Update on August No Makeup/Skincare Purchases

It’s been six days of August and this month I decided to not buy any makeup/skincare for the month of August.

The past five days I did well on no purchasing makeup and/or skincare. Instead, I used the money to buy food. Food is essential. It should be a good thing, right?

When I have food at home or a packed lunch for work, buying outside food from Taco Bell, McDonalds, Chinese Restaurant isn’t a need. Chinese Restaurant I felt was ok to treat myself once a month to a nice buffet or restaurant food.

Five full days of passing, I fail on the sixth day. I went to return some purchases made in July to Sephora. I left the store with three makeup purchases.

Rewind to this morning when it all started. I was putting on makeup for the day. I applied my CoverGirl oil-free liquid foundation, which was alright. Then, I applied my Tarte’s airbrush powder over it and hated the look it gave. I removed it immediately trying not to remove or mess my eye makeup.

I tried the CoverGirl and Sephora’s powder foundation together that I had. It was better. But I think the CoverGirl liquid powder made my face appear lighter than it is. And I didn’t like that. That was the moment I’m like, I really need a Sephora Liquid Foundation for this powder foundation!

Mom and I went to morning mass then visited Dad. Dad got his headstone. It’s been almost five waiting. After, we went to SAMs Club for their sale, which I didn’t see much of a sale with the things I wanted.

Later, I went to Sephora with my mind on returning Kat Von D’s Limited Edition Serpentina. Although I really liked the palette and its easy blendability, I did notice some itchy dryness on my eye area where the makeup was applied. I tried to ignore it saying it’ll be ok. I used this palette for three days, even adding a little of Lorac eyeshadows under it.

The problem was falling asleep right after work before removing the makeup made my eyes blood red. I have had this before mainly from makeup that had irritated my eyes. This year I had my first pink eye because of an allergy. Therefore, I decided I just had to return it. I didn’t want to go down that road again.

Also, I returned the Tarteist Mascara paint. I like it but I like Gifted and the 4-in-1 mascara’s by Tarte more than the paint one- less clumpy. I tried removing the excess mascara for the paint one, but it still somehow clumped my lashes together. I was looking for one to separate. I still have my sample size Gifted and 4-in-1 mascara, plus a regular size of 4-in-1. Right now I am wearing waterproof 4-in-1.

That was probably my first wrong move- going to Sephora. However, to return those two products, I couldn’t wait til next month. My next wrong move was walking past the cashier and into the makeup aisle!

Makeup aisle… so many wonderful makeup to keep your creative soul uplifted and moving. I swear I can’t leave a Sephora store without buying something!

That liquid foundation I was hoping to buy… bought it. I was about to purchase the powder foundation only because the one they tried on me was Mocha and I don’t remember mine being Mocha. Mine says something mat tan??? I don’t know. I really should have brought mine with me.

I am hoping this foundation I purchased in… #35 will work. I just figured out my powder foundation is in #40 hazelnut. The makeup artist tried #50, Mocha.

Anyways, my next biggest mistake was looking at the Sephora lipstick aisle. They had their matte and cream lipsticks. I tried a cream one and a lip liner together, which was a huge mistake! Lip liner- Aubergine Dream and cream lip stain in Blackberry Sorbet.

I walked out with a liquid foundation, a lip pencil (was debating on purchasing two, then decided on one), and the cream liquid lipstain.

The one thing I should have done if I really wanted this liquid foundation was not applying any foundation on my skin. Because I had foundation on my skin, the makeup artist didn’t apply it all over or most of my cheek area or somewhere on my face. The powder was placed on my neck area. She had placed the liquid one right on top of my other foundations I had on. Said it blended well with those. I couldn’t tell. But I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I just wished it would have been applied all over my face rather than a few areas.

Currently, Sephora has Make Up Forever products for 500 points. I regret not getting it. At least it was free. Instead, I got a 100 point Clinique Take The Day Off makeup remover wipes. I decided to pass on Make Up Forever because it has been known to irritate my eyes.

Right now, I am sitting on my couch thinking of removing my foundations with a Clinique wipe and trying the Sephora foundations together.

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