Prompt: Elusive

Though the search for a nickel free eye palette may seem elusive, on the contrary, it isn’t impossible.

Hello everyone. How are you? Good morning!

One word of the day- Elusive. My mind has been spinning saddened by knowing I may have to give up my favorite thing to do before work. Something that uplifts me and let’s me be creative and unique…on my face. A form of expression that can make you feel beautiful or as Poppy from Lipstick Queen says Glamorous! Beauty may be an outreach for a lot of us, but glamor is always just around the bend! Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to be glamorous?

I’m not saying makeup is the only way to feel beauty or glam. There are plenty of people out there taking no makeup challenges to feel good about themselves without the added extras.

And I applaud them. I do it sometimes but it’s like an, “I don’t care if there’s no makeup on” moment. Without makeup, it’s not making me smile more. With it, it just gives me the added boost and I feel more confident. I feel more professional, too depending how I did my makeup that day for work.

After a student noticed one day I had no eyeliner on, I been feeling a bit weird not putting it on.

But anyways, for people with nickel allergies. I have a very strong allergy to nickel. I had known this from when I was very young- only by metal in necklaces and earrings (not bracelets!) did I react. And if left on, I would have asthmatic moments.

My allergy specialist here did not know of this because I never brought it up. I just stay away from that. I didn’t know it could have helped in figuring out why every month since I moved to Tx, I’d be throwing up and needing an inhaler more often.

Culprit- NICKEL SULFATE! hehe

It took him two years to figure it out mainly because the year before I had requested but failed to do a chemical testing. It was the only testing I hadn’t done. But I placed my job over my health first like one coworker told me in the previous job. She used to say I need to put myself before the job. And that was true. But when you’re a teacher being called come in early or stay later last minute without being asked, it’s somewhat hard to say no or I can’t and just accept it.

The allergy specialist believes because my nickel allergy is so strong, I have to eat a nickel free diet. What does this have to do with makeup? It’s nickel. Everything contains nickel. Even food. SUPRISE!

Anyways, back to nickel in makeup. He thought the reaction I was getting from certain makeup was minor and to stay away from it. It may have had Quaternium 15, a weak allergy I have. That is a formaldehyde releaser.

I looked for makeup without Quaternium 15 and tried finding different variations of its name. But a lot of my palettes didn’t, yet, my eyes were still irritated.

Problem: I don’t think that’s the only culprit when I started looking into makeup ingredients.

Because my nickel allergy is strong, I am trying to go nickel-free.

It’s always you, Nickel!

I never was told what to look for in makeup because my allergy specialist thought it wasn’t a huge concern. Researching last January, I couldn’t find much on what to look for. Yesterday, I found iron oxide and bismuth oxychloride two be two of the few things to look out for.

So, though it can be elusive, I found that it isn’t impossible to find eye palettes. Too Faced ingredients list doesn’t contain bismuth oxychloride, which I was looking into yesterday. A lot of bloggers I read yesterday say chrome and glitter shadows contain bismuth oxychloride, which I noticed when looking through Sephora and Ulta’s website for ingredients on certain eyeshadows.

What do you think of this elusive journey?


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