Smashbox Smash Clinique Liquid Matte Lipsticks… Or Not?

Smashbox Disorderly above two images and Girl Gang below.

Smashbox is my one and only favorite matte liquid lipstick, with the exception of Nyx’s Soft Matte’s, though they are not purely mattes.

Smashbox’s liquid lipstick dry time is very quick. After applying I notice it’s already dried. Few seconds later, Girl Gang has no transfer and Disorderly has a teeny tiny bit- barely noticeable.

Clinique’s Candied Apple Pop below and above, Black Licorice Pop.

Clinique’s liquid lipstick dry time isn’t as quick as Smashbox’s. I still have yet to see Black Licorice Pop dry on my lips from last I applied. If you remove the excess, it may dry more quicker.

While waiting for the liquid lipstick to dry, I find this one quite moisturizing, easy and quick to remove. There’s not much stain left around the lips when removing this than with Smashbox’s.

Between Smashbox and Clinique’s, I actually like Clinique’s better for my lips. Why? Because my lips dry easily and show all the cracks and lines more. When you have lips like that, it’s hard to wear a very drying lip product.

With that in mind, Smashbox’s liquid lipsticks aren’t very drying. When removing them, my lips don’t look bad (cracks and all). Without exfoliating, today I tried Girl Gang for the first time, and I did notice by lunch break my lips felt and looked dry. Adding more on top of that didn’t help at all. I wanted to remove it but was afraid to make my lips look worse.

Tomorrow, I want to try Clinique’s all day for the first time. I feel they will be similar to Nyx’s Butter Lipsticks. Those for me started out buttery feeling, but the more I wore it, the more it became a matte shade. Those lasted all day for me with just one time applying more, which didn’t worsen the original application.

So what do you think? If you’re looking for a quick dry matte finish that isn’t overwhelmingly drying on the lips, go for the Smashbox. They have some pretty good transfer proof shades. Some, be warned may not be fully transfer proof. Watching YouTube videos, Bawse (Youtuber’s Lily Singh, aka Superwoman collated lipstick) didn’t seem transfer proof. Trying Disorderly, this was transfer proof, however little tiny specks of the product transferred onto my hand.

If you’re looking for a non quick drying, moisturizing, velvet-matte finish, go for the Clinique ones. Just know, they may eventually dry down matte, but until then, you can kiss transfer proof goodbye.

Have a good night/good day all!

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