Legion of Mary

Today I attended my first meeting of Legion of Mary (Legio Mariae) founded by Frank Duff in 1921. It is one to one-in-a-half hour long meetings held once a week. Each person is to do something during the week- “a job”. Some work with children, others distribute communion to sick, etc. There’s a list of acceptable jobs in a book I haven’t yet received. This week my only job is to talk about this group. See if anyone is inspired and wants to join or at least be an Auxiliary member.

At first, I thought that’s hard. But then the sister told me they don’t necessarily have to join. Just talk about the group to someone and if they are interested they can come to the next meeting for at least 30 minutes. That to me isn’t bad. I don’t know many where I live. I barely get out and talk. I stay in my bubble and drive around by myself or with my mom- that’s all. But I know one (besides mom) who I can ask that goes to the same church. This got me wishing I had a previous coworker number. She would probably join, at least at her church or be an Auxillary member.

Anyways, today’s meeting I enjoyed for the most part. There were some parts I drifted and felt anxious because of that. Those were mostly when they listed every individuals job done, some financial stuff, and previous weeks/upcoming events. Things I didn’t understand I drifted. But prayer time- rosary- I liked.

This group was very welcoming. They gave me tons of pamphlets to look over.

About Legion of Mary taken from Auxiliary Membership pamphlet:

The Legion of Mary is a Catholic lay association. It’s object is the glory of God. This is developed by prayer and active co-operation in Mary’s and the Church’s work of bringing everyone closer to God. Members participate in the life of the parish in many different ways and through collaboration in apostolic undertakings sponsored by the parish.

From what I understood, Auxiliary Members don’t participate in the group meetings, they stay at home and pray the prayers in the pamphlet each day. That, or 5 decades of the Rosary suffices.

As for the ones who join the weekly meetings, I am still learning. From what I got, they take attendance, then each member reports on their job each week. Like if you worked with EDGE, they asked how many kids were there. They also reported on how much budget was spent and what was left. There are some who visited the sick and gave communion to them.

During the meeting, they read from a book and whoever read or if someone else prefered, would discuss the reading. I didn’t have the book yet, so a lady next to me shared her’s.

The meeting I went to had 9 members, maybe 10 because one didn’t attend today’s. I’m a bit nervous, but excited to join this. I think it would be good and healthy for me. It’s keeping me busy. If it’s not this, I’d be out ruining my checking account on unnecessary spending or driving for no reason just to get out of the house. This is a way I can surround myself with people. Surround myself with positivity and forget all the negatives around me.

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