Rani Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Update

Hey everyone. So it’s not an all day trial, I know. But four hours I think is an ok amount of time to test a product, at least during the night after work. Right?

Anyways, today I just received my six shades of Rani Cosmetics’ Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipsticks. And I have to say, although the bullet lipsticks were not my fave, these Liquid ones I’m not regretting one bit.

After swatching each shade, I decided to apply Chai. I applied and took a picture at 7:11PM. Currently, it is now 10:16PM. I also have a picture taken 9:02PM. Today, I had a late dinner. So, the 10:16PM pic is my after dinner pic.


I found that as the liquid lipstick dries, the glitter does show up a little more. Eshani had mentioned you will see a little more glitter as the product dries. It’s still subtle and I still love it.

By 10PM mark, I had purée, potato curry without spice, and broccoli and mango for fruit (I so should have worn Mango shade!). I drank out of a straw orange juice and a little water. That’s it.

Because it’s almost time for bed, I will not be reapplying. I just have to say, at first I was hesistant to buy these, I am really glad I did anyways. I like these better than the lipstick in bullet. I find they are more wearable for me. And that is going by all the swatches and the three hours I wore Chai. Also, I don’t feel like I’m eating glitter in the inner corners of my mouth when wearing the liquid lipstick as opposed to the bullet ones.

The bullet lipsticks I see transfer when wearing it. As for the liquid one, I haven’t seen any yet. But when wearing all day it could change. The fallouts that were there were from previous swatches of each shade both liquid and bullet.

These liquid lipsticks are comfortable. They don’t feel overly drying. I applaud Eshani for her amazing effort, time, commitment, dedication in her first two lipstick launches. She really put all her focus on them. She knows what she’s doing and if it’s not up to standards, she will try and try and try until it is.

The packaging is beyond gorgeous. She put so much thought into her line and was there every step of the way. She chose what lipstick she wanted to start with, then let the company hired reformulate it to her own unique lipstick line. Though I wish the lipsticks were a bit cheaper, or the liquid lipsticks were the same price as the bullets, I think her lipstick launches are worth every penny.

Lastly, this may be of concern to some questioning the scent in the lipsticks. If you love chai latte as much as I do, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind smelling it in the bullet. But maybe you would when it’s applied to your lips. After all, when something is near your nose it triggers your brain thirst/hunger symptoms. I just have to say, I neither smelled the Chai liquid lipstick while applying it to my lips, nor did I smell it while sitting around doing nothing but blogging and falling asleep. The only time I smelled it, which was interesting, was when I ate dinner. Mostly when I starting eating the mango I noticed the smell. I love chai so it didn’t annoy me. If you’re one of them who hates the chai scent or any of the scents, or just don’t like strong scents, be aware you may smell it while eating food. You maybe wearing Mango and eating an apple wondering, “Why do I smell mangos?” Just like I did eating a mango and smelling chai. 

If you are on the edge of trying these, seriously you should try just one. These are not Substandard. She poured her whole heart and soul into these lipsticks. You can see it in her packaging. You can see it when she talks about them. You can feel it while applying them on.

I’m throwing down the rod. You just have to take a risk or not. And if you’re hooked, that’s awesome! Buy some more then. Who knows, this could be the next trend?!

Happy Marvelous Monday or rest of it.

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