Creamsicle: Another 2 hours…

Does it look good? I don’t know how to hide the yarns I’ve been connecting :/ any suggestions?

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LMTP Journey

Hello everyone. My name is Lisa. Like many, I have been through a lot. Writing has been a passion of mine. As a child, I dreamed of being a writer, publishing my own book. I created this website in order to share my writings, thoughts, and get to know others who share the same interest as me. Thank you for your time spent on my website. I hope you stop by again! *peace&God Bless* Lisa

4 thoughts on “Creamsicle: Another 2 hours…”

  1. Yes, I looked on YouTube last year I remember. But I only found one someone used a flame I think to hide them. I don’t remember. Some use the needle and sew it… But like mom keeps saying I need my yarn ends longer and I keep making them short


      1. Yes she used to crochet a lot back when you can get yarn for only 25 cents. Nowadays she don’t want to buy yarn unless for special occasion or if someone gives her some due to the prices.


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