Food vs Makeup/Skincare Ingredients List

I wish makeup ingredient list was the same as foods ingredient list. Boxes containing foods all have ingredients and are required to post any allergy alerts. I wish makeup did that.

Those tiny hard-to-read ingredients some. How can anyone tell what allergy is in it without researching deeper into it? Not even makeup artist/skincare specialist knows, which is more frustrating. Them and the cashiers have no idea and cannot help you.

Now, there are some (very rare) makeup/skincare specialist and cashiers that would know. They are very knowledgable in the makeup they sell and are very helpful. But it’s like one in a million.

When you have an allergy, food isn’t the only thing that gives out allergies. So why is food the only one required an allergy chart?

Nickel for example. There are people out there, like me moderately-severely allergic to nickel. Nickel has been recently found in foods. However, it is also in makeup. But when asking sales reps and makeup/skincare specialist, more than half of them look clueless and questioningly. They don’t know. I wish they did know so it’s easier and quicker for you to find some products you can try on.

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LMTP Journey

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