Cosmetics: Buxom!

Yesterday, I went to Sephora and Ulta. I really need to stay away from these two stores!!

Anyways, I spent more time in Sephora than Ulta. Ulta didn’t have any of Too Faced Chocolate palette I wanted left. I went to Sephora thinking they would.

BIG MISTAKE! Or is it?

Now, I really don’t need a new palette. I have the Tarte’s limited edition Rainforest of the Sea and my Clinique lid Pop in Grape. Plus, I have old palettes as well. Some I took with me to PA to give to a friend but left it in my room not being able to give it to her.

Reality is I don’t need anymore. I just wanted some new ones that are a bit different and find a palette like the Tarte’s. Something not Limited edition! One I’ll use all of and not one or two shadows. Afterall, palettes are pricey, especially when using just one or two out of 6, 8, or 12.

I spent way too much time in Sephora. One makeup artist saw me and was smiling saying, “You’re still here.”

I asked like 3 different makeup artist the same question because I was confused with what I wanted. I wanted a palette. That I wasn’t confused with. I didn’t want individual ones. I didn’t want to purchase a palette and individual eyeshadows to place in it as one had suggested. I replied to her, “That can get a bit expensive.”

One makeup artist told me about Buxom. Now, I have seen Buxom around Ulta and Sephora. It’s not something I hear about on YouTube a lot unless I actually search for it. Buxom was one of those I’d see and pass by.

With my weak allergy to Quaternium 15 and strong allergy to Nickel, I kind of have a hard time picking something out for my eyes. Urban Decay and Kat Von D, two of my fave cosmetic lines both have irritated my eyes. Makeup Forever has done that with some of their products.

All three makeup artist suggested Tarte’s new one from Grav3yard Girl. I wanted that one at first. But seeing it, it looks like it would be messy if I applied it. And the colors didn’t seem something I’d use daily. Not bashing on this product. I really do like the shades- just not something to purchase right now.

Anyways, Buxom! One makeup artist suggested this one. Buxom has three premade palettes you can buy for $40. Not only do they have premade ones, they also have a palette you can choose YOUR OWN six shades.

Each shade cost $12. The empty palette I hear will cost about $13. Six shades, each $12. And one palette- $13. Therefore, you would think the price would be outrageous right?


Choose your six shades. Remember the palette. Check out and see the price is still the same as an already premade palette! That’s $40 for whatever six shades you choose and a palette to place them in! I am glad this makeup artist told me about Buxom! Even though I pass it like every time I visit the two stores :O …sorry Buxom. hehe

These are the shades I picked. I have been wanting to try a green on me. I found one I liked.

What is so nice about this palette is it even comes with a small brush. I think Sephora has their own customizable palettes, too. But their’s I don’t think has a brush. The brush isn’t big. But at least it’s something. And it is two sided. I may or may not use the brush a lot. But it could come in handy when traveling and you don’t want to carry all your big brushes. I use my fingers these days to pat on the shadows and sometimes will use the brush to blend.

You should have seen my left arm when choosing palettes and choosing shades for this one. I was covered with eyeshadows that even makeup remover would not completely move. My arm was full of glitter! I had to keep using makeup remover. 

Have you tried Buxom? What do you think of it. Today, I will definitely be using this palette!

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