Green Colored Wipes???!

Okay, so there are these wipes- So Fresh, So Clean. They are made for him and her and supposed to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. What’s unique about these??? The wipes are green! Have you heard of it? If you haven’t, HEB has them. That’s where I found mine. But… you’re not missing much.

These green wipes are not my fave and if you get them in your mouth, beware of the nasty taste it will bring. They call these wipes cucumber cleansing wipes. Honestly, I don’t think it taste like cucumber. Maybe a chemical cucumber? If that makes sense.

When I first started using them, the wipes felt dry. It barely removed my makeup. I had to use my Garnier Micellar water afterwards to remove the makeup.

Today, I feel these wipes are not as dry as I thought it was; still, it took awhile to remove the lip products I had on and omg the wipe feathers! Wiping the wipe on my lips, some of it went on my lip! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want green wipe stuck on my lips like cotton rounds and q-tip ends do.

Has anyone else tried these? If so, do you like them? They aren’t bad in price. I forget how much they were. I think about the same price as CoverGirl’s.

Why’d I buy it? Just look at it! It’s green! It’s cucumber! No, really, I bought it because it was interesting to try. At the time, I needed some wipes. I wanted to see if these will dry my face like most drugstore ones do. Clinique had really good wipes but they are $16. I didn’t want to spend that much. I may try CoverGirl’s again after finishing these… that is if I ever!

I used this wipe for removing some liquid lipstain I tried on. That is why I folded it. Also, was trying not to open my mouth because of the yucky taste.

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