Avon Gel Finish

Very Berry and Teal Me About It are two nail polish shades I purchased from Avon. I just received my Avon package containing hair products, nail polishes, mascara, face and body washes I ordered last week.

Couple years ago, I ordered one a few of Avon’s nail polishes. They weren’t the gel kind. These gel ones I really like. Although I like bigger brush heads, the product is easy to apply. I never applied a top coat over the polish; still, the shade looks shiny. And best of all, these nail polishes are quick drying. These nail gels sell for $7.00, but are currently on sale for $4.99.

On my nails: All but ring finger shade- Very Berry. Ring finger- Teal Me About It.

For Avon product information, visit http//www.youravon.com/creativecanvas

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LMTP Journey

Hello everyone. My name is Lisa. Like many, I have been through a lot. Writing has been a passion of mine. As a child, I dreamed of being a writer, publishing my own book. I created this website in order to share my writings, thoughts, and get to know others who share the same interest as me. Thank you for your time spent on my website. I hope you stop by again! *peace&God Bless* Lisa

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