Nyx Has A New Fan!

I have always wanted to try Nyx in the past. Since college I have been hearing about this company. When I walk by the products and look at them, their products somewhat intimidated me. Why?

So many reds and pinks. I don’t see many “me” shades. The shades I like to wear daily. A lot of times it’s cause half the Nyx is sold out. Even today, Target barely had any shades. CVS had a stock full of them. Thank you CVS!!!! They literally had all the shades available that when I looked (and I mean really looked) at the shades I found some colors I might actually want to try!

I purchased one from each collection- mat lipstick, soft matte lip cream, and because I couldn’t decide between two shades, I purchased two from the butter lipsticks and I am glad I did!

Nyx Butter Lipsticks in Thunderstorm and Moonlit Night. They are soft, buttery texture that brings a nice shine to my lips without the gloss. I like the coverage a lot, especially because they hide my lips’ dark areas. These two are my faves! But I’d pick Thunderstorm over Moonlit Night if I had to choose only one. Sorry Moonlit Night! (hehe).

They came off easily wiping off with a towel. I didn’t wear it too long before removing considering I was trying each lip products on.

This is what it says- soft! And it looks like a matte finish without much shine. It didn’t feel drying at all. Pressing my lips together, this felt like a thin layer of lip paint was painted on my lips. Did that make sense? If not, I’m thinking of Tarte, Too Faced, and Maybelline’s Lip Paints.

I expected this shade, Copenhagen, to be more darker than what is shown on my lips. I am not disappointed with the turnout. With this soft matte lip cream, I applied two coats on my lips. Two coats didn’t feel too much. I didn’t feel overwhelmed thinking it’s too much, it’s so gross, it’s messy, or it’s too drying. This remained soft.

Aria from the mat lipstick collection. I chose this because it was the only shade I think I would have liked from all I saw without swatching. I also chose it because Aria is the name of my favorite character in Pretty Little Liars. And I have to say I am not lying when I say I like this color oh so much! This does remind me of the Nyx’s Butter Lipstick Thunderstorm, only more matte. The other one is buttery and has a bit of a shine.

This is the lipstick I decided to leave on my lips. 

Nyx lipstick price ranges from $5-7(+/-). Opening each of these lipsticks, there wasn’t a strong smell, at least not one that I noticed. Soft Matte however, has a nice smell of cupcakes. It’s not overpowering. In fact, I didn’t even notice the smell until I actually thought of smelling it.

The only thing negative I have right now is: mat lipstick in Aria (and all the other shades container), the product doesn’t go all the way down before closing the lid. Therefore, if not careful, you could poke the product with the lid. Also, even if the product is closed, you can twist the product inside upwards, causing a big disaster if the product reaches the top of the lid. The product could become a big pile of squishy mat mess inside the lid.

But that’s not a big deal, at least not for me. And Nyx still has a lot of raves. Just be careful, that’s all.

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2 thoughts on “Nyx Has A New Fan!”

    1. Yes, I just purchased thunderstorm and moonlit night in butter lipstick. I really like them two. Very happy I chose both because earlier I couldn’t pick just one to buy from it. That thunderstorm one I thought was going to be too bright or something but I think it’ll look good as a daily look! The matte one I’m wearing now is Copenhagen. I started wearing it close to 6pm. Right now my lips are feeling a bit dry. It’s only been an hour. But it doesn’t look too bad.


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