Prompts: Measure/Timely/Pleased/Blindly/Unravel

So, I noticed the past three days prompts are: Measure (today’s), Timely (yesterday’s), and Pleased (April 12th). Seeing this, this morning I thought of using as many previous prompts as I can in one blog post.

Yesterday, I was excited to receive a package of three lipsticks I had ordered from Rani Cosmetics. I had ordered them on April 9th. Being a new makeup company that just opened their site on April 8th, I am Pleased that I had received this order in a Timely Measure.

Because these lipsticks can only be ordered online, I had Blindly ordered shades I thought may be in my comfort zone. Yesterday, I Unravel[ed] the gorgeous foiled envelope to Cusp shades of royalty. Will it make me look like a Champion? Perhaps not. But receiving the package Heal[ed] my Tenacious waiting self.

Rani Cosmetics is owned by Eshani Patel (AKA Youtube’s TotalMakeupJunkie101. Eshani reviews makeup. She started her own company, which opened six days ago. For her first launch she is selling six lipsticks. However, she plans on launching more makeup.

These lipstick shades are shimmered and designed to flatter all skin types. She named her company Rani because it means Queen in Hindi. She wants everyone to feel like royalty when wearing their makeup. Everyone deserves to feel confident. That is her motto behind her company.

Her first lipstick line is called Sparked Dazzling Lipstick. These lipsticks reminded her of fireworks in the night sky. Her lipsticks are priced at $18. They are both cruelty free and vegan friendly. They are made in the US. The price is a bit high. But the ingredients in these are not designed cheap. Neither are their packaging.

Eshani took the time to design the packaging and bullet for each lipsticks. All six lipsticks are packaged in a nice holographic box with pink foiled Rani Cosmetics inscribed. Also, Sparked Dazzling Lipstick and the ingredients are listed. On the top of the packaging, there is a nice looking foiled-feather and on the bottom is a sticker shaded similar to the lipstick shade along with its name.

Each bullet is designed similar to the NARS packaging, except without the rubber feeling. Her lipstick bullets are white. NARS packaging can get dirty even when it’s a black bullet. Eshani’s white bullet hasn’t dirtied since I started using it. These are really beautifully thought of and made. Each lipstick has its own scent. The scent is subtle.

Lipstick shades:

Tattoo is the only nude in this collection.

A universal, pinky-nude base laced with pink shimmer. Infused with a subtle caramel cream scent.

Latte is one of the three I had purchased. It seems more of a daily wear for me. To me, the shimmer in this one is less noticeable compared to the other two I had purchased. The main reason I purchased this is because of its scent Chai Latte. Also, I thought this one would be flattering as a daily wear.

A sultry, chocolate brown base laced with subtle violet and blue reflects. Infused with a subtle chai latte scent.


This is another one I had purchased. I purchased this one wanting to try and see if I like this red shade on myself. I feel like this one has a bit more shimmer showing than Latte. The intensity of this color if worn at its full pigmentation, I feel is more for special events than a daily wear. However, if applied thinly and left sheer, it can be a nice everyday wear.

A classic, medium-red base laced with gold and pink shimmer. Infused with a subtle strawberries & cream scent.



A true, fuchsia-pink base laced with gold and pink shimmer. Infused with a subtle rose scent.

Lassi is a mango smoothie. I love mango and the scent of mango; so, I decided to purchase this one. I feel it is a nice shade to wear for special events at its full pigmentation. However, applied sheer, could look good for an everyday wear.

A vibrant, red-orange base laced with gold and pink shimmer. Infused with a subtle mango scent.


Eclipse is a dark purple vampy color. I really like the name of it. In Eshani’s one video talking about her company, she is wearing this shade.

A vampy, dark purple base laced with pink shimmer. Infused with a subtle coconut scent.

All of our lipstick colors were specifically created to flatter any and every skin color, so don’t be afraid to try something a little bit out of your comfort zone!

On Rani Cosmetics, you can purchase all six shades for $99. Purchased individually, total price would be $108. This saves you $9. Rani Cosmetics ships outside of US; however, shipping prices may vary. For US free shipping over $50 and International shipping free over $125.

I have been wearing Latte all day today, and I am enjoying it. It feels moisturizing on my lips. I don’t feel Latte’s shimmer when pressing my lips together. I like that because I am not someone used to wearing shimmer lipsticks. The griny texture would be uncomfortable for me if I had to feel it overtime I press my lips together.

On Rani Cosmetics, they instruct your lips to exfoliate and moisturize before applying the lipsticks. And for sheer wash of color to apply a thin layer. Add more for full pigmentation.

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