So, while Tarte had a beautiful packaging-Sephora decides to go all bleh and give us-How awesome! At least the wrappers color code with the box.

This just makes me wish I saved opening Tarte’s for last.

Anyways, onto what I purchased from Sephora. A total of six products are in this box including samples. Sephora, if you didn’t give lots of samples, I’d still be sad with your packaging. But your samples (I requested)… guess will do for the low down packaging.

Honestly, for the amount people pay, you think Sephora would have enough to make some nice packaging and gift wrappings.

I ordered the Fresh Sugar wand, which I already have. I just was to impatient to wait for my order in the mail I drove to Sephora for another one. What was in my head? I don’t know. Just excitement and curiosity.

Seriously, Fresh’s Lip Treatments are amazing. Returning the two I had owned was a downer. Their’s is more moisturizing and longer lasting than all the other lip balms I have tried. I love it. Currently, I am trying their Advanced lip therapy. It’s not tinted, but it works. I still think their tinted lip treatment is amazing and my favorite.

As for their Sugar Wand, I never liked their Sugar exfoliator. But I decided to give this a try. It’s their little newbie. I feel like this goes on like a sticky gloss. It does exfoliate. I like it better than their original exfoliator. But I feel like it could be better. And that’s something to say for all products. All of them in every company could be better. There’s always that one area in my corner that doesn’t feel exfoliated. But I still like the wand. And I’m still gonna try it. And now, I have a backup. It’s all good.

Next is Fresh In the Buff Bundle. This is the other I had purchased. The rest are just from points and samples/promotions.

In the Buff contains a Sugar Cream Lip Treatment in Buff, their original Sugar Lip Polish (exfoliator), mini size Advanced Therapy, and Sugar Nude lip balm. All but the exfoliator and advanced therapy I am excited to try. I have already tried the other two.

The others were from points, promotions, etc. From that, I chose Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder sample, Giorgio Armani sample Fluid Sheer, Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Beetroot, and both Tarte and Bobbi Brown’s 500 points.

Tarte’s 500 points contained an eye treatment, highlighting moisturizer, 4-in-1 mascara (I currently own and used to own waterproof), hydrating boost moisturizer, and tinted moisturizer.

Bobbi Brown’s Cult Favorites contain Sand Dune Long Wear Creak Shadow Stick, Black Smokey Eye mascara (used to use), Brownie Lip Color, Hydrating eye cream, and medium bronzing powder.

Have you tried any? What’s your favorite?

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