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Hey all. Until August 1st, I will be working 2-5:30pm. So, I have not much to do before then.

Last week I had purchased from Ulta, Foreo’s Luna Mini for $99. I have used a Clarisonic, but the brush heads are not my favorite- spinning around on my face. I don’t know. I just wanted to try Foreo’s though. It sounded interesting and reminds me of sonicare toothbrushes. I started using those a month ago after my gums were deeply cleaned. I like the vibration feeling more than the Colgate’s spin brushes where they just spin.

Therefore, I guess it was better for me to try Foreo’s. I went with the mini. I figured the more expensive one is the same as the mini. If there is or are any differences, please let me know:)

I just received my package and am letting it charge. I want to know if any of you is/are using this device. Do you like it? What do you think about it?

I am thinking of getting their night/day cleansers, too. Are they any good?

Guess that’s something for me to look into, try, and eventually do a review on 😛

BTW, I just found out they have Luna 2 and mini 2. I have the mini regular based on the box. From Foreo website, I will list information on all Foreo Luna devices (both old and new).

Currently on, they have a limited edition Save the Sea special edition Luna 2 ($139). They also have a Play version, which is smaller than the Luna mini for $39.

More information on Foreo Luna devices after I try it out a few times.

Picture from few days ago:

Picture after Foreo first usage:My skin felt soft and smooth with this device. I really liked not feeling bristles spinning around my face. I am glad I tried this and will be trying again.

Also, when you get your device, it comes charged and ready to use. I didn’t know it and began to charge it. After 30-45 minutes later, I realized it was already charged. That’s a plus for those who want to use their device immediately.

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