Purchasing an eyeliner from Clinique, one of the sales reps offered me a card that gave me a chance to do my eyes, lips, face, etc. I can only pick one thing it said. I picked the eyes.

Two days later, I went and got my eyes done. She said if I put any eyeliner on my bottom waterline it will make my eyes seem closed. I was told putting on eyeshadow there would be better.

She used a cream eyeshadow under a powder one saying it will help the color last long.

Then, she added a skinny and a quickliner.

After all that, she helped me make ombré lips. Quickliner in licorice, different grape lipstick, and a frosty colored one were the three she used.

How does it look? I tried to recreate the lips but my mom still thinks I put too much on. I didn’t take a morning pic of my makeup. I did try making the wings for the eyes. I tried smudging like the lady said. It wasn’t that bad for my left eye, I think. Still needs work!

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Hello everyone. My name is Lisa. Like many, I have been through a lot. Writing has been a passion of mine. As a child, I dreamed of being a writer, publishing my own book. I created this website in order to share my writings, thoughts, and get to know others who share the same interest as me. Thank you for your time spent on my website. I hope you stop by again! *peace&God Bless* Lisa

11 thoughts on “Clinique!”

  1. What is the bottom waterline? Your eyes look nice and the lipstick is pretty. I don’t wear a lot of lipstick. When I think to wear it, I find myself saying “well I never do so someone will think I’m up to something” lol (like at work – she must be off on a job interview 😉

    I bought my first “designer” mascara a few months ago and I will never go back to drugstore brand. I am leery of getting sucked in to spending so much on the rest of my makeup though 😦 – Enjoying your reviews.

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    1. Waterline is hmm bottom lashes that line if that makes sense. I’ve heard of tight line and waterline but don’t know how to describe them.
      What designer one did you buy?
      I watch too much YouTube videos that I ended up spending A LOT on makeup:/ but then again, I was trying to find some that won’t irritate my eyes.
      I was using philosophy and tarte products but they can get expensive… I kinda wanted to try Clinique again and see how it goes. They got a Kajal eyeliner that I really really love. Sadly, I lost the green one 😦 so I need to repurchase that one. I did get the blue and black one. It’s very pigmented which is what I been wanting. I think they are called blackened green or blackest green (same for brown and blue).
      I used to wear makeup whenever I feel like it. My one coworker when she saw me thought I had a date or something lol
      I been making sure I wear an eyeliner everyday ever since one day at my new job I didn’t use one because I ran out of it. One of the older kids I see in the evenings whispered to me “You forgot the eyeliner.” Next day, I wore it she said, “You remembered your eyeliner today.” Lol idky but since then I been putting it on daily. But it does make me feel good putting makeup on.


      1. I think I know what you are saying with liner. I think you mean the waterline is like the umm (LOL) flat part of your lower eyelid? When I was younger we would melt eyeliner (eyebrow pencil) and line there and the lower lash line. Now I just a liquid liner and draw a line as thin as I can at the lower lash line. I will have to come back tomorrow to post the mascara brand. It is expensive – more than $25.00! However, I find as I am getting older my eyelashes are thinner than they were and as a natural blond they were think to begin with. 😉 People are so funny about makeup – aren’t they? Enjoying your blog. I will try to remember to post tomorrow to tell you the brand eyeliner – what a fancy brush 😉

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      2. Yeah the flat part of lower eyelid lol wow melting eyebrow pencil, I never heard of that. I know you can make Kajal. I’m scared of using liquid liner… I tried a few times. Sometimes, my hands get shakey. I prefer the retractable pencils more. I tried Marc Jacobs gel eyeliners but they somehow got onto my eyeball and contact. One older kid literally asked What’s that black thing on your eye? 😮 I was using Bobbi brown eyeliner which was around that price I think. I didn’t like Clinique quickliner much otherwise I could have saved some money. But I do love the Kajal ones so I’m switching. I also did try stila and tarte. Stila is not my fave. Tarte is alright. They both I think are over $20 too.


    1. Thanks 🙂 The lip colors used are clinique’s quickliner in licorice and different lipstick in different grape. She also added a frost color but I didn’t really want that one so I didn’t remember the name she said. I feel weird with white under my eye. I did try the eyeshadow and I felt ok with that on. I actually tried doing that lips today, of course without the frost. I had the lip liner and the lipstick.

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      1. I don’t use their skincare for the same reason… I got breakouts. But their eye makeup remover works on my eyes without drying them out and their makeup hasn’t broke me out yet. But I just been using eyeliner and lipstick from them so far.

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