Tarte: Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

Hi everyone, how are you? Monday I had no work due to MLK day. Therefore, I spent my time wandering around Sephora and Ulta. I mainly went for Bare Minerals’ Gen Nude Liquid Lipsticks.

Searching through Sephora store, the only one I seemed to like was completely out. Not even the try on was available to try! The shade is Swank, I think. It’s a burgundy shade- deeper than the other colors offered. Most of the shades were available, with exception of the ones I somewhat had an inkling to try.

A Sephora lady who helped me was nice enough to offer a suggestion on a spray I could look into because she has seen me come in so often. I told her usually on my day offs I spend my time at Sephora. She’s seen me walking around trying on stuff. I don’t want to bother anyone there because I know they are busy; therefore, I just wander around trying on any products I find interesting.

She had suggested a spray from Cauldalie. Trying this spray, I actually liked it. For $22, I thought it was worth a try. I have been using this throughout the day today and some bumps near to my mouth seemed to have faded a bit. I love the refreshing and soothing feel this gives. I am glad she suggested this. I would never have thought of trying something like this.

Anyways, this blog isn’t about the spray. It’s about the Tarte Double Duty Beauty eyeshadow palette “Don’t Quit Your Day Dream”.

I have just applied some of these shades using the instruction sheet included with this palette. I did switch “strive” and “boss lady” because I wanted to see how a peachier tone works on my eyelid, rather than a bronze gold. The eyelook instruction included with this palette was so easy to remake. I had no problems understanding and trying it out.

Because it is night time and I wanted to make a quick trial with this palette, I had not used primer on my eyes. Also, I am lacking on my full face makeup. The only makeup used was this palette and Maybelline’s Baby Lips “My Pink”. Above without flash and below with.Shades used: Strive all over eyelid; Werk sculpting the crease; blending boss lady from inner to outer corners; shading runway on lower line; and blending visionary on the brow bone.

Does this look good? I am not a professional. I am still learning. But I find this palette nice and easy to use and work with. Usually when a pallete comes with eye looks, I have trouble creating it.

In this palette there are mattes and microshimmers of seven eye shadows and one eye and cheek highlighter.

Shade names:
Rock On (cream)
Visionary (champagne)
Loveee (light caramel)
Boss Lady (bronze gold)
Strive (golden peach)
Runway (chestnut)
Werk (brown)
Shine On (white gold highlighter)

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