Small Makeup Haul

After reviewing the Too Faced Melted lipsticks, I decided I really wanted the Melted Berry. Of course, I can’t go in a Sephora and just come out with only one thing. I saw Tarte had a 500 kit out. I really wanted it, but I was 30 points short of 500.

Anyways, I did swatch a lot of the Too Faced Melted and the Melted Mattes, which are the newest. I decided to still purchase Melted Berry.

My big mistake: Walk around still!

As I was walking looking for Lorac (they don’t sell in Sephora!!), I stumbled upon Tarte. I have been so wanting to try their new mascara and eyeliner. I decided after looking through their ingredients list to buy their paint mascara and double ended liner. I am so excited to try these products.

I have heard of LA Girl lip paints sold at Target. They are similar and way cheaper than Too Faced. You’re probably thinking, why did you buy it still? Are you crazy?!

I could be…. But I wanted Too Faced one mainly because researching the two, Too Faced one has a thing on its opening where the product comes out (I’m sorry I don’t know what it’s called). This will stop the product from bursting out and creating a dramatic mess.

Yes, you could say just press the tube slowly and not hard, then. Knowing myself, I will still make a mess either on my lips or on the area around me or on me. These lip paints are supposed to stain. I don’t plan on them staining outside my lips. I don’t want to be a hot mess! Therefore, I decided to play safe and stick with Too Faced.

Some say it’s not pigmented. That it don’t stain and comes off way too easily. I believe both.

Why buy it then? Well, I believe it’s not pigmented. But I also believe it can be. I looked further into reviews for these Melted lipsticks. One YouTuber (Judy Travis) stated it’s easier to get the pigment by pressing the tube while applying on the lips. I tried it with my new Melted lipstick and I found that to be true. That’s probably why the Melted Metallic Jelly yesterday didn’t have much pigmentation as it did couple months ago.

As for staining, some say it stains, others say it doesn’t. I’m still working on that. But I found swatching them on my arm was a huge mess earlier today. Some did NOT want to come off easily!

If you really want lasting power, I’d suggest go for Too Faced newest Melted Mattes. I tried and swatched some. Took three cotton rounds and makeup remover to remove it off my arm. I did like the deep mulberry shade (Drop Dead Red) and wanted to get it, but mattes are very drying and I’m not a fan of that. But I’m still thinking about it.

I can’t wait to try these! As July comes to an end, I am going to have to make August a No Buy Makeup month! I did so much spending on makeup. Need to use what I have.

I think I will be returning Bobbi Brown mascara. I like that Eye Opener mascara. But today I had irritated eyes. This mascara has Bismuth Oxychloride. However, I chose to ignore it thinking the Smokey mascara in their line has it, too. But I forgot I stopped using that one because it also irritated my eyes a little. I haven’t seen this ingredient in Tarte’s paint mascara. Hopefully my eyes will favor being painted by Tarte!

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