Tarte vs Too Faced Liquid Lipsticks!

Today, I tried wearing a Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint (Hangry) earlier in the morning. Later, I switched to a Too Faced Melted Metal (Melted Metallic Jelly). These two felt a bit same in texture. I purchased these two couple months ago. They aren’t my favorite lipsticks to wear daily. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t wear them. They are nice in their own ways. They used to dry quicker on my lips. The dry feeling and look isn’t as bad as liquid lipsticks I have tried from Anastasia and Stila, though. I have decided to give these another try.

Trying both on, I felt like their textures were similar. I wanted to compare and contrast as best as I could Tarte and Too Faced liquid lipsticks. So here it is. I only own two of Too Faced Melted Metals and one of Tarte’s Tarteist Lip Paint.

Too Faced and Tarte are both Vegan Friendly.
They both claim to have high pigmentation on their liquid lipsticks.
They both have soft and lightweight texture.
They both claim their products are nondrying, long lasting, and full coverage.
Both I feel have a velvety feeling on my lips.

Too Faced Melted Lipsticks
-$21 12ml/0.40 fl oz for Melted, Melted Metal, and Melted Chocolate. Unsure how much product is in Melted Matte.
-There are four types of Melted lipsticks in Too Faced: Melted, Melted Metal, Melted Chocolate, and Melted Matte (newest).
-With 49 shades total in all four collections of Melted lipsticks, Too Faced has the most liquid lipsticks compared to Tarte.

Tarte’s Tarteist Lip Paint
-$20 6ml/0.20 fl oz for all three lip paints- nudes, mattes, and glossy.
-It’s like painting your lips!
-Tarte has 3 different collections plus one sold-out limited edition from YouTube’s grav3yardgirl. These collections are nudes, mattes, and glossy.
-With Too Faced winning the most liquid lipsticks in their collection, Tarte has about half the amount- 29 shades.
-Too Faced Melted lipsticks don’t need any brush or lip pencils. Therefore, no added extra cost in perfecting your pout. But Tarte’s lip paints need a lip liner. Each Tarte lip paint has their own individual color coordinating lip pencil (sold separately for $18 each).

You may opt out of buying the lip pencil. I highly advise you to use a lip pencil. When I first purchased my lip paint in Hangry, I refused to buy or use a lip pencil I already owned. After wearing it, I noticed the color tends to find itself along your chin area. How does it transfer there? Who knows. But that was enough for me to use a lip liner with this. And because none of mine I had complemented this shade to my liking, I bought the lip pencil- mood ring.
Too Faced Melted Metal lipsticks I have tried did not transfer onto my chin area like Tarte’s. Therefore, proving Too Faced claim- you don’t need a lip pencil.

When I wore these before, Each of these lasted about four hours for me. They both had a little flaking, but not so much compared to liquid lipsticks from Anastasia and Stila (not bashing theirs, only tried from those companies). They are not as drying either compared to Anastasia and Stila’s. They have a soft velvety smooth texture. It is easy to apply on lips. Can apply more later without needing to remove the previous application. If I had to choose buying more from either Too Faced or Tarte, I would purchase more from Too Faced. They both are very good. But my decision is based mainly on one needing an extra lip pencil vs. the other not needing it. I don’t like applying pencil often. Once in awhile I will. But daily, I prefer not to.

Swatches of Too Faced Melted Metallic Jelly, Melted Metallic Violet, and Tarte’s Tarteist Lip Liner and Lip Paint in Mood Ring and Hangry.

Featured image shows Tarte lip pencil and paint (mood ring and hangry). Below, Too Faced Melted Metallic Jelly.

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