Update: Rani Cosmetics

Hello everyone! How are you? Remember these?If you do, great! If you don’t, these are by a newly launched makeup company, Rani Cosmetics.

Rani Cosmetics was created by a YouTuber TotalMakeupJunkie101 (aka Eshani Patel). For more information on her first lipstick launch, please visit her YouTube page TotalMakeupJunkie101. You won’t regret it! 🙂 Also, a previous blog of mine describes her lipsticks more in depth.

For now, here’s an update!

Eshani created these as her very first launch to her new company Rani Cosmetics. She plans on expanding the company with other cosmetics besides lipsticks. Because she loves her lippies, she decided they would be the first.

She says she plans on launching more lipstick formulas. These were the first to launch because in a world full of matte’s, she wanted to find something different- innovative. A business can only run if it has something unique, something of its own and not what everybody has. So, her launch is not another matte, or a cream, or a liquid. Rather, it’s glitter!

If you love glitter, these are for you! If you don’t, you may turn into a glitter lover with these. Or, you may still find glitter so unflattery. ;-( (poor glitter)

Either way, Eshani has created six shades that are designed more for the darker, tan skin tones. Even with this, these still flatter all skin tones.

My last blog has three shades reviewed. I just received the nude shade Tattoo. I ordered all these on my own. Each lipstick sells for $18. It’s pricey, but if you think about it, it’s worth it. Eshani isn’t someone who is rushing to make products just for selling. She puts her whole heart and mind into it. She wants the best of the best even with the detailings.

I tried the nude for a few mins, but forgot to take a picture. It’s shimmer shows and I feel like it’s a great shade on me. But when I think of a nude, I think of something more true to your lip color. This one is more of a orangey-tone. I love the shade. It does stand out more than I thought it would.

Overall, I love these lipsticks. But I feel, for me, I would want to wear it on a special occasion. I keep thinking Latte is one I can wear daily and I can. But when I see the shade on me, my head is thinking glitter. I remove it because of that.

Also, I’ve been wanting moisturizing lip products these days. That’s my biggie and I stand by it. If these were more moisturizing, I’d totally wear Latte. My go-to lip products these days been more natural shades that moisturize- neutrogena lip gloss, bite beauty smashed lip treatment, Fresh Sugar (Rose and Coral). Sometimes, I apply a light touch of Clinique’s Pop+Primer in Icon over the Bite Beauty’s smashed.

Eshani’s lipsticks are so gorgeous. The amount of time she put into these shows. I support Eshani with her makeup line. Six shades makes it easier for some to stay focused on what sort of shade they desire. I feel these flatter all skin tones, even mine, which usually does not happen. Usually when a company mentions their shades flatter all skin tones, I see myself in the color and feel uncomfortable or too much. Not with these.

These do have a unique scent to them. Unique, meaning each has its own individual scent. Such as Latte has a chai latte scent; Lassi smells like mango; etc. These are tolerable and subtle. But if you can’t stand scented products, these wouldn’t be for you.

One con I have noticed that makes these something I don’t want to wear daily, other than it not be as moisturizing as I want it to be, is the glitter can transfer. I will find my chin or around my lips may have glitter on it. It’s not that badly noticeable. But once I see it, I become aware of it and think it is noticeable. If you’re one like me, be aware these do transfer.

These claim to go on sheer to full coverage. I can’t get the sheerness on my lips. When I try, I end up with a medium coverage. It can be built up to its full opacity.

These are awesome lipsticks. I am not here to down on them. I love these lipsticks. But for me, I’ve been finding them as only for special occassions. But that’s just me. Some people on YouTube who were never glitter fans grew into these. If I see glitter, I cringe. When I tried these I didn’t cringe. My first thought, “It’s not so bad”. These are amazing. And I would wear them daily if only I was that bold and my head wouldn’t think one tiny glitter on my face!

Overall, these are worth a try. But be fair warned, she isn’t accepting returns on used products. Therefore, if you want to try these but are unsure if you’ll love them and don’t want to spend so much money, try one. If you want more, go for it! I do plan on purchasing the last two in her collection. And I’m hearing she’s coming out with more products within two to three months! 😀 If you’re planning on purchasing just one, the shade most everyone loves is Tattoo.

Have you tried these?? What did you think? Has she turned you into a glitter fan?

Pictured below are Lassi, Bhindi, and Latte. As I mentioned, I just received Tattoo; however, forgot to take a picture of it.

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