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Hey everyone! Rani Cosmetics is back with another line of lipsticks. This time they’ve gone liquid! For those of you unaware of Rani Cosmetics, it is a new company that released six Sparked Dazzling Lipstick back in April. The owner, Eshani Patel, does Youtube videos on makeup. Her favorite is lipstick. Therefore, she started her company selling first lipsticks. She later plans on expanding her cosmetic line with foundations, eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc. For further information or a glimpse of the lipsticks she has to offer, please visit her website: Rani Cosmetics.

Rani means queen in Hindi; she wanted everyone who wore makeup to feel like a queen. Therefore, this name perfectly adheres to her company. Eshani’s lipstick line was destined for those tanned to dark skin range not many companies gear towards. Still, these lipsticks look amazing on all (or mostly all) skin tones.

With her new launch of Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipsticks last week, she has a total of 12 total lipsticks (six in lipstick formula and six in liquid). These liquid lipsticks were introduced in her youtube release as a duo for the lipstick bullets. Meaning, each lipstick shade had a coordinating liquid lipstick. Planned to come out together as a duo, Eshani being picky as she is (and that’s not a bad thing!), she had to hold out on the liquid lipsticks. Now that they both are online and ready to sell as a pair, here is my take on them. Mind you, my last two blogs only showed all but two shades. I have finally completed my lipstick collection with those two shades.

Here is my take on the liquid lipsticks vs the the lipstick in the bullet:
The liquid lipsticks awesome. I love the texture. The shades look good on me and some can have less glitter. The glitter was honestly what setback my purchasing at first because the lipsticks in the bullet are way more glittery than I am used to. There are some just like me who still think glitter is not for them, but there are plenty Eshani changed. A lot of people love the bulleted one. It’s upto you. If you do want less glitter, try the liquid lipsticks because the glitter will as time goes by weigh down to the bottom and you will have to shake or stir for the glitter.

The shades on Liquid Lipstick and Lipstick are:
Liquid Lipstick/Lipstick:

As you can plainly see by the names, Eshani planned every detail right down to the names of each individual shade. Each shade also has a slight scent that may or may not be too noticeable. It may be the deal breaker for those questioning buying these. I can barely smell the scents. When I try to, they aren’t too strong and they don’t last long for me. So I don’t mind them. But each shade does have its own scent: Chai and Latte smell like Chai Latte, Mango and Lassi smell like Mango Lassi. To find further scents on the other lipsticks, please visit Rani Cosmetics.

Some say the glitter in Tattoo isn’t much shown. I believe it is. All the lipsticks in the bullet have glitter and as much as you use it, there will be more glitter showing. My second or third time applying was when I started seeing way more.

As you may see below, Henna, the liquid lipstick formula, has not much glitter. Pair it with its perfect pair, Tattoo and you will have increased glitter.

Henna Tattoo

As for Mango and Mango Lassi shown below, Mango is my favorite shade because I feel like it’s something I can wear more often than its bullet lipstick, Lassi, which has more glitter. Lassi packs a brighter shade of orange with glitter that I feel is more for a special party or something formal. The liquid lipstick formula, Mango, seems to tone the glitter down wearing itself. Worn with Lassi, it dresses up a daily occasion to more formal/party outing.

Mango Lassi

Chai and Latte are amazing. But Latte worn alone is too much glittery, which makes me love Chai even more! It wears like a matte shade without much glitter. To enhance the glitter effect, apply Latte and you’ll have a lovely Chai Latte glitz. Did that make sense? Was that just a big no-no?

Chai Latte

This is the doe foot applicator. At first, I didn’t like it because I wasn’t accustomed to this specific type. I’m more used to the ones for Wet ‘n Wild liquid lipstick and Smashbox Lip Pigments. However, once you’re used to it, it’s not so bad. It holds enough pigment to apply one coat all over the lips. I didn’t have a tough time lining my lips and coloring them in.


I wanted to try Lunar in liquid lipstick with Syrup in the bullet. It’s a beautiful shade.

Lunar Syrup

Have I sold you on these, yet? Hehe. Each lipstick in bullet cost $18 and the liquid lipsticks are $20. Eshani has options for bundling if you want to get all six shades of either the bullet or the liquid lipsticks. Also, because these are perfect pair duos, Eshani also sells duos for each shades pair.

Eshani plans on selling matte lipsticks in the future. Therefore, if mattes are your thing and you really don’t like glitter, be sure to keep an eye out for future products. She has been releasing products slowly so as to have the consumer enjoy her products longer. Rather reviewing her lipsticks one time and never going back to them for further reviews because of more and more products coming out, she wants us to enjoy the product as it is for a period of time and keep reviewing on them.

Although I don’t like the bullet lipsticks, I do find I fancy the liquid lipsticks, especially the Chai and Rose (so GORGEOUS!). They are less glittery, something I can wear daily at work or on the go. I haven’t worn them all day to see how it wears yet. I just received the liquid lipsticks in the mail today. These liquid lipsticks are designed to be a comfortable matte, rather than a complete matte because when Eshani tried for a complete matte version, it just became way more drying due to the glitter dries lips as well. What are your favorite colors? Would you buy some? Have a marvelous rest of your Monday!

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