Prompt: Voyage

“Come on, Sue!” Said her brother startling her awake. “I want to go on a voyage. Hurry up!”

Sue waited until her vision came clear before she responded, “Danny, you cannot go on a voyage.”

“Why not?” Danny answered with a puzzle.

She replied, “Because a voyage isn’t like an adventure. It’s not the little journeys here and there.”

“What’s a voyage, then?” Danny impatiently asked.

Sue thought for a second before responding, “A voyage is more of a longer journey you take mainly in sea or space.”

“SPACE!” Danny’s eyes became wide open as he jumped up and down on her bed excitedly. “Oh, that’s what we’ll do today!”

As Danny ran off, Sue, greatly regretting she mentioned space, gave a groan. How could she have forgotten her little brother was crazy about space.

Sue got off her bed, letting out a strawn (stretch-yawn), she slowly walked into an empty kitchen. Mom and Dad, both went early for work. There was no school. It was summer.

Gathering up her supplies for breakfast, she sat down with a bowl of Cheerios and milk. Staring at the Cheerios in front of her, she began to think of Danny. Maybe I should ask him to eat now.

Wandering to Danny’s room, she heard a noise. What kind of ruckus is he getting into this time? She annoying thought. Not wanting to open the door, she talked herself to anyway. And what a site when the door flew open.

Danny was running all around his room, throwing pictures, books, magazines, toys, you name it. Even his bed was a mess.

“Danny, what is this mess?” She asked astonished.

But Danny didn’t hear, so she tread closer to him carefully stepping in areas that seemed like the red carpet in his room. As she walked, Danny threw another book that hit her on her head.

“Ouch!” She said loudly.

Danny stopped. He turned to see his big sister standing in front of him rubbing her head where the book had landed.

“Danny, you hit me with the book!”

“Sorry,” Danny said full of guilt. “I was just looking for something.”

“How can you look for anything in this mess?” She said, her hands swaying to each side of his room.

“Don’t be mad, sis.”

“I’m not mad. You’re making a mess and we have to clean up before parents come home. Mom and Dad will freak when they see this!”

“But they won’t, I promise. And it wasn’t me who hit you with the book. You weren’t watching where the book flew.” Danny turned back to what he was doing.

Sue started to say something, but then took a breath. “I was too busy watching where I’m stepping. There’s no walk way in your room!” Then she added, “Besides, this is not about the book. This is about you and your room.” Remembering he said he was looking for something, she asked, “What in the world were you looking for?”

Danny’s eyes brightened as he took something out of a box on the shelf. “This.”

Looking at it, Sue crossed her arms even more upset. “You mean to tell me you made all this mess just so you can find your space stuff?!”

“Oh, Sue. Don’t be like mom. I just wanted to go on a voyage.”

Ignoring his brother’s comment on her being like mom, she responded, “So you made a big mess all for an imaginative voyage?”

“But it’s not imaginative.” Danny shaking his head said. It’s real. I’m going on a real voyage.”

Still looking at him as he kept talking.

“You see, I have all my things packed for the trip.” He showed her the little box he had packed.

Calming down, Sue said, “Danny, you can’t go on a real voyage, especially to space.”

“Why not?” Danny questioned.

“ITS SPACE! Millions… billions away from us, SPACE!” Taking a second, she thought she could get through to him by asking, “How are you going to get there?”

Danny thought. “I’m still thinking it. But like the saying goes, ‘Where there’s a will, there is a way!’ I have the will, Sue.”

“Danny can’t you just pretend to go on an adventure?” She asked.


Now it was her turn to ask, “Why?”

Danny responded smiling, “Why would I after all this mess I created?”

Sue Opened her mouth, then closed it knowing her brother just used what she said earlier against her.

Danny, knowing he had won, he placed his astronaut mask on and asked, “Do you want to come, too?”

That was when Sue felt her stomach pain as it growled and realized why she came up here in the first place. “All I came here for was to ask if you wanted to eat breakfast with me. Not find this mess and find you are going on an impossible voyage.” She sighed saying, “Now my cereal would be sagged. I should have just ate it.”

Danny watched her and jokingly responded, “Next time, don’t put the milk in the cereal.” He giggled, then stopped seeing the expression on his sister’s face. “No, I’m not hungry now. I’ll eat when I’m up in space!” He said as he swung his hands up in the air and looked up at the ceiling.

Sue grumbled, then said, “Forget it.” She walked out saying, “You can go on this so-called voyage by yourself. I’m going to eat!”

Danny stared as his sister walked out. He felt a little hurt and a little sad. But the idea of going to space quickly lifted his mood. Holding the spaceship in his hand, he danced around the little uncluttered area repeatedly singing, I’m going to space. I’m going to space. Yeah, I’m going to space. I’m going to-“

Danny stopped what he was doing amazed and concerned as he looked around. Wowww! He thought looking at the spaceship. How did I get here?

Fear and excitement all sputtered deep inside him knowing his voyage came true. Or, did it?


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