saturated color with extraordinary comfort. Designed to glide like a gloss with the coverage of a lipstick. Opaque semi-matte finish ensures long-lasting color that stays supple, and never sticky. Oil Infusion Complex delivers saturated pigment with extraordinary comfort. Water Lily Flowers and White Tea Extract work together to provide antioxidant protection. The plush, doe-foot applicator allows for smooth product application.

Before I show you swatches, let me list the names of each shade in the NARSissist collection.

1. Rapture- pink coral

2. Night Together- rose pink

3. Californication- pink mauve

4. Immoral- fuschia pink

5. Staying Alive- orchid pink

6. Burning Love- cherry red


Night Together:



Staying Alive:

Burning Love:

Below I swatched two shades on my hand- one of NARS’ Staying Alive and the other, Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid #40 Berry Boost. These two to me are similar in shade. Maybelline’s Berry Boost stains your lips; therefore lasting longer. While NARS’ doesn’t stain your lips but feels really comfortable and no drying. Maybelline’s goes on liquidy and NARS’ glides on velvety smooth. Maybelline’s is $7.99 and NARS’ $26.

Both companies collections are amazing. Maybelline’s 2016 first launch of the vivid matte liquids were not popular, but I gave it a try at the beginning of 2017 when they released another line of them and found them to be awesome! I believe they had changed the formula even in their original launch. I don’t have my first Berry Boost I purchased last year, but that one did not stain my lips at all. The newly purchased one did. Last year’s felt more like a gloss without the stickyness and didn’t last at all. 2017 versions are a plus.

Its up to you which one you want- NARS or Maybelline’s. They both are amazing in their own way. Let me know what you think of them!

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