Prompt: Luck

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

How do you teach kids Saint Patrick’s Day? 

For Prek kids I hand drawn some three leaf clovers because I forgot until I was half way done that the four leaf is the lucky ones. They used thumb tacks to poke the clover out. Then, they colored on it with crayons. After that we used gold glitter until it ran out and green glitter.

With this art I was planning on making a fake garden. I had to rush, though because I had to finish that in one day and the teacher wasn’t any help. She wanted the easy way hanging it on the door. I did hang some on door for parents to see but I couldn’t hang a lot before I left. The rest are in a box with cut up green and brown paper for grass and dirt, rocks, and little animal creatures. I needed to tape or put a foam piece under it that can hold the popsicle sticks I stapled on their clovers as their “stems”, which they colored green.

I don’t have a picture of it because it’s all in school. But whoever walks in I noticed won’t see it. I haven’t been in that classroom all week because of spring break less kids. I only went in once for someone had to leave early that day and I needed to close.

Even though I didn’t think it through  enough, I thought the garden was a nice idea. The teacher I work with don’t want to do any special type of art. All the excuses of there’s not enough time or they’ll put it in their mouth. The way I see it: we are the teachers; they’re the kids. We have to make time. We have to work together in order to finish it nicely and timely. All the other classrooms have some nice work done and it’s not just poking out pictures like she keeps telling me to do.

Anyways, so how do you teach Saint Patrick’s Day to kids? I keep asking myself that. When I think of it I think of leprechauns, a pot of gold after the rainbow, Lucky Charms cereal, green, clovers…. The kids can’t have those chocolate hidden inside a gold coin because there’s no candy allowed (specifically chocolate).

Gee, thinking on that list I should have brought a box of Lucky Charms for them!! Those marshmallow pieces used to be my favorite. I’d eat them first.

But the garden was the only thing I thought of at the time. I thought it could be their “Garden of Luck”.


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