Colour Pop!

Are you looking for something that gives a pop of color? Something bold? Bright? Shimmer? Maybe something glazed? Clinique’s Colour Pop collection has it all covered!

Pop collection covers lips, eyes, and cheeks. A sales rep at Macy’s had used an eye one yesterday along with a cream underneath. I have not tried the cheek ones yet. But I just received four lipsticks I ordered and am loving them!

Each Colour Pop lipsticks and Laquers have primer already. Today, I am wearing Berry Pop and am loving it. It feels nice and moisturizing on my lips when applying. These lipsticks are buildable, too. I feel like it is lasting.

Taken 9:38 am.

Taken an hour later.

Taken 12:57pm.

Right now, I am not feeling too much dryness on my lips. There is a little dryness but it’s tolerable.

The colors I purchased from this collection are: Plum Pop, Punch Pop, Berry Pop, and Grape Pop. The Punch Pop is more of pink. It is pigmented and something I may not use daily and is an I-don’t-even-know-why-I-purchased-it lipstick. But I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks on me.

The Plum Pop and Grape Pop seems more natural color on me while the Berry Pop (my favorite!), looks more darker.

There are other shades in the collection. They have shades for Colour Pop+Primer Glaze, their regular Coulor Pop+Primer, and their two lip Laquers. I have not tried both Laquers and Glaze Pop. However, I am interested in buying a few of the Glaze or at least, try it.

The lipsticks are sold for $16.50 each. So, it’s not too expensive for a high end brand. Their one popular color is Poppy Pop (an orange shade).

Have you tried bringing a pop of color with Pop? I really want to try again the eyeshadow (without the cream shadow) and Pop for cheeks. But I won’t be buying it anytime soon, I think because I want to save some money before I spend on anymore makeup. Plus, I already have a lot of makeup and don’t really need it. But it’s fun to try! 😀

Today, I went back to the mall and bought my favorite eyeliner from Clinique- Kajal in blackened green! I’m very happy. Somehow I misplaced mine 😦 Among the four colors, that one is my favorite! And this is coming from a lady who has worn mostly blacks, purples, and a few blues….

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