Nickel and Makeup

Last December, I was diagnosed with a strong nickel allergy relating to food. I always had it as a child wearing necklaces and earrings containing nickel. But food? I never knew.

It is hard to stay on the low nickel diet considering there’s a lot I have to give up. But when I do, it’s helpful.

Now I’m more concerned with makeup I use. I had once fallen asleep with makeup on to wake next morning with red eyes that were painful on under eyes. Eventually, the redness, itchy, pain eyes turned into pink eye.

I have noticed and these palettes have done it in previous years; however, I chose to ignore it; my eyes will get a bit itchy or watery. It will do this with Kat Von D palettes: Sinner and the Butterfly palettes. It will also do it with Urban Decays Naked palettes. Not only the palettes, but both companies eyeliners and mascaras.

Keep in mind, these two companies are my favorite. Their products are very pigmented and lasting. Therefore, not trying to bash either one. Just saying after couple hours, sometimes couple minutes, I will start to feel my eyes irritated, itchy, and/or watery. Sometimes, my eyes will become red.

I have a weak allergy to Quaternium 15. But my allergy Doctor wasn’t concerned with that. Maybe because I barely complained of what certain makeup causes and the reaction wasn’t as bad as whatever was causing me to get sick, asthma, and vomitting every month.

Anyways, my strongest allergy is Nickel. That’s it. And I’m thinking I may have to be careful in looking for nickeless makeups.

Searching through Sephora and Ulta websites, I found Buxom, the palette I recently purchased, has an ingredient that correlates with nickel allergy- Bismuth Oxychloride. There is another ingredient I found that contains nickel- iron oxide. These two I read have known to irritate sensitive skin and people with nickel allergy.

I was looking through Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and I thought maybe I should have stuck with my first thought on getting a palette from Too Faced. Compared to Buxom, Chocolate Bar doesn’t seem to contain the Bismuth Oxychloride. If it does, please let me know. I may have missed it.

Please note, like KVD and UD, I’m not trying to bash Buxom either. I actually like their eyeshadows. They are very pigmented and something I was hoping to try and keep using. But after using it all day today, my eyes became itchy and little watery. That’s why I wanted to check more into nickel.

That’s how I came upon the two ingredients- Bismuth Oxychloride and Iron Oxide.

Do any of you have nickel allergy? Are you sensitive to makeup or skincare? What makeup/skincare do you use? Also, I can’t decide on a Too Faced palette. What would you suggest?

I keep thinking Chocolate Bar. But then I’m not sure about the pink and certain colors. Then, I look into the smaller palettes. I’m not sure of certain colors in those ones. Oh, picking out a makeup palette is such a roller coaster ride! You would think it’s quite easy, right? 😛

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3 thoughts on “Nickel and Makeup”

  1. I also have a nickel allergy and have been using the chocolate bar pallette. I actually ended up on this thread while trying to figure out of it has nickel in it because my eyes have been irritated. Idk if you found anything out.

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    1. I haven’t figured anything out about it. I don’t have the Tarte chocolate bar. I really want it, but I’m worried it’ll irritate my eyes. Mainly because of chocolate. Chocolate is a high nickel according to my allergy specialist and online resources in nickel Food allergy. The main things to look for are: Soy, Chocolate, and Tree Nuts. Those contain the highest nickel.
      I did find online cobalt is similar to nickel. So, in makeup products, if it contains any cobalt, you may get a reaction just like nickel. I have just been trying and seeing what works for me.
      Have you ever smelled something that made you feel like your nose was going to bleed? Raspberries did that to me in one of my perfumes that contained it :/ It’s a bottle my mom purchased for my birthday and reminds me how much it was. But I can’t help I can’t stand the smell anymore. When I got it I handled it better than now. Apparently, raspberries is on a list to not eat. I did notice one list saying it has Medium amount of nickel. So, I think some things you just have to try and see whether or not you tolerate it. Nickel allergy is still being researched. When I was told I had it, only two to three blogs or information I could find. The year after that the internet exploded with lots more.
      Sorry for this being a long comment.


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