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Hey all. Who has an Education degree? Who likes working as a teacher? I want to go back to college for Elementary Education. But I feel like I messed up financially and am not so confident I’d make it through.

If you are a teacher or have been, what advice can you give? I been working with Daycare/private schools. I currently work with 3.5-5.5 year olds and for one hour (unless requested), I watch older kids- that time they are mostly playing.

I get most of the kids to listen. The previous daycare I was able to get a kid to draw something for art when he refused to and the other teacher gave up. That’s what I find I mostly do. I try to question the kids and find some way to motivate them. He was 11 years old. He loved history. For art, they were told to draw anything. He sat there. I asked him to draw. He told me no and was irritated when I questioned him and tried motivating him to draw.

I did get frustrated at first. But I took a step back. Then, I asked him what his favorite character is in a movie or tv show. Something to start up a conversation that would find what he’s interested in because at that point asking what’s his interest led to I can’t draw! response.

I forget the character he told me. I told him to draw that. He responded he can’t and I said try. He still said it.

So I showed him some drawings by his friends around him, some were great others were not so much but it was their work and they tried. I told him some can draw, others may not. All I asked was for him to try. I showed him his friends work saying this person may not have known how to draw this, but they tried. He still kept saying he can’t.

I don’t remember what I said that got him to draw. But in the end he felt happy and even showed me his drawing. In my head, all I could think was I got him to draw- an 11 year old kid who had no desire whatsoever to make even one single line on his paper.

He’s the same kid that started talking more to me. Telling me he likes history. He’d used to tell me what he learned about history and I’d listen. He knew when he could talk about those things- like when we are sitting at the table playing, but not in a group when it’s time for learning.

I remember how he annoyed the other teacher because he’d interrupt her a lot during her circle time. But when I had to do circle time, he’d listen. I made it clear to them there’s a time for talking and a time for listening.

That moment last year during summer classes, I realized maybe I can be a teacher to older kids. I remember when he came to visit after he left that daycare because he was too old for it, he ran up to me to say hi. This is the same kid who said he won’t miss any of his teachers in the daycare when he leaves. This is the same kid I annoyed a lot because I didn’t give him what he wants all the time like the other teacher. I did that to all his friends. I was strict, but not too strict. At least, I tried. I try not to be friends with the kids, but I realized even though they are 5-11 year olds, they still need interaction.

This private school I started working in February this year, I try to interact with the kids by playing basketball with them. This I know got two kids who used to go there entertained and playing nicely with their other friends. Those two boys wanted to play a basketball game but we can’t. They were very upset. They didn’t like the standing in line throwing the ball one at a time. Not until I threw the ball in. Their new game was to try and get to 10 before me. What’s cool is more kids began playing some days, too.

I really want the education degree, but I’m scared I’ll give up on it. I already did at my previous college back in PA. If it happened once, it could happen again. With all the debt I put on myself, I think the education degree is a far reach.

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Hello everyone. My name is Lisa. Like many, I have been through a lot. Writing has been a passion of mine. As a child, I dreamed of being a writer, publishing my own book. I created this website in order to share my writings, thoughts, and get to know others who share the same interest as me. Thank you for your time spent on my website. I hope you stop by again! *peace&God Bless* Lisa

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