Nickel Allergy Sucks

Ever since being diagnosed with Nickel Sulfate allergy, I have not been throwing up and needing inhaler monthly. I have not seen my Allergist since January this year and don’t need inhaler (both daily and emergency).

But I’ll admit, being on this low nickel diet is like being on a roller coaster. It’s so hard to keep this diet when almost everything I like I have to give up. Some things are in moderation, but even those can make me have an upset stomach.

Anyways, these days I have been failing at it. It started off great in December. Fell apart in January, but didn’t give up. Creeped upward, then downward. All of a sudden I find myself not saying no to chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate cupcakes… Oh the chocolates! They have the highest Nickel. Soy does too.

Soy. The biggest and hardest culprit to avoid when grocery shopping. Every single product out there seems to contain it! My favorite snacks! How can I just give it all up.

And my mind is now like this, some things I can tolerate has soy, other soy products I can’t. Therefore, I can moderate it.

As for chocolate, some days I can handle it. I just gotta eat one or two then give it up for a few weeks. Ain’t no biggy.

Geesh! Afterall that conditioned nonsense mindset I filled my poor mind with, I get sick. Yes, sick with my breathing problems. Sick with congestion and heartburn that visits whenever it feels like (even if I don’t eat). Sick with headaches, fatigue, nausea and wanting to vomit. Waking up around 2am coughing afraid I’ll vomit there. After 6/7 months of not needing the inhalers, my body has caved in. It has had enough. I took my rescue inhaler in the morning and thought to myself, Why in the world do I do this to myself? Why do I make myself sick? Why’s it so hard to follow a Low Nickel Diet?! Questions, but no answers.

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LMTP Journey

Hello everyone. My name is Lisa. Like many, I have been through a lot. Writing has been a passion of mine. As a child, I dreamed of being a writer, publishing my own book. I created this website in order to share my writings, thoughts, and get to know others who share the same interest as me. Thank you for your time spent on my website. I hope you stop by again! *peace&God Bless* Lisa

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