Milani oil-infused Lip Treatment

Using Milani’s oil-infused lip treatments got me thinking- what is it that makes these something people buy? It has three oils- jojoba, avocado, and tsubaki.

Great! I know I can find a bottle of jojoba oil at Whole Food, not sure of the other two.

But it makes me wonder… $6-8+ spending on a oil-infused lip treatment when a bottle of jojoba oil cost about the same, but is way more amount of product that’ll last longer… Is it really worth it?

Sure, each bottle of oil you purchase could be close to $5-10. But you aren’t using all of it. All you need is little.

With the Milani oil-infused lip treatments you basically get half the product due to a huge applicator increasing the amount when placing it into the container. With a bottle of oil, you get a full or almost full (not half empty or half full) amount.

Is it the tint of color that makes this treatment sellable? Or the oils used? Is it the feeling or look of it on the lips?

I do like these treatments. They feel more moisturizing on my lips and the moisture last longer than just putting jojoba oil on. But I have been thinking lately, couldn’t this be easily made, rather than spending $6-8+ on it just for half the product? All they do is mix three oils in. What other things would be needed?

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